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Hey, guys. Tim! Mira Yellow hair Fitness and supplement expert and welcome to enhance athlete dot com Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing you to enhance athletes. Knew Kato Max. Now this is an exogenous key, tone based formula used to accelerate ketosis, give you all day energy and includes a new a tropic complex tto help you focus and be cognitively fresh. Would I want to do is show you what's in it and show you how it goes to work for you. Now what makes this product so special is you're getting all the benefits of key tones without dieting. Super super hard on a little carb diet for such a long time. Just finally get into ketosis. So let's dive into the supplement facts and let me show you how loaded up this product truly is. First off, you're going to see in the supplement. Fax is the key to Dr Performance Complex at a whopping and nine grants. Now this is nine total grams of exogenous key tones. Your brain your muscles used this as a super fuel you're going to see within this calcium and sodium beta hydroxy butera it as the trademark Go be HB and magnesium beta hydroxy Peter, try hydrate as go B H b What you're also going to find in Kyoto Max are three different types of Karna teens. We have l carnitine l tar Trade one whole gram l carnitine five hundred milligrams and end acetyl l carnitine three hundred milligrams. These three different Karna teens give you three distinct different benefits tto help you while you're working out. And while you're trying to lose weight, aceto l carnitine passes the blood brain barrier very quickly. That's where you're gonna get most of your cognitive benefit, Fitz. We're just going to increase mental performance. L carnitine in general is great for simply mobilizing fat and l carnitine l tar trade burns fat, but also increases your workout performance. Up. Next in, kiddo. Max, you're going to see a pillar and cornerstone ingredient in this product called Alfa GPC. Fifty percent, one hundred and fifty milligrams. Now you know how it is when you're on a low carb diet, you're on a zero carbs. What happens? You can't think your brain dead. You're going through the ki tto flew. You just literally can't think right? You're not sharp. You have slow reaction times. This Alfa GP C is going to increase your ability to focus and concentrate up next. Going to see green tea extract fifty percent e g c g dosed at fifty milligrams. You know, everyone knows it's so popular. Oven ingredient This thing helps to burn fat by increasing your metabolism and the last but not least, in Kyoto. Max, you're going to see calcium two hundred forty milligrams, twenty four percent of the recommended daily allowance. Magnesium, three hundred twenty milligrams, eighty percent sodium, six hundred sixty nine milligrams, twenty eight percent and potassium chloride, thirty four milligrams, one percent of the recommended daily allowance. Now these are all part of the go B h B. Now what I have found with these high doses of electrolytes and sodium is I found that you get a better pump and better vascular charity. Twenty calories, sixteen. Serving stevia Sweden With a delicious taste Kita Max is so easy to use you're just going to take one serving with sixteen ounces of cold water and shake vigorously. You want to start with half a serving just to assess your tolerance. You could take it on an empty stomach between meals or really, any time you need an increase in physical performance. Alright, guys, skip taquito flew Skip the long zero carb dieting and being brain dead and weak and get straight to all the amazing benefits of key toads with the packed and loaded Ki tto Max by enhanced athlete. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to follow enhanced athlete on social media and for more information, visit the website enhanced athlete dot com.

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