Tip from Aaron Reed | How to Deadlift for Maximum Weight.

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Tips from Aaron Reed and what he's learned about how to dead lift for maximal wait. And you've learned some tips that completely revolutionised you're dead Lift if you're able to lift more weight now, uh, you keep your feet closer together. Toes pointed out. Ah, hands straight. Explain it a little bit more. Well, without me being with him to show him, basically you want to wait a jumping positions would be real wide. Try to jump. You know, I mean closer together with Chuck where you would jump. But the other thing is, you want your arms and come hang straight down. So you don't want your arms out like this because this brings you down farther to the bar. You wanna be away from our as much as you can to create some sort of leverage. And then after that, then you go learn howto get your includes not round your back over that I could show you the bar, but have your have your your stands like you would jump, so have it relatively plus and then every hands just outside. So you have, like, a shoulder with grip, my shoulder with grip that would give you the most heightened away from the bar. You said don't arch your back. But I have seen a lot of power lifters lift heavy. They do around around their back, get your back more straight. I liked around back a little bit, but it's controlled. You gotta stay tight into it, not lose. Tightness has been poured. You actually, you have to stay tight because there's a little bit give there. But that's that's where you need to be in the gym, working with something to show you. So So Aaron got some more tips from Alexa power lifting champion today, and one of his tips was to be more explosive. But how do you do that? How do you lift it? More explosive and fast, but we're lifting seven hundred pounds. Obviously, the weight doesn't move fast. What is explosive? Even meaning that contact. Okay, What he said was, if you're trying to get a seven hundred pounds max, you might want to work with five hundred fifty pounds for six hundred pounds for three reps, and you won't increase the speed of those three reps without going up in the way. You're always working on more speed, so that's how you get more explosive line away, get snacks C so that the one rat. Max, you you may not be able to do it as explosive, but when you're training for the one with the three rounds, he actually, that's where that's where I was wrong. You you're one rat. Max will be very explosive. It will look like you could do more, but that's what you got. So you will learn that explosiveness. It'LL look easy, you know. Oh, that's what he was saying. He was saying it should if you did it right. Even though it took everything you had, it shouldn't look like you were struggling, right? So I'm learning a lot of cool stuff, you know, he's been a real asset for That's the benefit. Trained at Gold's gym. Venice, you know, I mean, I'm down there around at top athletes. This dude was like one hundred eighty pounds developed in seven hundred pounds. Holy from here. Makes sense. But me. So be swelled. School Friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution Got a gay son Yeah. Here.

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