Why Dr. Tony Huge’s Blood is Thick | How to Prevent Thick Blood.

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I'm here a Tony huge laboratory, and we're gonna ask the laboratory expert what it was like drawing my blood if he thought it was thick and what he thinks the cause of my if it is thick what the cause of my blood being so thick It is, Theo, the cause of blood being so taken because, God, don't be afraid to say Paul X steroids. So you're thinking that causes the blood to thicken. And but so what we recommend it's for you to donate blood every six months or every three months. That would get rid of some of the blood from your system. And, uh so So so get technical. You you look, you stuck me in both arms, right? What happens? So what happened was I knew right away that I had to use a bigger needle for you because small needles, because of the blood being so take I notice right away that I needed to get a bigger needles, Gage. And that kind of classified for me too. I know that your blood was think and what I noticed. Using bigger needle, I saw the flow of blood coming through the files were used. Yeah, yes. Uh, what? Do you have any comments about the fact that my that my blood is thick? The anabolic ce. One of the things that enough. You noticed this, but my blood was actually think of Norris on. Uh, I feel like abnormally quick. I don't bruise very easy. Uh, I think of that contributes to there are some benefits to having been in it. What? More oxygen in the blood for certain athletics. The potential to build more muscle. But the thicker blood also means the more potential for heart attack. Stroke? Blood clots. Yeah. So what did you do to remedy your thick blood? Saying was you're doing? Yeah. Drain my blood once every two weeks, once every two weeks. That's really frequently drain your blood once Every two, you know? Okay, people tell me to drink my blood every six months or so, but I have been draining my blood more for you. And look at Sorry. I don't think my platelets are already so high. It looks like I need to be in a more frequent schedule like you. But then again, we have access to Tony huge laboratory now, so no way could be draining blood all the time In the last second comments about you know what I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna show you once your blood is center future here and I'll show you the separation And it has a lot to do with your, uh, hemoglobin separation. Once that machine stops, I'll pull out your violin. I'll show you the separation of your plasma from your from your red blood cells. So, my friends remember I did the live video where Coach Trevor extracted blood from me in my own kitchen until I got dizzy. Way said, Let's take a much blood out until I pass out, which I almost did, and it came out like Jell O. So fake. And And the reason why we decided to do that in an emergency situation is because I was running out of breath walking up the stairs and Trevor saw this. We're walking here. Trevor should have a harder time walking upstairs and me. I mean, he's got he's much bigger than me, but yeah, I'm the one like Trevor. Wait. He's like, man, something is wrong. Your blood is probably too fast. Drink. He was right. I felt so much better after we drain the blood. I felt lighter. I felt like I wasn't getting dizzy. I felt got more stamina, more energy. So people who, uh, bodybuilders that use things like e po to thicken up their blood or take equipoise Boulder known for long periods of time. They mixed their blood figure. Oh, that makes me nervous. Especially if you get dehydrated and your blood is thick, then your boom stroke and heart attack. That's how athletes died not because of steroids, because they're not mitigating the side effects like take her blood. So here's the blood being sent refused. And this is, uh, two vials of blood because we're also doing the farm. A genetic testing. There's there's in the centrifuge. So So what do you noticing about so well, you're what I noticed about your blood here is you see how well it's what we refer to this as very, uh, like P make, because this was obviously a non fasting blood. So you see a lot of lipids that shows it's not a clear plasma. There, it's This is because you just had lunch and you came here to draw blood, right? That's amazing. Yes, Yes, right away. You can tell that this is not a your fasting blood. So you see the separation from yours that I didn't get much of a separation of plasma for for me to do. And this has to do with your blood being so think there's not good separation, even though this this, too, was a good gel barrier separation. But I didn't get much, so you could see it's almost seventy thirty. Separation here usually get more plasma from this, but because of your blood, Lee, So think there's not a separation. Okay. All right, well, we're gonna do some. It's called therapeutic for bottom me on where We're going to drain my blood on, uh, and give him back into better health from getting a heart attack stroke. You see, basically donating blood. Yes. And that's what we do. We try to teach you guys how to enhance the quality of her life, pioneer human evolution and do it safely be swollen school friends. Freedom. Yeah. Here

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