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This is Trevor Carrots. And this is your revolution radio host. Joining me today is one of the most requested guests we have ever had, Dr. Tony. Huge from enhanced athlete. Doctor, are you good? I thought you're going to say most controversial guests we've ever had or most infamous? Yes, before, that's for sure. My first question for you. Are you a real doctor? I'm a doctor of jurisprudence. So I have a doctorate in law, which is just a lot agree. But that's why I could call myself a doctor. And then my friends gave me the nickname Doctor. So then when I made my porn name Tony huge the doctor and the Tony huge went together pretty well. Oh, you're you're an ex porn star to know that I wanna wanna be porn star of that, I think is the guy that would be something to brag about, but as a woman, as something you never want people to know. You know, my my most recent girlfriend was a porn star, and, uh and yeah, she's She's pretty open about it, though. I just left her in the Philippines when I came back to United States, but The funny thing about that is like you'd think like you think you wouldn't want to have a girlfriend That's a porn star. But like she's kind of proud of her experience. And I was kind of proud to have such an experienced girl, too. So So, Dr Tony, tell us tell listeners a little bit about yourself. So I notice you travel to the Philippines quite a bit. What? What are you doing there? Uh, there. There's some business there. And then also, uh, my favorite places in the world have traveled the whole world a couple of times and the Thailand and Philippines, or my favorite as faras freedom and then the culture, the warm, loving people and very cost effective. And the women are beautiful. So that's what usually brings me in a fountain. EastAsia General, I've never I've never been with a suit like Thailand. The food's really good and Philippines, there's a lot of fried food. It's really tough to find healthy food. They don't really understand diet There eso in the Philippines, I try to cook, inasmuch as I can in Thailand, I pretty much eat out every day. Okay, cool and then tell us a little bit more enhanced. Kathie, I didn't realize Andi. And sadly, yes. So it's a supplement line movement. Uh, Jim, with the roast a bishop. I have B b broke and trainer at the gym. And so it started mainly as a movement toe. Promote freedom, freedom of knowledge to be able to make our own decisions what we put in our body, because there's a lot of misinformation out there. So I want people to have access to accurate information, make their own decisions and then pioneering human evolution. Uh, Teo, improve the quality of our life and make us superhuman through chemistry. So more of a movement and experimentation and then became a supplement brand and clothing and a gym here and a gym in the Philippines. Okay, Okay. So kind. Almost the same things like the rich Piana. Five percent. And then you get mean company became a clothing line. Yeah. Similar is also and then his photo movement. You got big guys like Philip Gerald case when he's a little here and all the competitors were experimenting with new things. You sharing that information a little bit more Cutting edge even more open than five percent movement. So I mean, you've been at your gym five minutes. You already ran into two big guys. Can anyone training your gym or do you only let certain people in? Yeah, anybody trains here? It's just that for the Sacramento area, a lot of the competitors come here because then they're coached by other competitors and a lot of opposing Frak this and no access Thio more the cutting edge information that you it's hard to get other places and also embracing the lotto gyms like Planet Fitness. Being the most extreme example are very like and there were nervous, like, offend anybody or anything. But then you have gyms like this that are all about the hardcore and the inspiration that instead of looking at like a body builder and saying, Oh, that makes me feel bad about myself. No way looking a bodybuilder and so that inspires. So it attracts that good positive inspiration. I live in Canada, not planet fitness here yet. Oh, you're lucky. I heard that, like once a week, they give you like pizza or something. Is that true? I have not experienced Pizza Day at Planet Fitness, but But I have experienced the it attracts a certain type of crowd. The crowd that is never going to get in change. That's a good business to go to the gym. Yeah, just just pay the gym feed. Don't go to the gym with Jim. How you doing, man? You're giving a tour of your two. We get me a little tour as we go through the video So people keep talking about like, that's not having any pictures of Tony. We do. We just want to finish everything before he put his picture's up because they're going to be placed in strategic places. So prime example there, like a pitcher right now on the wall. But it can't go up because it's a permanent picture. Theyjust want to see your muscles out. Just flex. No, not me. Yes, like they know they're small, but oh, most like switching the classic for, like, thirty pounds. Make way. When? When? When's your next show? When Your next show. I probably aren't aware. Going all of Ohio. Once you start you Prepa will get you on. For what? Oh, he said he'Ll interview you for the podcast for your prep. Thanks, brother. Well, alright cool. So the handsome athlete has become immensely popular. I probably got one hundred e mails from listeners requesting for me to book you. How long have you been doing the enhanced athlete? Mm, Probably less than two and a half years. Wow. What? What made you decide to start it? This is only two and a half years ago. What made that light bulb go off Esso? I had a daughter who's, uh that's the one of the Batman costume. She may My baby mama, my girlfriend at the time, I got pregnant on purpose to trap me. And I was a successful lawyer making a lot of money, and I decided that I didn't want to be in that trap situation. So I, uh, resigned from law. And then I started. I wanted to do, like, fitness stuff. Tio lose money as, like, a hobby and it. But actually, since I was like twelve years old, I was obsessed with becoming superhuman, and back then it was more becoming mentally superhuman, spiritually superhuman, and then later became physically when we become more physically superhuman. So I was always experimenting with crazy things that because I knew that I couldn't just do what everybody else did to become superhuman. Otherwise, everybody be superhuman. So I I knew I had to experiment outside the box. So I've been experimenting with weird things to improve my quality of life for improved any of my abilities since age twelve. Andi. So then I started sharing information with other people, and I started YouTube channel. When I search for, I think DNP is the first thing that really made it go viral. Um, and that was an example of using a compound that everybody thought was deadlier. It is deadly, but that if if used correctly, it can really be a very effective tool and enhance it's our lives. So there's many, many other compounds out where, like that that I had been experimenting with for a long time. But that was one that I could I could use to, uh, t explain to people the difference between freedom and comfort, being a pioneer and maybe questioning what the media are information find online says about something eso. Then it became also like a in my retirement, and I decided to retire from law. It also became like a passion for me toe push up almost a political movement of being extremely fit, freedom oriented. I save conservative, but it's more beyond that. Libertarians have you, Doctor, Dr Tony, is that you know, being in law. Aren't you worried about Denny? Go Consequences opened talking about steroids for pharmacy, passing drugs, things like that. So the laws of the United States is it's not. It's not illegal to talk about any of these things, and I guess the risk the main risk could be. Let's say I'm injecting something on camera that is that I'm representing to be, ah, nearly illegal substance. Well, with those type of things, I'm more careful, Teo use or do things do those in countries that are where I can claim that it's legal to do in and then to get prescriptions for as many of the things that I use as possible. So I do it. I do approach it According to the laws, the United States, I do experiment with a lot of questionable things, but most of stuff I experiment with is either not illegal or I have a prescription for Okay, interesting good hands athlete. That's a gym and also a supplement line. Tell us a little bit about your supplement line. Yeah, so it used to be more hard core things, and now it's more, Ah, the general sort of mainstream supplements. And there's the glimpse of some of them right there. But it's it's what I use. A lot of them are the things that I actually used to repair for competition. For example, the fat burning cream is something that I would make it home myself for my first competition when I was a thirty. So six years ago was my first competition and one of my secrets toe doing well in that competition. Every company after that, despite not having a very good diet and you know subs are training was using supplements and other chemicals. And so some of those are the formulas that I actually used to help get advantages and competitions. Do you still compete? Yes, I haven't picked the next show because I usually pick it about ten days out from the show. I do ten day prep. So I know most people do like, uh, three month, two months breath. But I I like to just stay like, pretty, pretty lean all year, like nine percent fat, so I can't just drop. I can just drop down to six percent fat and this shit, you look good. If you look like that around, then you definitely don't. You don't follow the typical bodybuilding bulking cutting cycle routine. That's right. Yeah, it's not. It's somewhere in between, like an instagram model style and a bodybuilder style, because, like an instagram models and usually they usually a lot thinner. They just don't have a lot of bulk on him, did you? You know that one thing And then you got the body builder who, like, blows up like a people don't realize when you get to know the pro body dealers in person, they kind of blow up like a glimpse. They lose their their shape and their hardness completely. I actually actually perfect timing, actually just had a meeting with my agent because fall fashions about to come up. September is the biggest month for fashion, right? Because everyone's back to school, back to work and for fitness modeling they want you skinny jacked is the term I give it Is that with clothes on, I kind of look like a soccer player. And mm, a guy. You know, I don't I don't Look, Jack look healthy. I look athletic. I don't, Jack. It's only once I take my shirt off. Do I look, you know, ripped and chiseled. And that's what they want for fitness. Modeling is because I'm out of so you carry the average person is intimidating, so they want it to look realistic. But not two extremes. That makes sense. Yeah, And the camera can also make you look bigger. So if you look more cut, then you'll actually look more muscular. Right? But if you look like, bigger, like a bodybuilder than it can actually make you look fatter. So, yeah, I love I love that. You said that, you know, because like, people think I'm a big guy. I'm like, No, no, I'm not a big guy and a skinny guy with abs. But when I take my shirt off and all my muscles were so to find they look bigger. It's on a loop. Yeah, so? So I do it. So you do it for the modeling aspect. Like the like those pictures, eh? So what? I do it for the reason why I like having the body that I have is I like, uh, for women toe worship. And so that's why I started doing you know, getting into fitness in the first place is because the first girl that kissed me uh, she said, Well, I want my boys. I want a boyfriend that has abs. So I looked up what abs were in a magazine. I said, OK, to get abs, I have to work out. So I started working out getting muscle and likes how that went. And so I still always have this, like, I want a woman who worship me from my muscles. So I want a certain amount of size and definition go along with it And then, of course, like the definition for for assurance, in secret and everything else. But it's still like it's still that combination of kind of definition and sized. Uh, you know, the funny thing is that women don't even care that that much. But I like to think they care, and that's what turns me on. It seems like Asian women really love you. Every every photo I've seen with you, there's like ten Asian women. Yes, I really like the Asian women. It's like a mind game because I think that they're all these like schoolgirl, not schoolgirls, because they're young but like good girls like good smart girls and it turns out they're not. It's just a look, but it tricks me every time. So I think, like, oh, they're they're going to make a good mom, are all that? I think such good care of my children and all that. Not that so. So there's my daughter. By the way, this is baby Callie. She's almost for years old near Halloween, and she's got her Batman Batgirl costume on because I couldn't find any of closed who I just became. Since I got back to the U. S. The mom basically said, OK, she's yours now, So handed her to me. And now I'm full time Dad. As of yesterday, Well, I mean, there's worse things than having a little bat woman running around. Yeah, she's She's pretty low maintenance and fun to so far. Dr. Hughes, we've got tons of listener questions for us. Let's start getting into them. I can't believe how popular you are. I mean, normally we'LL get like, ten questions. Yes, one hundred for you. So question is machete, I said, If I say too, I use of human growth hormone empty stomach in the morning and go for passive party. Oh, would it cause any harmful effects move? I mean, no is the short answer, but, uh, each person could have throne predispositions to side effects. And there's always the argument that increasing your h gh, which therefore increases your gf could shorten your life span but improve your quality of life. But in general, no, there shouldn't be any side effects for such a low dosage of growth hormone like that. Yeah, that's that's like, that's like anti aging does. You know, I use I don't think, any side affection that maybe a little bit of water attention, right? Probably, and probably probably not much water attention, since it's one day, once a day shot, Tio is follow up. Question is, if I take clenbuterol with h gh for faster cardio. Would it cause the large mint of my part? Um, okay, so for that reason to prevent that, I actually take nebula, which is a beta blocker. So I blocked stimulation of things like clenbuterol on my heart. Because clenbuterol is not tissue specific, it's ah, beta agonists in the whole body, right? So I actually from my own goose. I actually am nervous about the effects of Clem, Peter, all of my heart. Which is funny, because I do a lot of these a lot of experimental drugs, but I find clenbuterol to be one of the more dangerous. So for my personal preference, Yeah, I don't use clenbuterol very often. Her much. I don't think it's going to be significant, though. I mean, if the damage that it could cause if toe realize that most people that are suffering from damage from from Columbia girl took really high dose to just for a really long periods of time. So most people get away with it without any noticeable side effects, but that that even though I take a lot of risks, that's not a risk that I personally would take is is using clenbuterol unless necessary. Like Teo. Get below six percent or so. Yeah, go ahead. Get below six percent body fat than I think the benefits outweigh the risks. Other than that, I think there's another healthier ways to do it. So, Ash, Robert asked, Where is Trevor now? Mexico for a second. And I didn't get his question cause I'm named Trevor. And like we're talking about, Yeah, okay, next question. Right now, I'm on a cycle for twenty one weeks. Compounds est que andan. He's adding in mass and NPP the last eight weeks. The question is, if my body fat is around fifteen percent, but I like to use a compound from week seventeen to twenty one of thinking about Trent and of our clan. I would like to know what he would recommend in this case. So basically he is running a twenty one week cycle is at about fifteen percent body fat, and he wants to know what you think about adding for a four week finished friend and of our clan trend and of our or clan. I would do all three in a lower dosage if it's super important to given the condition for some reason, if it's not like ultra important, like it's not a getting ready for a competition type. Well, probably not going to if it fifteen percent body fat. But if not something super important, and I just wouldn't use the clamp you girl, but the train an animal or it's fine. Obviously, trend is is way more powerful than an Ivar so totally different League of Compounds. I mean, I would use the anniversary to take out the testosterone s O to get the very dry appearance. The trend is to bring out the muscle separation to breakthrough plateau, to keep strength while dieting. Um, and potentially also, some fat loss on DH. So but Trent has so many side effects of all the steroids, I think that has It's the most side effects of the mainstream steroids. So, uh, you know, and then we're talking and of our, which has, like, no side effects, but also not that strong. So kind of a weird, a weird combo. Itjust depends on preference. How much side effects they want to experience, in which progress they want to make it their all hard core and all in, then go. Just put it all on the trend. It sounds It sounds kind of like a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. It sounds disgusting. Tried is sure to get yeah, Our next question is from Morris muscle. Whatever happened with Tony skinny issues on it was getting tested. I never heard of skin my skin issues. Yeah, So let's see if I can demonstrate. Okay, I think we're for talking about skin issues we're talking about like that. Like that's major scar right there. Yeah, that's ah, that you know, it's funny because that that fan must pay really good attention because I didn't broadcast it very much, But I didn't go to the doctor and have a skin biopsy, and the doctor said, or the labs that it looks like cancer. And then the acting dermatologist got the lab results and said, Well, the lab says it looks like skin cancer, but I'm looking at it, and it really doesn't look like cancer to me. I think you should get another biopsy, and that's where I left it. So I'm supposed to get another biopsy. I e guess. Guess what they say. Ignorance is Bless. Yeah, it's one of those type of things, because if it is skin cancer and I've got a couple of these type of scars and I'm going to be dead and you sit in off. The next question is, since enhanced athlete was built on star mes. How has or will the company changed now that they're basically legal? Well, and he and staff, it wasn't designed to make money in the first place. And so, uh, it made money selling things, likes arms and and it it re invested the money and mainly in the lawsuits from people trying tow censor the fitness industry. So it's an ant's. Athletes still really doesn't make money. It's still not meant to be a for profit organization. It's always meant to be a movement in the first place, so it still sells supplements that still sells things like the clothing so that people can represent the movement. It's still a Jim also not designed to make money, but it just for people that really love the movement and loved to work for it like the people that work at the gym and everybody does it just because they love it. So it's really it's less a brand about business and making money and Maura about love and passion for the sport of bodybuilding. But not just this boar. It's more of like a self improvement taking shortcuts to get Teo to make our dreams happen faster, um, to make, to be genetics, to make the impossible possible and to stand up for freedom. So am I. So it's still it's still the same, even though, like what it sells changes. It's still the same, basically the same movement. The same foundation. Recently, YouTube has been shined down. A lot of the steroid channels have you run into any troubles with YouTube or anything like that? Yeah, we've had about eight channels leading by two. Yeah, so So you just go completely wipes out anything to do with Tony Huge and staff. But there's still stuff up there because there's a lot of fans that I still have copies of the video that put it up there. And then we did. We did the anabolic TV. Well, uptight. So one animal TV of videos that were on YouTube or now up there. So if you're not trying to monetize enhanced athlete at all, how are you making a living? Uh, well, I just got back from the Philippines, where it costs nothing. I didn't need hardly any money to survive in the Philippines, and with a really good high cool of your life Now I'm back in the States but I mean, I own my everything I own is cash so I don't have loans on anything. So I really don't need that much money anymore. I still have some money coming from when I sold my law office that covers your face like the Peter Pan in the bodybuilding world. Way jacked your fan Theo Theo, Peter Pan on roids. So next question. Has Tony heard of anyone that is testing under around gear or providing public health support anywhere in the world? E feel there should be a nursing team that represents steroid users and gets real data from drugs people are using. We hear a lot of claims about heavy metal is a hundred dollars products. But what's the reality way? Let me think of anything that I'm trying not to just speculate because I've traveled the world and I've met a lot of Ugo manufacturers and I know a lot of the industry. She and uh, I oh, i'll just give you a quick overview of what I think of it Is that most steroid brands, when they first start out, they have the best intent. They work very hard to get very good, high quality and as in order to build the brand and gain market share. And then in my experience, once the brand becomes very popular, it starts. It's becoming more about the prophet and less about the quality. And I do see some of that in you G l stuff. And, uh, I haven't seen, you know, I know heavy metals is a is a concern and could create a lot of harmful health effects. But I do know a lot of bodybuilders that air injecting the massive amounts of Yuji l stuff and aren't getting any apparent negative effects from any potential contaminants or anything. But then every once in a while you get a really bad batch and people get lumps or infections, and it is It is a true risk. And it's unfortunate that there even has to be Ugo and I think steroid should legalize them. There wouldn't be any issue because then they could use normal manufacturing facilities, but unfortunately they can't manufacture and licensed facilities, most of them s so they have to do it literally underground in, you know, office buildings or apartments and things which is not the best environment to create things that are made for injection s. Oh, yeah, that's a legitimate risk. A big A big reason for the undergo sausage is that when you use a home steroid testing kit, something like Roy test like that, It will tell you what you're not the compounds present, but he won't tell you the amount, right? These guys running these underground labs, they're not stupid. They know people. If they buy and of our they're going to test it. So what happens is some it'LL buy, you know, ten milligram and of our tabs, it might only be two milligrams, but you go, you're Roy task. You test it as comes back positive. This horse looks good. It's source gets all positive reviews even though the ripping and running off Yeah, I I'll give you another example. Like of how things when they're under dose him is because people won't buy gear that's crashed. Crystallize. Yes. If I see here that's crashed, Chris Wise, I say, Oh, that's good. That's a high concentration. Maybe they pushed a little too high. I love lovely said that because like people think if gears crash, they think that it's like expired or something. You know what happens is that the underground lab put too much raw hormone that will suspend in the oil at room temperature. So all you have to do is re heat the oil you could basically just running under hot water. Something like that. A re suspend the hormones probably find it. Use crash gear is actually a good thing. It means your gear is more potent than it should be, right. And the problem is that the consumer, like it's hard to convince them that most consumers don't know that. And so what? Ah, lab would rather under dose it to prevent it crashing and put in Mohr and risk it crashing. And then people won't buy personally. Like when I have people make my gear for me custom. I like to see it crashed a little bit. I know that it's really fun. Quite a few of our listeners, Tony, have asked, What is your current diet? Training in gear cycle looked like? Okay, let's go through each one. Diet is probably pretty average for, like the average person that eats a lot of food, but is concerned with health. So I stay away from things like transfats, high fructose corn syrup. Uh, too many artificial and processed foods. Um, if I'm trying, Teo broke up. I'm trying to put on a lot more size than I increase a lot of carbohydrates, and I usually try to do that through potatoes, rice or sweet potatoes. I try to stay away from wheat meat, messes up my digestive system really bad. Uh, and then if I'm trying to super shred, then it's taquito diet. But I'm the key to diet. I lose a lot of my size, but I also get really shredded. Uh, so then training is all over the place. I mean, like I since I'm traveling constantly and I'm working out with so many different people, I usually just do whatever. Whoever other friend I'm meeting up with this workout is. So I might work legs twice in a row, and then I might not work legs for a week. It's just totally random, and it's kind of whatever I feel like Teo s O. I don't really have a normal split now, but when I did have ah, training split, my body seemed to work well with more frequent training. So I would do chest back legs, chest back, legs, chest back legs. But then I would throw in a rest day whenever I felt my body crash or get over trained, you know, by like almost like flu system, flu symptoms, shakiness. Ah, lot of fatigue, weakness. Then I know my body was over train. Then they would back off for a day or two. Progressed that, But I never I never planned arrest, eh? I would do it just when I felt I needed it or when it was forced on you like that. They have travel or some event I had to go to. That training is for his drugs. I I Normally, on average, I'm running a testosterone foundation of something like two hundred fifty three milligrams per week of testosterone, with its arms on top of it. Austrian Ligon draw being the most common that I use but really will use whatever have on hand as I travel a lot on DH. Then when I throw in steroids, it's just it's a different experiment. Constantly like most recently I was I was switching between injectable leg and draw which is this arm and Anna draw injection. And so I wanted to go back and forth and see how each one was treating my body. So it's constantly an experiment is even though I've experimented with so many compounds, and I found that were really working with my body, and I could just stick to those things and be a bodybuilder, be massive. It's not so much about getting to that final goal like a competition bodybuilder tohave a certain physique on stage. It's more about how can I? How can I beat the system and have, like a bodybuilder type body with his little work as possible and my lifestyle of traveling and not being on his regimented of a diet, using the chemistry as a shortcut? Which is funny Because if you look at the forums and listen all the trolls, that's like a lot of hate about all people need is for, you know, they're put too much emphasis on the drugs, and it's all about diet and training like, Well, I don't know for me. I'm using the drugs. The shortcut. It's working pretty good, and it works really good for my lifestyle, and I'm proud of it I'm proud of. I'm proud to have outsmarted my genetics. You're the only every other person kind of has this, like a badge of honor. Like look how good I look. But I did it on tier Teach est and nothing else right. You like, bro? I'm livin the dream. I'm partying in all these. You know, my friend is not great, but make up for you're the only person saying that I love it. I love the honesty. What about, what about over the counter health supplements? You kind of have these two schools of thought two kind of people who think like they're all crap and the of other people were taking every single supplement under the sun. Where? What are your thoughts on? Over the counter health. I take every single supplement under the sun. So it's funny because, you know, most people who take still words once they go to steroids, they they don't go back to normal supplements either because normal supplements don't work. You know, they're not as immediately effective or because of money, because, like steroids and bodybuilding drugs notwithstanding, H g h R way cheaper than knows, encounter supplements I mean, most people, they get no results that shopping GNC, our spending more money than the guys using real gear. So But the difference is like I have always had an obsession with supplements. So I started. I feel I feel a little bit not now, but I felt a little bit angry when I finally realized that that the whole GNC thing and the supplement shop in the magazines was all a scam, and it all came down to steroids, right? We all had that epiphany. Um, but I did have that obsession when I was younger, and I still do have the supplement obsession, but the difference is that I can afford it. What I don't like is, um all these young people that are misled to believe that if they spend three hundred dollars a month on supplements, that they're going to get steroid like results. So as long as long as we keep the honesty there and say, OK, the results that you're looking for are steroid results, but you're taking supplements aren't going to get you that results. But you can still take him then then that's fine. I now take a lot of supplements for General House stuff like, Ah, you know, I'll take in a single Sistine and vitamin C and rest for a stroll and pulley Causton all and I'LL take it Ah, a lot of the enhanced athlete supplements like the natural testosterone boosters and vitamins and minerals and ah, Mega three fish oil or krill Oil on gm. Did I say that? What about what biotic greens Using any of those? Yes, Yeah, keep naming things. I take him also e my list like twenty. And you'd be, like all the above. Yes, yes, I take all of them if you saw my house. It's I have just like cabinets full of supplements everywhere I still buy I'm the same way that at the same time, people always there Like, how do you give such endless energy and how you will do so much? Damned like. Well, I say could care my body like you can argue supplements don't work. But I really believe that certain supplements do have their place. Yeah, Yeah, absolutely. And a lot of it's prevention and a lot of its long term. And you may not even with still it Yeah, you see, the benefit immediately with supplements. They're never gonna have stared like a fax. But their long term health things that ten years from now we're going to look and feel better because we we took them now. But vitamins minerals are a great example, you know, because people will look at, you know, a food panel and say, Well, I'm getting one hundred percent of vitamin C from this. Whatever. I don't need supplements. A lot of people to understand at the r d a. For a vitamin or mineral is the minimum amount you need to survive and big difference between not dying living in Yeah, it's kind of like, Well, our supplements necessary know? Well, they help. Are they beneficial? U s. So that's that's That's the question people need to be asking is not do they work? Is that that's not the question. It's yes, they work. Are they absolutely necessary? Know there's other things that should take priority, like your diet training, but they're definitely tradition. Yeah, and minerals are a great example of that, too, like magnesium, sodium, potassium chloride, calcium because our bodies, as athletes, burned through minerals like crazy. So you take you just have the R D A. Of of some of the minerals and electrolytes, and as an athlete you will fail in future. If you up the up things like minerals than then you notice in a big impact on performance. Yeah, how you feel. Especially, especially magnesium. Ninety five percent of our this'd efficient magnesia. So dark it's Tonio. You had ninety five percent. It's crazy. And the reason for that because magnesium is needed for muscle contractions. So anyone who's regularly contracting their muscles, whether it be an endurance athlete, a body builder, a swimmer, anyone like that, they're burning through so much magnesium, there's no way they could get enough in their regular diet. No, there's some. There's some science for you, Donnie. Dr. Tony, we're almost at the end of our episode here. What made you come back to the United States? Do you have any big plans? Uh, let me think what? Olympia was the main thing, but I ended up coming back earlier than Olympia. But Olympia was like my target date that I was going to come back to the United States that I ended up making it earlier because, ah, my daughter I can't remember. I mean, once I made the decision, I forgot why I made the decision. Just think what the Olympia was eventually, what got me back to do the podcast? That that's why we go to have a stable enough Internet connection to do the podcast with you. Well, well enhanced athlete. Well, you guys have a booth at the Olympia? No, but where is going to be a few of us walking around? We did it booth last year at Olympia, and it was huge. And I loved it. Lifetime. Amazing experience. But I wasn't able to circulate or walk around much. So this time I'm gonna really enjoy walking around and meeting other fellow fitness celebrities and friends and other booths. I highly recommend all of our listeners this bike, as if you've never been to the Arnold of Olympia, go at least once. It is surreal. Seeing all those like minded fitness people in one place. It is if you get you literally get a pump just walking in the expo. Yes, it is inspirational. That's right. And then you think you think you're big and you think you're in good shape, and then you go there and in a positive way you get inspired like Ah, I Khun Doom Or And Yeah, you get to network with people that are like minded. I like that because, you know, in our community and the bodybuilding fitness community, uh, well, like today and yesterday, I'm back for two days. I walk around the on ly fit. People I've seen are at at the gym here enhance athlete gym like I go to the store, the gas station and all these other places that you go do errands and like, there's no other people that look like really healthy and really fit. And so you start feeling alone in the world, right? We want to stand out. We wantto sure we want to be better, but not so far that were like, not able to relate to people. So it's nice. It's nice to connect with people that are like you said, like minded and feel the sense of community and then also be inspired by people who are even better than us. This should be a tender. We have to like bench, press a certain amount in order to be able to put up a while something Ah, there's my ex girlfriend is part of ah, she's on all the dating sites and including ah, seeking arrangements, which I signed up for because I want to find another girl like her. But she said, also a member of a fitness one. There's a fitness, single sight that she's on. She's super fit. And I meant to sign up for that too. If there's more girls like her on that, I got to see it. I don't think we have most those in Canada. At least I've never I've never heard of them. It must be an American thing. Yeah, Must be then Or maybe I just have to look for more too mean. So they have grinder in Canada. Dude, I tried to find all my women at either yoga church. That's how you find the real winners. Uh, yeah. Uh, target. You have target their target. The store we don't. The Cubist girls I ever see around Sacramento are always is a target. It's like a Wal Mart. But we're all the cute girls. Go. Wal Mart and cute girls don't belong in the same sentence. So they go to target you. Have you? Have you ever seen that website? It's like people of walmart dot com or something. Yeah, that is that Israel, that is. That's what it's like every day you have walmart up there. Oh, yeah, we got warmer. OK, yeah. So it's probably similar. Canada can is much more conservative, though, like you would never like some of those foot. You see, you'd never see that in Canada Here. Everyone's very, very respectful. If I were to, like, bump into you on the street, we would both of me really stop what we're doing. Apologize. Shake hands, Extreme business cards be like, Hey, we should go for lunch. Just show there's no hard feelings like that's Canada. Oh, wow, I like that. I like that friendliness. That's one of the reasons I like Southeast Asia so muchas everybody's so friendly in America. I mean, there's less friendly places, but in general, America's a lot less friendly than Southeast Asia. Effort biggest. The best defense we can in the United States is in Canada. You go up to someone you don't know and just start up a conversation with you. And they'LL talk you as if you were like good buddies. But in the United States, if you did that, they would look at you and be like Do do I know you? That's justice and is very, like welcoming. So it doesn't matter. Like what height you are, what skin color you are, what age like Everyone's just welcome. That's that's like, That's Canada Tonight show. Oh, I like that. Okay. There's a reason to come to Canada. Yeah, just bring one code. Yeah, I'm not gonna be used to that. I've been everywhere. Travels hot. I know. I haven't experienced much cold for a while. Well, you should come to Winnipeg. We'LL get some workouts in, but seriously, bring, bring, bring a warm coat and bring a couple pairs of long underwear. It's like I could just take some d n p or it takes him Dante. So we're pretty much at the end of our interview here, Dr. Tony, is there any Thank you's you'd like to do. Uh, thank you to you, Trevor, for sharing this experience of this podcast. I've never This is This is over. It's Episode two hundred six and no one's everything to me before there are always speaking their sponsor. They're thanking God thanking their girlfriend. No one's ever thank me. Well, so that's interesting. So see, God, no eso sponsor. That's the wonderful thing about not having a sponsor. I can say whatever I want, right med into the rule of anybody else and girlfriend. Uh, there's too many to think there's not enough time. That's that's hilarious. Yeah, and another thing like it was sponsors is someone could Some company could make the best product line. Every right, let's say in the hast asked, Right, let's say I was sponsored by an athlete. Even though you guys make fantastic products, I'm not just gonna use your prize because there will be certain supplements you don't make a right. And like you yourself, you probably use the entire has static line. But you probably also use some vitamin C from now food you probably use like a protein powder from a different company. And that's one thing I don't like is that if you're only promoting one company, you're not being genuine, because even if you're cos the greatest company in the world, you're not just using supplements that come. It's kind of like I love Apple. I have a Mac. I haven't. I watch. I have an iPhone. I still bought a microwave, even though it wasn't apple. You know what I mean? Like the maker phone I'm using right now, it's on Apple microphone because Apple doesn't make it so. Yeah, it's just kind of my pet peeve about supplement sponsorships. Yep, we'LL just have to think of it just like a model in a magazine with makeup, like a makeup model doesn't know, silly mean. That's what they use or anything that has anything to do with the product at all, but just raises some awareness of it. Obviously, if if steroid companies could AA sponsor athletes could openly take steroids sponsors, maybe that would be different. A lot of a lot of guys on the forums will, you know, like promote certain underground labs for free. Dear e I. I will to. Everywhere I go, I get free gear and I do ah shot on camera with it and and because I'm actually using it and and actually inject it into my body on camera. So cool. So for Dr Huge for listeners who want to learn more about enhanced athlete, learn more about you will be the best way for them to get a hold of you give a website will be the Instagram enhanced athlete. There's a lot of different hats. Athlete Instagrams, the one of me flexing is, is the just plain enhanced athlete, and then I have the enhanced athlete. Snapchat enhanced athlete Facebook anabolic tv dot com for the all the videos on the Web site and then enhanced athlete dot com still sells. Ah, supplement, But you can't reach me on that website. So any of the social media is probably the best way that Richard I have all those social meat is the one thing I don't have a snapchat and I'm missing out. Uh, sometimes it depends where I am back in the US It's not so exciting when I'm in other countries. Well, okay, So the Snapchat was super exciting before as I was traveling around the world. And then last time I was in the Philippines just now, even though I'm in my favorite city in the world like the most amount of beautiful hookers in the entire world in one city in Angeles City, Philippines. Uh, but then I had a girlfriend, like I fell totally fell for one of the girls, the bar girls there. And so I was only with her and she was getting kind of jealous of me being around other girls. So it wasn't as exciting as the snapchat was. That is exciting. Uh, usually Wasit was still good, so good. Still have more exciting than any other snapshot I've seen. But now I'm back in the US, which is like, Oh, man, it's flow here. I mean, it's still going to be good. I'm still going to give a lot of tips and do a lot of behind the scenes bodybuilding stuff. I'm gonna inject a lot of stuff. I'm gonna have girls and nurses outfits doing weird stuff to me. Bodybuilding related. So there's still exciting stuff, which is not what it used to be. It sounds It sounds like the American dream. Yeah, three G's of bodybuilding gear gh and girls here G h and girls who add another one ghb. There you go, the four g's. You're here first from Dr Twenty Huge for your host, Charlie Christian for a special guest, Dr Tony hugest another episode of evolutionary radio. Live your life. Look at doing it. Thanks for listening

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