Bodybuilder May Lose Leg from Dirty Steroids – Dan The Bodybuilder in Thailand

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So I was browsing Instagram this morning. There was a post that scared the shit out of me. And if you guys can't see things that are graphic, either fast forward to the end, return the video off. But I feel like it's important for people to see. I'Ll tell you one second. So there's somebody by the name of Dan, also known as the Bodybuilder in Thailand, and he put a post up, and if you take a look, you could see he's fighting and affectionate is like he's in Colombia in the hospital, and he's in fear of losing is like and this is all the result of using gear that was contaminated, and it's it's really scary, you know, because this could happen to any one of us. I mean, any one of us who've used here or use gear. This is a danger to all of us, and I've seen this before. I've never seen it this quite this bad, and it's even happened to me in the past. I mean, I've had won a nap, sets one time on the injection site, went to the doctor, immediately got antibiotics, and it cleared up pretty fast. But if not, this could have been me. And it's really sad. He spent ten thousand dollars on our operation to clear the infection and ended up spreading. And now we need another operation and he's in Colombia. So who knows about the health care system there who knows a good The doctors are there. It's really sad, you know? And I'm hoping for Dan the best. You know, he has got to go fund me because he pretty much drained his whole bank account, trying to save his like Hello guys seized in bodybuilding Thailand hold still and a really bad situation. And my leg is very hurt. Yeah. The process haven't surgeries. I had one surgery that took all the money that I had. And he ended up being a failure and the stitches in my leg ripped open and I have a new product dying flesh growing inside of me. I hear it until India from alone up here. And um, bad injection. Oh. Dirty here in my leg and grew into a no. Uh, thing in my leg that's spreading through me, and I need more surgeries. I can't afford that. I'm just putting this up here. Just let you guys know I have a goal for me. Kiss would like to help. It's so if you guys think about something, okay? If the laws were less on the use of testosterone or steroids. In this country, less and less underground gear will be made and less chances of things like this happening if you think about it. Remember, marijuana was a legal in this country for so many years, and it was coming in from everywhere. And how many times do you hear stories about the weed being laced with all different types of drugs? People end up in the hospital. You never knew what you were getting. The same thing's happening now with steroid, right? So hopefully we can create awareness and lessen the laws against it to prevent things like this from happening. So all my prayers go out to Dan and his family, and let's just hope, you know, he doesn't lose his leg. Get the surgery needs, and God bless

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Tony since you say you have unlimited funds, i would help your friend if I were you.


i wish I had heard of this sooner. god bless and here’s to a full recovery.