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This is the lab work of Dr Tony Huge taken in September and October of twenty eighteen. I get my lab work done roughly every month and, uh, least every other month, but almost every month to track my different experiments. Wait, We're gonna analyze how healthy I am. I'm gonna do my quick overview and then handed over to Trevor to give his overview going down the list. Uh, my, my blood thickness is actually okay, because I did drain blood a couple times. Trevor blood drain my blood in the bathroom as you guys saw on the instagram Facebook live kids into a measuring cup. But my platelets are still high. My platelets went really high. I we drain my blood, My platelets came back Hi. Something's causing my blood platelets, which is the clotting factors that make you when you bleed. It's what causes you to stop bleeding. It's too high. Which puts me at risk of heart attack or stroke eso. We're going to drain my blood again. Drain some right after this testing we found out we're gonna drain Mohr tomorrow at ten. A huge laboratories for my kidneys look fine all the way until we get to potassium. My potassium is five point nine normals, three point five to five point two, and that's just because I am eating a lot of potassium. I don't think that's because of growth hormone or any kidneys issues. I think that's just because I've been consciously just pounding tons of potassium during this window of time. But this one, this one was a fasted test, and this one was not a fast test. So I do have a fasted. The one on first one of maturity is fasting means I didn't eat that morning. My liver enzymes are elevated, but within what is normal for me, normal is to be less than forty or forty four for A S T and a L T. Two of the liver enzymes. Mine are sixty and sixty one, which is elevated. But that's what mine always are, and I've had my liver ultrasound done multiple times. My liver is one hundred percent fine. My pH of my urine is eight point, which means my urine is basic, not acidic, and normally urine is more acidic than my urine wass in the morning towards the end of the day, with the release of you have the release of electrolytes. Which part of it So you that being basic? Um, yet remember towards in a day it could be two different factors, but that's what happens. Okay, Next, we go to a cold blood, which means I had a little bit of blood in my urine. Now it wasn't visible to the eye. You could look as closely one of my urine. My urine looks clean and clear. In fact, according to my laboratory technicians at Tony Huge Laboratory, and they compared my urine to all the other samples. I've got very healthy looking urine, but it has microscopic amounts of blood in it. So we did further testing and found out that it was Clem Media, the STD. So I hit an antibiotic and took care of that. All my white blood cells were actually all in normal range. My immune system. Everything's normal. I have an overactive immune system, usually my white blood cells or higher. But I take allergy pills and things that air helping keeping my body's immune system and white blood cells at bay. My lipids always. My H deal is always low. It's fourteen, usually one of over forty nine's, that good cholesterol carrier and the bad cholesterol carriers. One ninety three normal zero on ninety nine. So my cholesterol is still out of whack. It always has been my whole life. In fact, we did the Tony huge laboratories genetic testing to see that I have a predisposition to cholesterol issues. So even if I wasn't taking steroids or anything, my cholesterol would still suck. But with the steroids is even worse protein to risk of cardiovascular. Okay, we're going to get Yes, we're gonna get to that next. So my my iron, everything else, everything else looks normal. This is called his three pages of lag. Worth is extremely comprehensive all the way. Tio testosterone was very low for hundred sixteen, which is in the normal range, but not like optimal range. That's that's what I consider pretty low aunt. That's because I was off testosterone. I was just on storms only. So that's either That's either some residual testosterone from a shot that I had, you know, two, three weeks before, or that just my natural testosterone production. My free testosterone total was four sixteen. My free testosterone is twenty one point five which is normal little bit on the higher side. And the reason is probably because my sex were among binding. Globulin that takes away from the free chest rose from problem alone. But we'LL get to that. My hemoglobin a one c one of the most important ones, too. In this, this shows how elevated my blood sugar was over a period of time. Let's say the last six months and it's in the normal range. Normal's four point five point six mind was five point three, which means I'm not having the symptoms of diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Not that I don't need a lot of sugar, but I take things like the slimming pills to keep my blood shorter lower despite my horrible diet and keep my insulin sensitivity. Hi, my prolactin was almost non existent, like no prolactin, and I was not taking Kabir Golding. My prolactin seems to be chronically love. It seemed to be a common problem for me, but might still be something to the fact that I do mostly storms in less steroids. Maybe there's less hormones to be able to convert in Just all my estrogen's very well, which we'LL debate on whether estrogen even has any bearing on collected it all off progesterone, which also feeds you. Uh, okay. My lewton izing hormone focus. So many hormone indicators of fertility in natural test production. Practically zero. But I'm still fertile because they did a semen analysis of two million sperm. Normal is fifteen million sperm. So I'm like one fifteen to seven. One eight. We'LL call it one eighth the normal fertility, but still enough to get girls pregnant. Because at this level of fertility, I've still have multiple pregnancies. So between F s station Elliot, you have one that's producing actual sperm in a oneness increasing test our sauce. So this one was interesting. My prostate actually making me a little nervous. And remember, I do mostly ce arms, so I was shocked. But I did. I did throw in a little bit of trend here and there for experiments. They're slow amounts, but I was really shocked to see that my my prostate stimulating hormone P ece are a prostate specific antigen. Sorry was point eight on the first test in a month. Later in October, it was one point shoot. They're so money test results. So my Pete my most recent P ECE. My most recent PSA is one point one seven prostate specific and urgent one point one seven. Now that's still low. That's still very low. But it doesn't matter so much how high the PSA is. It's the trend like, Is it trending upward? So my P ECE is normally zero are close to zero, and now all of a sudden it's moving up in a bad direction. So I was just going to start taking Cem prostates support supplements, and I'm gonna, uh, that's it certainly was a prostate. Spoofs implements and just keep my eye on the number. All right, back to the test from September Estrogen Super low. Less than two point five normals eight to thirty five. And my C reactive protein, which is my information, is very high. High information for points three is my C reactive protein, and the normal range is zero, obviously two three. So I'm outside the normal range. My gamma GT, a sign of my more accurate scent of my liver function, is perfectly normal. My insulin is normal. My electrolytes are in balance. My sex hormone binding globular Paris E. That's what we actually wanted a little bit lower to free up testosterone, but this is, like way out of range. Lo s h b g which is this fine for my purposes. It's OK. I mean, my doctor in Bangkok says that he prefers to see a normal s hbg even when we are using steroids. Because he likes it as a buffer for hormones. Anything else really noticeable about? I'm no potable. So you have one That's faster. Oneness. Not faster, but being casted. Yeah, this one is facets. You're again l V l on here. Haunches. Okay, So your ld on here's almost two hundred. Yeah, this one that's faster, dear. So that Okay, you know what's funny? Here's one where I wasn't fasting and it's only one thirty six months later, we still give back. That's your cholesterol. Your flesh has always been like this from Dalin since I met you, which makes it okay, but that doesn't make it okay. It's not getting worse. Will say that my cholesterol my question is actually getting better. Even though it's bad is getting better because it wass I was hovering around one ninety nine LDL and HDL of around seven to thirteen. Now my LDL is twelve to fourteen in my or my HDL is twelve to fourteen of my l d l's one thirty six. Thank you. Here I'LL do you one ninety three fluctuating? Yes. And so then the last thing here to save for this HDL was supposed to be a high level lbl supposed to be a lower number. You have the exact opposite, which again, it's not a problem, but it's a problem because we make it. It looks normal to us. We keep seeing this number always high in the opposite direction. So with LDL again, these are just life of proteins or high density lipoproteins are just carriers. These numbers are going up not because of cholesterol because of sodium table salt. And what happens is the reason why these air bad Because cholesterols with preparing things in your body. When you have cholesterol, these protein, they're going through your body table salt from that we use here in restaurants. So in one third part sodium the other one third of that is also a grain. And what happens is that causes micro tears along the lining of blood vessels remains What? Yeah, I've never heard this before, so I've already We've already talked about this. I must have been high. Remember that you don't remember a lot, I tell you. And what happens is these caused those Michael started to concentrate. When you're focusing on the big muscles. Continue forever. I promise. I'm listening now. So do you. These kinds of micro tears along the lining of of your vans are ours And then what happens is cholesterol. Now goes the repairs. This which causes plaque build that sounds horrible. Sounds like a health crisis. Well, that's why it's here in the U. S. And Europe and Canada. All right, let's just I'm just going to reserve my belief on that for a minute. Since we're on the computer, we can do a separate video topic is that this is what causes the facto that when there's plaque buildup and then you're trying to get material or nutrients to the man on our right. How do you get a hard time when they talk about plaque buildup? This is cholesterol. Repairing the damaged tissue, which built flat once that place is filling up the walls room get a clock, heart attack, stroke. That's all it is. Okay, so this this most recent tests from, uh, a month later I had a shot of testosterone before this test. And so my testosterone, my free testosterone, went from being normal to being more than double or three, eight, fifteen times the normal. So it says normal is one point one point one two six point for free testosterone, and I was eighty nine point seven on the free testosterone, so that testosterone, but also my estrogen went up, of course, to sixty eight point nine normal being twenty to fifty, which means double almost tripled what I would like my estrogen to be. And then my progesterone was one point four, which is normal. But my prolactin shot up from zero to ten point three normal being to eighteen. So my prolactin came up to normal range from one shot of testosterone. So it's possible that my prolactin was so low because I was on such a long storms. Single was not that many steroids. Remember, I do short Sarah experiments, but its arms are what I'm running all the time. And I think that being on CE arms for a long term had my prolactin going lower. That's all things you can think of because my practice has been low and a few of my test. So yeah, collections going below for a number, especially if you're off to saw strong are low mountain testosterone. You're taking this arms, your collection Give me a relatively low. Now, I don't know what you've been doing the last year or so, but that could be a contributing factor. Is that from that? My thyroid looks fine. Mike, my cortisol is twelve point nine on normal is five. Twenty five. My d h e a was normal. My B twelve was normal. My vitamin d was normal. I think it looks so just to summarize what I need to do based on these ones, they need to watch my prostate, keep doing some cholesterol lowering protocol. Uh, keep my estrogen and testosterone a bit more stable, then the last thing to that too. If you like your key tones, glucose protein, everything along these lines you do a lot of Kyoto style dieting. We go low carbohydrate, but your key tone levels are still within normal protein glucose. You're told. Get said your body is a lot smarter than we are. So even though you do these diets based off that key tones glucose protein, quarter song, insulin and glucose, all these things were still normal. I would expect them to know I wasn't on her system. You sure? Key tones at that time. I did that. That test? No, I still had liver. So even though I was fasting my liver still I'd like James still had, um, blood sugar. What was my blanche? Is that Is this one Fasten? Yeah. Your glucose here is ninety. Okay, It's okay. I take the slimming pills. I didn't take slim pills anywhere near that test. But if you take the slimming pills, I give my blood sugar down to eighty. Happens with or, like a twelve thirteen percent difference. A lot of my clients too. When I put it back on carbohydrates, they'LL have blood. Sugars is that are either very low are very high sometimes. Well, high. So very high. This is when they tell me Oh, I'm hungry. But they don't tell me on time, and they're starving themselves and they're not getting too hungry. Your body your liver will release glycogen stores to regulate your blood glucose level. So what happens is they get that drop get started when everything carbohydrates. Well, by the time if they're they're forcing themselves, not tea. Then the lever will release all that clicking. And that will help stable. Normalize your blood sugar until the livers out of like, yeah, And if your body is fat, Adapted hopeful your point from fattened set. Applying for protein Exactly what your girlfriend, Elsa be Swells with friends. You here?

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