Number 1 Trick to Making Your Workouts More Efficient

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This is the number one trick to make your workouts mohr efficient, effectively building Mohr muscle and burning more fat in a shorter period of time for those of you who are crunched for time and have living in a time in the gym. Eyes toe work, opposing muscle groups. So if you have chest and back, you're gonna do a chess set. Back set chess set back Set That way between your chess set, your back is resting between your back sets. Your chest is resting. For example. You do pull ups and then you do push ups. Pull ups, push ups, pull ups, push ups. Very little rest only enough rest. Let's your cardiovascular system catch up for legs. We go hamstring curl and quads. Hampton curl Claude's him. No rest this way. In thirty minutes, you get an hour long workout done, and it's not taxing your body. Too much cardiovascular. Now you can't do this with large compound heavy exercise like squats and dead lifts. But for any isolation exercises or exercise that don't engage too many muscles, then you should be able to do this about textures of cardiovascular early too much with this foot. With this format, you should be able to work out, uh, three days a week. So Monday would be back and chest basically all upper body but opposing muscles. So back chest, back, chest, back chest, and then maybe biceps, triceps, biceps, triceps, biceps triceps. Now you've worked your whole upper body in one session and then Wednesday, Khun do legs going quads, hamstrings, quads, hamstrings cause hamstring. Maybe starting out with glutes or during glutes and calves. And at the end. And then Friday you can go back. Teo, back, chest back, chest back. Just biceps, triceps, biceps tries to points. Triceps and shoulders were going to get annihilated just because you're working back and chest in the same workout. So see, three days a week, thirty minutes per session, A total of only one point five hours of totally ninety minutes. It's per week to work out and make gains and make progress. That is the law of diminishing returns. Where you, you know, you get probably eighty percent of the benefit of lifting and lifting hard by doing that with very little amount of time commitment so that you could move on to other things. Your life. If that's your priority, be swelling school. Friends of freedom find here evolution here.

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