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roundtable question. Way have to do. Why do you lift? I love the feeling. I love the pump. I love getting stronger every day. I love making progress. I love challenging myself, and it is just fun for me, to be honest, when I started to see changes in myself and then I became obsessed with fitness. But the thing I love most about fitness is lifting heavy, basically just lifting in general, something I thought that I never could do. And so when I finally am able to lift a way, for example, that I've never thought I would be able to live before it's the best feeling in the entire world, I can't explain it because they've got great genetics. That's why Muscle came easy for Yu started lifting and just started happening. Yeah, and actually, I mean, I got a good physique, so I just wanted to keep building it, Uh, when I was younger, but then as I got older is more therapy. And then I realized this is, uh, you know, this whole world is just awesome of the energy, so I live because it's really my passion. Now it is, as I get older my passion. How many times you competed in the bodybuilding? Um, I've done for for show. The first one almost don't count because it was basically out of the guy in the gym that was always kind of leaned. Everybody all doing show, do the show. I really did not prepped and jump into the show. And I took fifth place at the biggest show on the East Coast, which is the Eastern U S. Ays. So I took fifth and opens every novice everybody like, I kind of believe myself. Like maybe if I actually prepped, I could do the same. My next show. I did a full prep with a coach. I got first place and then I've done to show since then, got a second place. And overall, I have actually never competed. I just don't have the urge to compete. To be honest, my first show is in nineteen eighty eight, uh, definitely over a hundred shows. Yeah, I used to love computer just to get on that stage. And especially before I start, you know, get notoriety was about the state's president is just learning Every time I go backstage, you know, I would learn about what the other athletes did and everything, and I got to see how they looked. So for me, it was like firsthand experience twice, twice, And you won the overall. I did. I competed. Uh, six months ago, I got second place at Southern California, and then I got overall today. What if I told you it took me ten times to win? And overall, I would believe that I wouldn't believe that all of you. So you want you must have gone in knowing you were gonna do well. You really must have prepared what I have prepared very, very hard for this show. I'm believes this is the hardest thing I've ever done. So that just throws you. Put your mind to anything, anything. And you consistent with discipline. Boom. You can accomplish it. Simple. Do you think bodybuilding is a healthy sport? I think, like most other sports, is as healthy as you make it. If you make health of my already, then it can be pretty healthy within reason. Could every support you're gonna take some kind of physically? Absolutely. I think it's healthy for the body, the mind, the spirit for your community. It's healthy for everybody who comes around that person because the energy that that lifestyle is producing two the world is just addicting, an inspirational and just all of the above. I think bodybuilding is necessary sport and completely healthy. Uh, teo yourself into everybody. Do you need or do you use cardio tto? Lose fat? Get in this kind of shape everybody that everybody's different. Some people need a lot of cardio. Some people need a moderate amount. Some people actually don't need any car here, so I should never needed card to get in shape. The only reason why I did it this preppy because my coach wanted me to do it, but I felt like I would have better glutes and hams. I don't really agree with it, but I tried it. And guess what? Work? What is the best protein powder? Whatever you get sold by at GNC or any, uh, trainer, it's whatever you buy consistently and you like. That's the best protein powder. Have you ever tried DNP as a fat burner? No, I never tried the MPO. I'm not against it. I honestly don't think I need it has never been hard to get in shape. I actually never did call you for prep. So this last show it only everything cardio for show. So I don't think I don't think I need the MP, but if it gets the point of taking it to be the best out out of my mind, But I don't think I need it, to be honest. Do you think steroids shrink your testicles? Absolutely. Absolutely, they don't. But who needs them? Right. Bye, Mr Olympia. Classic physique. Danny Hester. Are you a dog lover? A cat lover? Uh, since this is my wife, I guess, uh, but you know what cat, way and ears. But you also got a dog. That's my lord boy. Right there. Rock star. You know what? She feeds both of us. In what ways than one. So I have to go with the human cat and the furry dog. Definitely. Those are They fought like cats are too smart to be passed. It makes a kind of awkward That always kind of stare at you, and kind of you can tell that kind of thinking a little bit too hard. Whereas dogs all love, they just wanna love you. They don't think too hard about it. So dog dog lover all day. It's the same reason I like Filipino girls neither. I got time for any of them. How about hamster? I probably stepped on a fish fisheye, but they probably died to fish When I was kid Pete and re Pete and they died from the carnival. They're carnival fish about ant farm and far. Oh, uh, hermit crabs. I am a really good hermit crab. Take care taker, kid. Yeah, here.

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