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This is a product review on “Andro Shreds” by Muscle Gelz by Dr. Tony Huge and Coach Trevor. This product contains a type of DHEA that is highly bio available! How does this product work and how does it compare to the “real stuff”?

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andro shred by muscle gels REVIEW. I'm Dr Tony Huge. This is Coach Trevor, and this contains a type of D h e a that is highly bio available now d g et to me, as a bodybuilder that competes, that's looking for the most powerful compounds on earth. Eyes surprising that bodybuilder still use it because I think of using things like testosterone and more hard core substances. And yet Coach Travers telling me I need to take more D h e A, which is a precursor hormone, Ah, hormone that you when you take it and it's a natural hormone in the body when you take it, it converts into other hormones in the body. Gives your body the materials it needs. Toe balance your own hormones naturally. But we're more advanced in that Trevor way. Don't. Why are we trying to balance our normal hormones when we're already supplementing with more hard core anabolic? How does this How does this guy work for me? Well, it's exactly what you just said. You're supplementing with other exogenous hormones alarm. You take exogenous foremost somewhere out of balance, your problems get and the longer they're gonna be out the is one of those has just now you said, a precursor, I would say, the easiest way to describe a precursor to other woman's in your body. Steroid hormones and no see, especially with females. Women go through menopause well, taking DJ a watch the conversion levels of their body watch their hormones. It's one of the great, probably the best regulating hormones you could take for sterile or steroidal for loans in your body. This has the seven Kito D H e a version. What do you think about that version versus all these other types of the day on the market? Honestly, seventy two, I think, still has been studied to be the best for the most. By available. I remember when seventeen th came out. The marketing for this is because of a long time ago. I first took a seventy Kato D e a. G a pill just because my dad had it in his cupboard when it first came out like fifteen years ago. So it's been around a long time before that other people were just taking the air itself, and I remember the sales point being the absorb ability or the body's ability to use it and therefore be able to use less milligrams of it and have it be more effective. And I'm just I'm also surprised that I don't understand how supplement like that that's so powerful that so helpful, that balance of natural hormones, that people who want to still claim that their natural can use in order to optimize their health and performance of longevity how it's not more popular. Yeah, they don't talk about it. Another thing to hear in a low dose testosterone, it still helps. DOJ still helps now, natural or unnatural. It's not necessarily gonna put on muscle. You're not going to get big taking ta, but you're gonna optimize your hormonal, especially taking conduction. Say it stops from booster and makes it much more effective. But regular regulating your hormones There's right now on the market, so the original muscle gels chemists that told me why it was designed and how it works said that it's especially effective for people that are dieting that are in calorie restriction, because when we do that, our body's natural chemistry adjust to slow our metabolism down. So we burn less calories. So is it This product has intended. It's also toe intended to retain muscles so we don't burn as much muscle when we're dieting, but also intended to keep your metabolism up so that we can burn more calories. Despite lowering the amount of calories were eating, I would say it's almost like a cholesterol replacement for dieters. Most people are getting cholesterol or good class droves from a ways and things of this nature, which is why we have such a little one of the reasons we have such low testosterone levels. Now men, everyone is eating a wise, leaving a cholesterol. This is kind of a replacement for people. There's no replacement to it. But as close as you can get that when somebody's dieting to Santorum, hormones start to decline. Jay's one of the reasons I first got into things like anabolic CE or taking things from the outside of my body and put it inside my body that are unnatural is because I got so tired of optimizing my natural hormone levels. I mean, if we're trying to optimize our natural hormone levels through just diet and exercise, that means you gotta train twice a day going train very short, very hard you have no carbohydrates while you're lifting no carbohydrates before bed. There's so many factors in lifestyle things you have to change, to optimize hormones naturally, that it really impedes my quality of life and is very time consuming and very expensive. That's why I started taking supplements to get me to an optimal hormonal balance without having to sacrifice my entire quality of life. And that's why even though and Rochette is not a hard core muscle building anabolic like steroids is, it's still extremely beneficial to keep our hormones optimized for optimal fat burning and preserving Mosul wall dieting. I'm Dr Tony huge this Coach Trevor be swollen, swollen, my friends of Freedom pioneers.

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