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Hey, guys, this is Tim Mary, Hello, fitness and supplement expert. And today one introduce you to enhanced athletes. Shred X T. This is a diuretic to enhance muscle definition, to shred water fast subcutaneous lee and reduce bloating for men and women. What I want to do, a show you what's in it and how it goes to work. Exactly. So it's time into the supplement fax and show you exactly how shred ext gives you the look you're looking for now. The first ingredient you're going to see is probably one of the most powerful and popular diary ticks on the market. Danny Line Leaf. Three hundred milligrams. This expels water and salt. Coupled with that, you're going to see UVA er c one hundred milligrams. This is a di reddick that also prevents bloating. On top of that, you're going to see green teeth fifty milligrams and added extra to boost your metabolism. They're also going to see B six, twenty five milligrams and B twelve, two hundred and fifty micrograms. These metabolize your macronutrients, providing a natural source of energy. Another awesome thing about shred X T is the fact that it's loaded with extra electrolytes you're going to be losing water, so these electrolytes helped to replace what you're going to lose. Potassium chloride, fifty milligrams sodium chloride, fifty milligrams and calcium citrate, fifty milligrams. There's also another natural diuretic called selenium in shred extra dose at ten micrograms. Now a lot of people that have water retaining a dema actually used selenium to reduce their bloat and swelling. And last but not least and shred x two. You're going to see chromium twenty micrograms. Another great ingredient uses a diuretic and to prevent bloating forty five servings. And it's so easy to take your going to take two capsules once or twice a day. Whether you're trying to get dry and defined for the summer for the beach, for a photo shoot or for a bodybuilding show, shred X T is the clear choice. Guys. Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to follow. Enhance athlete on all social media and firm or information on shred X, T and other enhanced athlete products. Visit the website www dot enhanced athlete dot com

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