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start to finish how I load the hydra gene. I've got three. C. C syringe is because I'm going to use these on my triceps and upper chest. I was using five cc syringe for the delts. Bigger muscle groups have already disinfected the top by spraying alcohol on it. I've put an eighteen gauge eighteen gauge tip to draw on to the three cc needle, and I'm gonna put in three ccs of air that I didn't sucked the air from near my mouth anywhere else. I put it away from anything that could have bacteria. Even though there's a little bit of bacteria everywhere. And I'm going Teo, put the needle in, inject the air. I'm injecting the air so that the air doesn't make bubbles into the liquid. And then I turn it over and stick the needle. Arrest the way in. I let the liquid see how thick it is. Take it's time to get to the bottom. Make sure you got all the air bubbles up by squishing the plunger against it. See how the air bubble came out. You gonna wait for that to go away from the needle for minute and I'm gonna start drawing three C C's eighteen gauge needle Look at that air bubble in the bottom. I'll show you how I'm gonna deal with that in a minute. I'm in the cap it. I'm going to use the same tip on each one of these different syringes that I'm gonna put what tip I'm going to actually use with it. This one is a twenty three gauge one inch, although twenty three gauge, one point two five inches Even better, it would flow through a twenty four gauge with three ccs, but it wouldn't flow through a twenty four gauge with five cc. Then I'm going to take this cup. I'm just going to let it sit up that with the air bubble will float to the top and maybe thirty minutes or so she'LL leave alone, come back and load the rest of them And then when the air bubbles when their mobile close to the toppled squirt the air out, it'LL have no air left in it. And even if it does have small bubbles of air, I'm not worried about it. So then I go on to the next one same thing, same tipped. I'm going to keep reusing. Put Arian to the top. Turn over, Let's the liquid fall to the bottom on. Repeat the whole process again. Get all the needles loaded and actually, you can see the air bubbles working its way up now so might take only about ten minutes for the air bubbles to actually go to the top. I am Senor Tony Grandi. Are you ready to learn how I fill in the chest hair? See, I have. I've marked my chest room and do the injection, but I have a chest hair that I got when I was, like twenty years old or something. Bench pressing because they didn't warm up and see. It's already less noticeable because number one I'm holding water from growth hormone, but number two have already filled in the area before, but it's been about eight months since I've been a site enhancement shot to fill in the chest hair, so it's never going to be perfect, but it evens it out a little bit, So I've worked. I've marked where the chest terror needs to be filled in right there, and I already sprayed it with alcohol. I got a three c C syringe divider, Jean, innit? And it's a twenty twenty three gauge, one inch tip. Say alcohol clean. Here we go. It's like it's going right towards my heart. You know, I hate injecting my chest, but I purchased his better mid chest so much. All right? And filling it in. No, that's it. I'm sorry. I was liking looking at my funny faces in the campaign. I forgot I was shooting a video. This's the hydrogen site. Enhancement of the tricep. I'm putting a finger nail print where I wanted injected that way. She knows where to do it. See this? I want to actually, on the higher side of the finger now, seeing the top sign where I didn't invent it. Because my biggest fear and what has happened before with Cy enhancement is it fills in this area. I want this not to get filled. I want that pushed in. I want a lift out the top part. Say so. You see why I pushed it? Started by spraying alcohol on it and cleaning it is right there. Yep. Yep. That's right. So right there. Okay. Ready? All right. I won't move. I know it was a big twitch I didn't feel anything except for the twitch. How's it going through? Twenty three gauge, twenty three gauge, one inch nice and deep. Three C c. Now, I'm gonna put pressure on afterwards, because otherwise the bleeding under the skin makes bruising and post injection pain. And then I'm going to do the other side, the same as this side. I've already marked the area. All right, Go for it. I don't feel anything perfectly smooth. Three C C's of hundred Jean with a twenty three gauge one inch tip. Looks like he was easy to push. Probably could've gotten away with a smaller tip like a twenty four gauge tio. No blood. But I'm still gonna put pressure on afterwards to prevent any bleeding under the skin. Post injection. Pain and brooding. Yeah. Here

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Hey what’s the difference between hydrogen and formafill? SSSFFPE

EA Admin
EA Danny

They are both Hyaluronic acid. but the Formafill was designed by Coach Trevor and can hold x10 its own weight. Pretty much same concept, but Formafill is redefined and better.