Whats BAC water | Bacteriostatic Water.

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what is bi a seawater backwater? I'm Dr Tony Huge, and this is Coach Trevor, and he's going to explain to us what is be a seawater bacteria. Static water. What? Back to our side. Water is a type of water that you'LL use when you are mixing anything from growth hormone to your pep tights. It is safe to inject, and the reason so is it is preservative water. What it means is there's something called penza alcohol. Which do you add? Two water or distilled water, not mineral water, and this doesn't clean it, but it preserves it. So you're the water has to be cleaned before adding the preservative office before enough. So what you do is you say you and your distilled water already cleaned and then you add the alcohol to it. Now it's still dirty because you expose open there. Unless you're doing this on Underland, you you have to put it against something like twenty two or even eleven micron filter. What? This? This communion filter viruses out when you see sterile water assumes you pierce that you have allowed bacteria, say when they think we'LL allow bacteria. And so if I've got a thirty ml vial of seawater. Aunt, I'm going to use one ML to reconstitute a peptide reform on each time. That means some of us take a needle in their thirty times. Is that b A seawater gonna go bad, but by the time I'm done using it, that's the whole point of it. So the preservative is acting something to keep it clean. When you're taking using sterile water, there's nothing to keep it clean up for its mate.

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