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Tim Mary, Yellow hair, fitness and supple meant expert today. Ah, want to introduce you to enhance athletes? Genius. This is a powerful supplement for increasing concentration, boosting mental drive and supercharging your motivation. What I want to do is show you exactly what this product does and how it goes to work to boost your mental performance. Now, whether you're a student, a gamer and athlete or your job is just simply demanding your all, you need a super extra edge to perform mentally at a high level. The yellow capsules ingenious do so much for you. It gives you that mental dominance to tackle the day, keeps you dialed and locked into tackle the task at hand on accelerates your ability toe, learn, calculate, memorized, been clear and retain information, maintaining a sharp and witty mindset. So let's look in the supplement. Faxon really drill down and show you all the ways this product goes to work. The first thing you're going to see is the cornerstone and pillar of genius, which is Alfa GPC dosed at three hundred and fifty milligrams. This is maximally dosed for your focus for your mental protection and to enhance your memorization skills. This next ingredient is another powerhouse among Noah chopping. It's called a Copa Muneer E three hundred milligrams. Listen, you know stress and anxiety. They take up brain space and bandwith in your mind. This ingredient helps you to relax and improve your mood, allowing you to finally focus on what needs to be done at the time. Genius also has caffeine anhydrous dosa, one hundred twenty five milligrams now and hits. Athlete knows you need energy, but not too much caffeine were bouncing off the wall, and you cannot focus. One hundred twenty five milligrams is the sea sweet spot. This is going to provide you with energy and alertness. This next journey ingenious, is one of my favorite Noah tropic supplements available on the market today. It's known as Huber's een a one hundred micrograms, and what I love about this ingredient is it provides a fast and rapid mental spike. Let's say you have a big game, you have a big presentation. You have a huge exam. This is exactly what you need for that, for focus and concentration very quickly. Last but not least ingenious. You're going to see Vinko Soutine, fifteen milligrams. This increases blood flow to your brain. It's actually a top supplement for neural hackers. It helps with the memory, which is actually the top benefit. Reaction times, accuracy and increased positive mood. Thirty servings and it's really easy to take. You're simply gonna use two capsules one today. Now for extreme concentration, you can't take two capsules twice a day. Just spread them evenly with a meal. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get on that super human genius level with enhanced athletes. Genius, Thank you so much you're watching. Don't forget to follow. Enhance athlete on all social media and firm or information on this product and other enhanced athlete products. Visit the website www dot enhanced athlete dot com.

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