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time to cite hands my upper chest a little bit more. This is for my fill. Must a huge This video is for education. Nothing in this video. It's medical or legal advice. Do not do what we're doing way are crazy people. Former Phil. I'm gonna put it in my upper chest. One cc. Obviously, the protocol is working really well. Just have a couple C. C's in my upper chest. Look already how much it's swollen up and it's hard and it feels like real muscle and actually is converting injury muscle, pulling all the nutrients into my chest. It's also allowing me to feel the upper chest more when I work out because it feels tight. Focus on the feeling. Bring my mind. Muscle connections are using an eighteen gauge tip air bubble. Take a minute air bubble. I should start the ball upside down. I always forget with that air boat. Okay, join one cc me engaged to, so I have to try a three cc needle with this thickness. This's the thickest newest version of former Phyllis so thick, but it compresses. It's so thick, but it also compresses. So when you're pushing what I'm pushing it through a needle. It compresses enough to get through the needle. Then it gets in the fossil and it expands again. Perfect. Yeah. Yes, Almost. Right now, I'm doing this in the bathroom because I want to be able to see in the mirror where I'm shooting. Well, see, I did my upper inner last time, so I did right in there saying you just want to make that crazy comet. Actually, I think ever. Just big enough now. Wow. I don't even do this anymore. Their money is being put it, whatever I'll just put it, uh, somewhere for dinner. Cash only did two shots and each upper chest, and it's already as big as I could want. Good. That's crazy. All right, wait one cc in the left chest and then I'll just repeat the same thing. Cool. My muscles twitching. Oh, God, that feels good. It's stretching out inside the muscle. I feel like I worked it out hard. It's gonna feel good to get a massage later. That's it. All right. When I even out the other side, I have mixed feelings about former Phil and here's the reason Look in my upper chest That's just from two shots of former Phil how big it is. Which means I no longer have to work upper chest, which is a risk of making people really lazy when you could just inject muscle instead of even working out these days. See if the former Phil caused me to lose in East rations. Still got bands still gonna stray shins, not affecting the pump. Oh, God, that's nice.

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