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But take number one in the deposition of Charles Anthony Hughes. In a matter of nutrition distribution versus enhanced athlete at all in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California. Case number two colon one seven dash seen Dash zero nine one dash T l Dash J. Today is May twenty nine, twenty seven, twenty eight eighteen and the time of the video hundred. My plate. To me, the art of today is Alan with me. This video deposition is taking place at six to six. Bush and full of Los Angeles, California nine zero zero one seven. Well, could counsel, please? Voice I didn't find themselves And stay with Robert Keller, counsel for plants and interesting distribution. Richard and Grey Council for defendant enhance athlete Think Anthony Pizarro. Mr. Hughes, criminal defense attorney here to represent him for the purposes of this deposition. Well, the court reporter, please swear in the witness. Please, Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give in the cause now pending shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Yes. As official matter, I'd like to note for the record that there is counsel present that is not counsel of record for Mr Hughes in this action or for enhance athlete, there's been no substitution. And he's representing Mr Hughes, who's apparently subject to some sort of criminal penalty, and I would object. And I'm asking him to leave because he's not allowed to be here pursuant to the party's protective order entered on March seventh twenty eighteen and have a copy. If you'd like to review it, please. Wing off record while I read this. We don't have time for that. Okay, well, I'm not going anywhere. Mr. Taller would like to terminate this deposition and go get a protective order to keep me out of here. He's more than welcome. I've got one written, funny. Fantastic. Mr. Hughes is here today. By order of the court, his presence should not be construed as taking any position whatsoever concerning the relationship, if any. With enhanced athlete. To the extent that any questions here today, Mr Taller raise issues that are subject of this criminal investigation, he's going to being invoking his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself. So why we here? To make sure that your questions don't unnecessarily infringe upon his right. Fifth Amendment. Right? I understand that, but I believe Mr Hughes is perfectly capable to do that on his own. More over. You have to follow the rules and you have to follow the court order. If you want to start this deposition by violating a court order, that's on you and there will be penalties for that kind. Mr. Taller, You're more than welcome to start the deposition. Okay? I noted, sir, I know that walking to start the deposition? You don't have to yell. The second thing I'd like to note is from my understanding, only enhanced athlete is under criminal investigation. Are you saying that Mr Hughes is under criminal investigation as well? I'm not inclined for that. You will research. You know it has athlete you're making. I see that I have no idea what's going on with Inspector. Criminal investigation. Okay, if you're asserting that you're here based on investigation with respect to Mr Hughes personally, then that will change the dynamic of my objections to whatever you might state on DH. So it's important to know at the outset what exactly is going on. If it's just this criminal investigation with respect, enhance athlete, then I would posit that there's absolutely no basis for a criminal or to be president with respect to Mr Hughes, I'm sorry. Don't the allocations of your complaint allege alter ego and that Mr Hughes is also on an officer enhanced athlete? Isn't that the basis of you getting him to appear today? The yes or no? I'm asking the question. I'm asking you not a lot to ask, but sit here and argue all day. You can waste your time. As you know, You can't wear your time. I think this is quite critical. The the Fifth Amendment privilege on ly extends to individuals. If Mr Hughes wants to invoked that privilege on his own, it's his prerogative. However, if the investigation is on ly with respect to a commercial entity, a corporate entity, then the Fifth Amendment privilege does not extend to the entity. And I know that you know that that's not necessarily true. Well, we're going to disagree If you're threatening Teo. I'm asking you believe you're in violation of a court order? We'LL take the proper steps to deal with that. Okay, so let's commence in the deposition. First things first. I have to serve you with these Mr. Hughes, the's A. Apparently there was some problem with where your prior counsel wouldn't accept service on your behalf. This is service of the two active lawsuits. For the record, this is Thie Ah, Nutrition distribution versus Enhanced athlete Scott Cavallo and handsome athlete Gilmore Engineering and Charles Anthony Hughes. Case number two one seven c. V. Zero two o six nine And I'm serving even that on the record. Second matter is disarms Case The reason we're here. Case number two one seven C V zero one four nine hundred. I'm serving you with that. All right? I will. Of course. Yeah. These are two different cases, yes. One is colloquially referred to as a storm's case. And what is the DNP case? Okay. God, I wasn't aware of any counsel not accepting services. Yeah, well, it's not needed me to go out for a while. Around. All right, let's get started. Mr. Hughes, you've been sworn in your here pursuant to a court order. Correct? Uh, yes. Exhibited liketo designate the court order. Compelling. Mr. He's attendance would like to reference it. There it is. Exhibit one Sorry, like to go with numbers instead of letters. And Exhibit two will be the nose of deposition. For today's deposition. Should have seen this council. Have you seen this document before, Mr Hughes? Yes. Okay. And it's basically just come for a follow up to the court order confirming the date in time today. I just wanted to make sure you had that in your possession. Oops, and have reviewed it. Mr Hughes, if you're ready. Uh, part of the reason you're here is as a corporate designee, managing agent for marketing for enhance apathy. Are you familiar with some of the pleading that went back and forth on that matter? Objection. Fifth Amendment personal. You can't make objections on the record. You're not counsel Teo Opposition. That's his counsel of record years. Criminal lawyer. You're not counsel in this matter. You cannot make objections on the record period. I mean, it's a fact you're violating a court order. Do you know that? I don't think this is a serious problem with I don't think you should take your obligations so lightly. I think they could make objections. You cannot hear he's not even his counsel of record. So why is it that he's so so he doesn't have counsel of record? This is me here. There's no substitution of counsel in this case. He represents enhance athlete, and he's partly here as a representative of enhanced athlete. Those are all facts. You are not entitled to make objections on the record period. Wait, I'm I'm here as partially a representative of the correct and also also you would just serve Yeah, correct. And I don't have counsel of record. Correct. So how would I need a substitution if there's no attorney to substitute out? Well, you could represent yourself if you want. That. He is not your counsel of record is my point. So be okay. Let's say let's say we wanted it. I'm not going to have to stop that. Don't entertain this. You listen, if you have a problem with it, we can go on long motion when you argue about these objections. But I'm staying. I'm objecting. I think you should just get over it and continue when we can deal with it later, Mister Taller. His Fifth Amendment right is too important. He has his Fifth Amendment rights, irrespective of whether you're sitting here. What I'm saying is that you need to follow procedures and you can't just, you know, come in here cavalierly. I've never met you before in my life. I have no idea who you are. You're not part of this case, Period and interposed objections on behalf of Mr Hughes. You just can't do it. Those are the rules are very clear. You're clearly completely out of your league with respect to civil litigation. Your criminal lawyer? I've both and I actually Well, Arvin, you should know the rules and the rules. That's why you should know better that I think you should just keep you in your position. I would ask you to be a little bit more mature, but thank you, Mr Here's let's proceed with the questioning. With your role in hand south that you created the handle Enhanced athlete for instagram. Correct? Objection. Faith instructed, Not answer. You can answer If I answer, I wave my fifth. You can take the fifth. This is this is ridiculous. He's not your lawyer for this case. Okay, You're all repeat what he says. I take the Fifth Amendment. Have you ever posted on the handle? Enhanced athlete. I play on Instagram. I plead the fifth. You can't talk. This is told it is in the is in the camera. Okay, Make him a little more in the camera because I want the court to see this. He's whispering answers in his ear. After I've asked a question. It's totally enough. I'm instructing him to not do not do that. I'm going to keep doing it. I would ask you not to raise. I'd ask you not to raise your voice at me. I don't think I did. I think you did well disagree on that. OK, what's a greeting out? Grace for? Answer in the witnesses and continue objected. You can't do that. Okay? You I'm doing it. I'm telling you, this is a big This is a big issue. Was a big problem. All right, let me ask the question again. Have you ever posted on Answer Instagram with respect to the enhanced athlete brand? Objection. I plead the fifth. So posting on instagram is like a criminal activities that were saying Please, you can't whisper for the record. I mean, this is all on videotape, right? He's in there. You could see him leaning in and giving them answers about winning. And I'm being that I'm not whispering objective. You don't have to say what happens. There's a video of it. I understand that. You're so t Do what you told me not to dio. Are you, like here? Are you checked in? I'm very much check your short. Yeah, okay. I don't have a counsel of record is filed with the court. And here we have and he has a has a counsel's. He's right there. Yes, but, I mean, you just served me this's under your thirty six as a person most knowledgeable as a managing agent of enhance out with respect to its advertising questions directly relate to that a lot. I'm a named defendant. That's correct. Yeah. Yeah, but these questions are respect to your thirty six deposition notice where you're answering on behalf of enhanced athlete. So I'm not allowed to have an attorney. He's your attorney, is my point, you know, because I'm not. He's Indiana's athletes attorney for the record, him taking the position that that's his attorney and he's associated with enhanced athlete is incriminating. Do you not understand what the criminal investigation is about. You obviously don't understand that The court has already ruled that Mr Hughes is managing agent. I know. I haven't not understand. Note that, Gloria. You know that I Yes, I've read the rule. I've read the ruling. Really? It was enough to get him here. But the court is not taking any position and thinking about a different order. Okay, because there's another order that says February twelfth February for table twelve February fourteenth. I've got it, sir. All right, we'LL Have you read it? Read it. All right. What does it say? It says that Mr Hughes is the managing agent of enhanced athlete. And that's what these questions are directed. Teo. His, uh, his role as managing agent for the advertising. Correct? Yes. Let me tell you some stories. They're taller. Here's statements that have been made so far. Bye, Mr Hughes. And he's no longer making statements. I understand you were able to use the statements he's already made to get your court order bringing him as a party designee, but in terms of any further statements, he's not making them whether or not he's an officer of enhanced athlete Whether or not he's the marketing person behind everything goes to the crocs of the criminal investigation. The criminal investigation is only with respect to enhance outfit As far as I know you'LL be telling me different. I'm not telling you anything. You Well, I think you need to provide some basis as to why you would have a blank I'LL provide. Is this on the lawn motion? Right now? It's just the way I needed one time. You only get one go at your duchess. Good. I lost my train of thought that I would say that the courts made very clear why he's here today. And there's only one counsel of record for enhance athlete. And these questions only have to do with enhanced athlete. If he wants to take the fifth, it's his prerogative. But city having you parachute in here when you're not even counsel of record whispering in his ear after I have provided a question that's directly relevant to the court's order, his contempt of court. I understand all the questions are relevant, but there is an ongoing criminal investigation here. I need to know the parameters of that in order to make an assessment. Whether or not invocation of the fifth is proper. I can only tell you what I know. Based on my understanding based on conversations with other defendant. And what is it? I'm happy to go off the record if you like or Yeah. Okay. Off the record, please. We're now going off the record. The time is nine. Thirty six a. M. We are now back on the record. That time is nine. Thirty eight a. M. Counsel has just engaged in an off the record discussion, which I think will be helpful for moving this deposition on. I just want to state for the record as counsel for Atlanta enhanced athlete that we have no objection to Mr He's having separate counsel to desert his constitutional privilege. Thank you. I'd like to move to exhibit three. Um This is a declaration of Scott Cavil, dated February first twenty eighteen. Have you seen this document before? Mr Hughes? Yes. Did you see it before it was prepared on February first? No, but do you remember when you first saw it? No. Was it recently, or was it around this time? It was. It was a long time ago. Okay, Now it says this is a decoration Mr Carville made in opposition to my motion to compel you to deposition. And in this declaration, which was prepared by Retain and Tucker, former counsel. It appears that Mr Carville concedes that he's selling CE arms and Paragraph five and I'LL read it for the record Nutrition distribution contends Mr Hughes is a founder of Enhanced Athlete. Although Mr Hughes and I discussed how it would be helpful to the consuming public for there to be a company that would market nutritional supplements and products in a way that would be more transparent, then how such products generally were being marketed At the time, I was the sole founder of Enhanced Athlete That statement. True, Monsieur, I'm just thinking, if I do it, object that. Jack. So can I please, sis? Okay then says after enhance ethic was created, Mr Hughes agreed to serve his brand ambassador for enhanced athlete. When was enhanced ethic created? I don't remember. Did you ever serve his brand Ambassador for Enhance athlete? I plead the fifth. I mean, one thing I'm going to say here is whether we call it a brand ambassador or Africa advertising guru or big man in charge or whatever it is. I mean, there's a lot of evidence of what he did. So I don't think that Fifth Amendment would be appropriate when it's affected. Living wave by his his agreement. So why don't we put this one on hold and just move on to some of the evidence we have? It hasn't been provided by by agreement as a baby. You said that I provided all this by agreement, So I've waved my fifth. How did I provide this by Agreed. Provided publicly? No. Yeah. I mean, that's not really an agreement. Waken argue Semantics there. But it's all public for the declaration. Scott. Yes. We'LL get back to that later. I'd like to move to Exhibit four So on September seventeenth twenty fifteen, someone with the enhance athlete dot com Facebook page posted about a product called Austin Muscle Correct. I plead the fifth. Is that your picture there in the dance athlete icon Actually enhance that, that I can operate in corn. Yes. And at this time, as of September seventeen twenty fifteen, we marketing a product called Austin Muscle. I plead the fifth. Were you involved with a company called? I enhanced. I plead the fifth All right exhibit. Seven five. Moving on to October of twenty fifteen. It shows the same instagram handle This time. The first one was a Facebook. Refuse me. This is a new instagram handle bearing the name enhanced athlete, correct? I I'm looking at the same thing. Yeah, The documents streaming document. Thanks for itself. Right. Andi, this instagram post dated October twenty one, twenty fifteen shows enhanced asked athlete marketing a product called Code Red. Correct. I plead the fifth and it's under the brand. I enhanced. Correct. I mean, I'm looking at the same document you are, but as to any my personal knowledge, I plead the fifth. Okay, I'm just trading record. This is five six, okay? Groups that side one of many of the same. Let's just do both of these is six. Um, because they're very similar. Just all six doesn't really matter. Those two pages, Yeah. No. Okay, so this is an instagram post Dated The first page is an instagram post dated October six, twenty fifteen. Ah, where the enhanced athlete Instagram posts has shows you flexing and there's a hashtag hashtag asked a muscle. Did you create this? I plead the fifth. Okay, moving on to the next page. This's a Facebook post on around the same date, October fifteenth, twenty fifteen. The same hashtag appears Austin muscle, and that's a picture of you. Correct? I plead the fifth. You don't have a twin brother. Anything like that, right? Correct. Okay. And says here that you've been taking us to muscle that you're three and a half weeks out from a body building contest and that you're burning fat and keeping all precious harder and muscle. The very next phrase says that there are no side effects. Remember making those statements? It doesn't say there are no side effects. It says no side effects, period. So in other words, you had no side effects. I plead the fifth. I'm just okay. Rephrasing what? You So you believe this is intended to say that the individual in this picture had no side effects and not that there are no side effects. I plead the fifth, okay? Number seven. This is an Instagram plus from the Enhanced Athlete Instagram account dated November ninth twenty fifteen. And here they refused to be a logo for the company. I enhanced Gino. What the company I enhanced is I plead the fifth. It also cites a website called www tight tighten hard dot com. You familiar with that website? I plead the fifth. You have any idea what that website did? I plead the fifth and there's a hashtag I enhanced. What was the relationship between Titan hardened? I enhance it. This time I plead the fifth. I'm rate. This is a Facebook post dated October thirtieth twenty fifteen, which appears to be a nasty rash. A case with the afore said products Code Red and Austin Moster under the I enhanced brand. My question to you, Mr Hughes, what is what is it that you see in the upper left hand corner of that briefcase? What is that product? Sir, See? You're not a lot of Ask your attorney for help, but I'm just asking. I'm just asking what's in the document on DH. And do you know what's in that bag? There, in the upper left hand corner inside the briefcase, I plead the fifth. Okay, so if you look closely says DNP, do you know what De MPs Yet I plead the fifth. Take backsies. Got him. Let's go. Now, it says here, in the description of this Facebook page, there's a hashtag DNP. And you don't know who drafted this, do you? I played the fifth, Gino. So you've already stated you plead the fifth with respect. Whether you made posts on the enhanced athlete dot com facebook page at this time. Do you know of anyone else who did I plead the fifth? You can't plead the fifth for other people. Only for herself. I plead the fifth for myself. Okay. Do you know of any other people that were posting on this account of this time? I plead the fifth, okay? I mean, I would if if it has to do with other people, you have to say, because Fifth Amendment privilege only applies to yourself. So if you said no? Yeah, it's kind of tricky question gets real slavery. We'Ll just leave. That one is I'm assuming for the record that there are no other people. But I understand the implications of that. All right, number nine. I'm sorry. I might have missed something. I don't think this gentleman went on the record. And this is Ah. Also with us here today is Kevin Smith. He's the President of nature. Plane of contrition. Interesting distribution. Once you start staring down there. Okay. Um uh, this is Exhibit nine. This is a post from the I enhanced. Facebook page on December six twenty fifteen, and it reads. This is Anthony Hughes. I just need twenty five lights for this page to be able to merge with I N hands so I can re brand to enhance athlete please like this page. Then when they emerge, it will delete this page and keep enhanced. Athlete. Do you recall making this post? I plead the fifth. Did you ever control the enhanced Facebook account? I played anywhere of anyone else who might have controlled the account. I plead the fifth Did my hands ever murders with enhanced athlete? I plead the fifth. Number ten. What? This is all stolen twenty fifteen? Austin Hashtag asked the muscle building muscle like steroids without the steroids, hashtag disarms the future of supplements in the end of steroids. Www dot enhanced athlete dot com. Did you post this on enhanced athletes face Facebook Page I plead the fifth you'll notice, but that by this time there actually has been a rebrand. And now that Austen muscle is marketed under the enhanced athlete brand, are you aware of when this switch occurred? I plead the fifth. Number eleven. It is, Yeah. These are from these are screenshots taken from the Wayback machine that archives Web pages, and this is what w w w dot tighten hard dot com look like on January twelfth, twenty sixteen. Are you familiar with a website? Tighten hard dot com. I plead the fifth. If you look at the second page is at your picture. I plead the fifth. You don't have a twin brother or anything like that, right? Right. Okay. Looking at the bottom of the second page, it shows that the Dino Tribunal DNP is for sale. Do you see that? I see it. Were you ever engaged in the sale of DNP? I plead the fifth. Now you see, next to the DNP, you see Code Red being sold and awesome muscle being sold. Were you ever engage in the sale of these products? I plead the fifth. Did you ever have control of the Titan hard dot com euro? I plead the fifth number twelve. I think it's all one exhibit. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, I got confused there. This is Page One. This is there's actually three pages. Yeah, there's three pages to the first part, and then they're okay. I think there's, you know, there's only three pages here. Thank you. My own rules here, paper clips or for you. That that will be the next exhibit. Those three pages will be Exhibit twelve, correct. Yeah. Elf than that. I actually just want to about us. Yeah, this is It doesn't have to. Those are the two pages. Yeah, because it's double sided. Wait, uh, this is the first one. The one that says build muscle burn fat. Yes, this is the third, technically the third page. So Exhibit twelve, it's this euro tighten hard dot com this time have stated March Fifth twenty sixteen. And again, this is taken from the Web archive, also known as the Wayback Machine. And now it's under the branding enhanced athlete dot com, even though the Earl's tighten hard dot com do you remember when tighten hard redirected to enhance athlete dot com, I plead the fifth. Were you involved in all of the genesis of the euro hands athlete dot com? I plead the fifth. Okay, well, look at the bottom of the page here. The third sentence in the first page, says Our products are clinically tested for optimal purity and potency. Are you aware of any testing of these products? I plead the fifth. Generally. What do you What do you consider to be clinically tested? I'm just asking for your definition outside of this. All right? It could be That's a pretty broad phrase. So it could be any scientific test. Do you think that it has to be done by scientists, for example, to be it? Clinically tested would have to be done in a clinic. What do you mean, My clinic? Well, like a home is not a clinic. Okay, Something under the auspices of appeared to be here. I would think clinical means the location so it could be like a h gh clinic. So do scientists have to be involved as you consider this term clinical thing, The definition clinical testing, I don't think it requires a scientist requires of location and business that has the proper machinery. So in your mind, it is like it's more location. Okay, so you're referring here mostly to like testing for certain complex percentages of compounds for purity and that sort of thing. You're asking for my definition irresponsibly. This correct. If this irrespective of this direct, what was the question you consider, for example, chemical testing? That may not be done by a scientist. That could be done by a junior high chemistry test That would be to meet your definition of clinical testing? Yes, the very next page, the about US pages. Technically, Page three says about us. And it says, Enhance Athlete is the on ly supplement and research chemical company that is non profit by design is enhanced Athlete, a nonprofit I plead the fifth. Are you under criminal investigation as to whether or not it's a nonprofit? I don't know all the elements that was do do you know? I mean, is it is it a crime to call something a nonprofit? I mean, I don't see how this is in any way related to a criminal act. I'm just asking whether or not you know whether it has two. Athlete is a non profit or whether it makes profit. That's what it says. Profits. I plead the fifth all process Proceeds from ourselves are used for further research and development of enhanced healthy products. Was this true? As of Orange twenty to twenty sixteen, I plead the fifth. All right, thirteen. Okay. This is a post from the star map. Okay, This is opposed from the Enhance Athlete Web page. This is now dated April second, twenty sixteen. Says, eating whatever I want and still losing fat and getting muscle. One of the on ly issues I've had as far as getting older is my metabolism. It goes on and on and in the middle it starts talking about DNP. This's about eight or nine lines from the top, says secondarily. The DNP, which keeps insulin levels lower and burns off the excess calories, is heat and third and anabolic, which is just so so is DNP pictured in your hand Here I plead the fifth. Does DNP keep insulin levels lower? I based on your personal knowledge, Yes. Does it burn off excess calories as he? You know, I do have to consult with my criminal defense attorney because I just answer the you can't consult with him And while questions pending. So just answer the question. You gotta ask the question. Does DNP burn off? Excess calories is heat. I plead the fifth. Okay. Do you wanna consult? Yeah, okay. I want five. Yeah, off the record. Take five, I'm sure. Just tonight. Okay, so this will be fourteen, and, uh Cheers. This is dated now. We're in twenty sixteen in April twenty sixteen. And it's a picture of what appears to be Mr Hughes into enhance athlete models saying, and that reads anything worth having is worth working hard for. Never thought hashtag and his athlete would be such a success. By April twenty sixteen was enhanced athlete a success? I plead the fifth you were with. Do you remember writing this? I plead the fifth and then underneath it says hashtag cost string hashtags arms. Remember writing that? I plead the fifth and it says Iron bullet Hostile armed bunny supplied. What's iron Money supply? I plead the fifth and then it says hashtag three sixty Labs Athlete. What's three hundred sixty lives? Athlete. I plead the fifth. Who's Kirby? Quick, I plead the fifth. Do you see there where he says, Awesome at the bottom? Yes. Doesn't Kirby quick work for enhanced athlete? I plead the fifth. You don't know. I plead the fifth on whether he works. It enhance athlete is going to subject you to criminal liability. Is that what you're saying? It has nothing to do with you, I thought looks like you're tryingto make it have something to do. I already know that he does work there so I could make that link. I'm just asking you. So why are you asking me? Because I want Because do you know it? Inside of the Fifth Amendment, protection for third parties? My question. Did you simply whether you know, whether if you know, Mr Kirby quick works at hand. That athlete my knowledge about enhanced athlete stuff is exactly I would try to tie me into a criminal case. But, you know, Kirby quick is right. I plead the fifth. Well, I mean, he's one of he's the only person like this, The only person who would comment on this post in April twenty sixteen. So you must have known back then. Correct. I plead the fifth. Right around this time your being successful. We started getting successful with enhanced athlete. You started a company called Blue Water Holdings. That's, uh, March twenty first twenty sixteen. This will be Exhibit fifteen. Good. I'm just preparing these idiots. Hey, this will be fifteen. So it says here March twenty first twenty sixteen. Blue water holdings. Also, he was formed, according to Secretary of State. What does blue Water holdings also do? For the record, he's asking for an answer from his criminal defense attorney. For the record, I was telling my criminal defense attorney is something I wasn't a question. You can't do that. You're supposed to answer my questions. You're not allowed to consult them. If they have an objection, they could make an objection. Turn yourself. Now the last question again. What? This Blue Water Holdings LLC dio I plead the fifth mom. If you look at the second page here, it says that it started by someone named No Courtney Pearson. Who's Courtney Person? We'Ll plead the fifth. You don't know who Courtney Person is. I plead the fifth again. I would object. I don't think that you're just simply, if you know someone is going. Is any way related to a crime? I mean, I'm just asking if you know who Courtney person is. I think if I do know someone that's involved in a crime, then it starts tying me into it, OK? Especially when it's a broad conspiracy charge. Okay. Is that what you're being charged with a broad conspiracy charge? I plead the fifth or I'm not gonna tell you the details of it Well, I believe that aside, this court increased Courtney Pearson work for enhanced athlete. Correct? I plead the fifth. I don't know the answer. That one too. All right, let's people on a sixteen. You often claiming social media That should go over the monitor, Dr Tony. Huge. Correct. I plead the fifth. It's not a crime. Go by stage name, is it? We're asking for my legal opinion. There's literally thousands of post with you referring to you, Dr Tony. You don't know why you're drawing the line here. It's not as I'm not even your lawyer, but I just don't think it's going to be great for motion practice. So have you ever referred yourself? Is Dr Huge? I mean, I have a stack of documents saying So you Khun, if you don't want to admit that, I mean, it's a very basic kind of thing. I plead the fifth, Okay? You're not a doctor, are you? I have a doctor in Korea of jurisprudence. From where I think in law school. What's What's Lincoln Law School? Sacramento Law School Accredited? Yes. By what? California. What about the no? Did you do a night program there? Yes. How long? It takes four years when you graduate. Two thousand seven, I think. And so since it was a night program, it wasn't. The traditional schedule of college is where you start a year in the fall and spring. Is that correct? Is it like you around? I think it's year around because there's no there. There summer classes. You have to do some summer classes. So it ends up being year round for like, two out of the four years and then two years You get the summer off. Something like that. It's hard to remember. And so you graduate Sometimes twenty seventeen took the bar. What? February twenty seventeen. Sorry. I think that someone said it. I think the summer of two thousand seven. Okay. And you got your bar license, Correct? Yes. And so you said you've got a a doctorate of laws. Do you mean a JD? Yeah. So what makes you think of JD is a doctor of laws. It's a doctor degree. It's a juris doctorate, but it's not. It's not a doctor like it doesn't you know? You don't really think it makes you allows you to call yourself a doctor, do you? Yes. So you think I can call myself a doctor? He can call himself a doctor. We're all doctors. We know what your clients have thought at the time. I really don't know, But I'm referring. So all according to you, every lawyer is can say D r in front of their name. Just like every chiropractor. Every dentist. Okay, Doctor, every doctor. And so why don't they hurry? I think the only person to figure this out, some chiropractors demand. I'm not talking about chiropractors. Yeah, I'm talking about lawyers. Do you know any other lawyer who calls himself a doctor? I remember. I haven't been in the lawyer, sir. Careful around. Did you ever refer to yourself as a doctor when you were a lawyer? No. My friends did. Which friends? I remember just Justin you have friend are back into. When was this? Soon as I became aware. So in two thousand seven, you had friends that referred to you as Dr Right Doctor? What? Just doctor. Just because, like a nickname. Or was it didn't have anything to do with your practice of law? It had to do with getting my my doctor in jurisprudence. Oh, so they would say a doctor. You're a doctor now, Pat on the back, that sort of thing. And you didn't stop them? No. Because you believed in your heart of hearts that lawyers are allowed to call themselves doctors. Is that what you're saying? It's just friends going each other's name. You adopted it. Here's what I'm saying. Yeah, You didn't stop that, right? Right. So is there any type of research you did to determine whether or not Laura's Khun call themselves doctors. What forum? I mean, you can call yourself whatever you want. Not really. I can't. I can't put a machine saying I'm a doctor and give people medicine. Is that of course not. I have a very special thing, right? Doctors, A lot of prescribed medicine. You can't just go around calling yourself a doctor, right? Yeah, way off topic. That's not an objection. No, it's not injection. It's just Well, I mean, I'm very curious about why this man would conceivably consider himself a doctor after getting a J. D. It's not even a doctor. It's It's a It's not even an LM or something that is like an advanced degree in law. It's just a run of the Mill JD. Same thing I have. So I might Doctor Robert Keller. Well, I feel like you're just he's his friends called him Doctor. So what? It's a friend thing. Stop testifying for him. You're not allowed sitting here and you're going on a mission and you're not allowing to dry. See whatyou're trying on tryingto walk him into some Some you're You're Absolutely. I would you know that I would ask that when he invokes of fifth Just move on from the question You're yelling at me. I'm behind your using obscene language And you're not even his lawyer as far as I can tell So I don't even know what the heck you're doing here. Let alone You know what you're doing? You'LL find out soon enough now speaking objections You know a lot to do. I found that So then why you do not be talking to me so condescending I'm not kind of sending Really? You have a mirror Do not see yourself You're no cell phone in there right now And have self awareness too. You're not very much I could tell I would really appreciate if you didn't insult me. This is serious. We'Ll have self awareness Don't attack me Don't be condescending is not about me. This is about your objections that you said are improper I never I would just ask you to stop making speaking objections Ok, you've been warned That's fair, Otis The court important to mark this a portion of the record I forgot the question. That's surprising. Do you? Oh, now it's now it's now It's Ah, Laurel and Hardy over here. All right. What is this, a move on? I know you Wait. I know you would, but it's not your deposition. It's mine, you know? And then he calls you out when you try to get back at him. Don't talk to him like that. What are youse is like guardian. What are you What's your role here? What's your role here? Besides asked, I'm the relevant question. The plaintiff's we'LL start talking about what position? Not what his friends called him fifteen years ago. Every last whatever I want with you wasting our time, buddy. Look, I don't think I'm voicing anyone's time here. I'm trying to do my job. You're making speaking objections. I've noted that it's improper to do that, and I would ask you to not do that, period. So you have no formal medical training whatsoever. Correct? What do you define? Formal medical training? How would you define it? I like you have a certificate. I wouldn't use that. Trevor, have you ever taken any classes on medicine other than college? Well, classes in college? Uh, chemistry, biology, physics. Anything else besides that? Maybe anatomy. Things like I don't know. I don't remember. So when did you graduate High School? Two thousand. And why? And when did you start Law school? Ah, I don't know. Two thousand three grand in two thousand seven. It's a four year program. I'm just assuming for your program graduate in two thousand seven. Yeah. So the two thousand roughly. That's what The masses? Yeah. I don't know. Depending on the year. What did you do between two thousand two thousand three college? Undergraduate. Okay, in. So where did you go to college? Sacramento State University. In American. Over college. I'LL see What? Both? Yes, this American River. Like a two years ago? Yes. So you went there first, and then you graduate from Sacramento State. I never graduated college. So then how'd you get lost? You don't have to. I think you have to just pass the exam, and then there's other requirements. There's other ways to do. God's called. Why did you stop going to school? Bored sport. Of what? Did you think you'd not be bored in law school? More challenging. So you thought Sacramento State was too easy s So you decided to go to Lincoln Law School for a challenge? Is that correct? Okay, What else is happening around this time? Okay. Which night? Two thousand three When did you start getting into bodybuilding? Fourteen. When did you start your first body building company? I plead the fifth. Okay. Well, in two thousand three also started company called HC Farmer. This will be the next exhibit. Sixteen. Fifty. If you ever heard of a former Tech and deftly defense. Okay, Look at Page two. Says you're the president. Words. Oh, I'm sorry. Hands over. Yeah. This is taken from the and that a business portal, and it shows on the list of all the officers of HC. Former Tech Inc lists you as the president. We have a president of H two, former Tech. I plead the fifth. All right. Have you ever heard of a chief architect? I plead the fifth. All right, let's get going. Go to seventeen. Twenty two thousand and three is when When HC former tech was formed by you according to the Nevada Secretary of State. And this is right around the time you decided to get a juris doctorate. And Exhibit eighteen will just be some images about you playing, Doctor, I guess. This is taken from your Snapchat. And it looks like this first images of you analyzing some kind of chart. Do you ever doing this? I plead the fifth of the chart shows like liver and intestines and things like that. Do you remember doing that? I plead the fifth. You're not wearing a smile like a doctor smoke. You're wearing an enhanced athlete T shirt and a necklace. Correct. I plead the fifth and the very next nap is you providing what appears to me to be medical advice on here says, going to your snap taking from your snapchat that certain studies or misinterpreted because they don't apply to athletes? Is that your position? I plead the fifth. All right, This's ain't coming. Is eighteen. Perfect, is it? The first page is a page on enhanced athlete Facebook Page dated May twenty four twenty sixteen, and it says DNP seals at enhanced athlete dot com for Scott and enhanced athlete dot com. Do you remember making this post? I plead the fifth? And do you know who Scott at Enhance Athlete dot comments If we the fast Scott Kovell, perhaps. I played the fast. All right. Next page is a snap taken from March of twenty sixteen. That's a picture of you and enhanced after dot com back Auntie MP and it says, uh, my favorite settlement after the competition, I can't stop binge eating five thousand calories per day. Thank goodness for d N P. Remember making these David's? I plead the fifth. Now if I could just get my diet under control on on DNP Wow, I would look shredded all year and says www dot his athlete channel dot com. Hashtag fat loss drug hashtag fat loss Remember making this post? I plead the fifth? Alright, Next page. This is taken from certain videos posted on the enhanced Athlete YouTube channel before was taken down. And in this video, someone is running a cycle of DNP in your doing effectively of log of. This used this particular individual's experience. And here there is a disclaimer which admittedly, is rather half hearted, where it says is deadly. If you are an idiot and use it incorrectly. So this video is for entertainment purposes only. Don't do anything without your doctor supervising you in a prescription. So is DNP deadly. I plead the fifth. Is it deadly? Only if you're an idiot. I plead the fifth When you say it's for entertainment purposes only. Do you think that people might take the MP after watching this? I put the fifth when you say, Don't do anything without your doctor supervising. Are you referring to yourself? I played the fake, referring to another lawyer. I plead the fifth. No, you're talking about md, right? All right. The next one at the bottom of the page says disclaimer. Do not take DNP. It is an explosive chemical used as a fertilizer not meant for human consumption. That sounds good so far. But then the second sentence says just because we use it to get amazing health and fat loss benefits is not encouragement. In our recommendation, you take this deadly chemical not meant for human consumption. So do you remember writing this? I plead the fifth. Does anyone else know that you're videos? Besides you? I plead the fifth. If you're withholding a lot of withhold names based on the fifth, right? So if you're taking the fifth to protect someone and you're impeding the civil investigation, then since you're under oath you'd be in contempt of court, right? I'm not taking the fifth to protect any other person. Okay, on DH the next page or a few snaps saying, TMP, my new protocol fifty milligrams with each meal and ah, the next one says Day ten of two hundred millions of E M. P. On the next page says DNP burned so much fat off my absolutely meant abs. You could see the veins. So again, would you consider is promoting GM GMP conception? I plead the fifth. Okay, um, next pages is opposed. When you were in Singapore, do you remember when you were in Singapore? I plead the fifth and here it says in forty eight hours could Chevron. I will be back in the U. S. A. And we're going to do twelve hundred milligram GNP. Palast. Do you mean twelve hundred milligrams in a day? I plead the fifth and then its sights enhanced. Gmp dot com e familiar with this website? I plead the fifth. Alright. Next page enhance athlete dot com October twenty fourth twenty sixteen Excited to start my herb garden when I get back home in the U S. A. And then the hyperlink is too ww dot enhanced dnp dotcom Are you familiar with this website? I plead the fifth. What do you reference? An herb garden? I plead the fifth. Alright Next page from a poster on the enhanced with Paige called Jordan Suit, Chuck says, I feel I'm obligated to inform everyone here that Iran GNP probably five or six times with great success but the cataracts side effect Israel just got back from the eye. Doc and I have cataract development. Both eyes Maurin my left and I have a date to see the surgeon in November. Do you feel responsible for this? I plead the fifth. Is he an idiot? I plead the fifth. So that being said, I believe the more times you run Mohr that percentage increases on thirty three years old with no family history of cataracts. I chose to take that risk and don't regret it. So be careful, mates. Champion Cataracts are really Have you ever told people about cataracts? Side effect of the m. P. I plead the fifth. Is it common for people who've purchased your products to develop cataracts in the age of thirty three? I plead the fifth next page. Uh, this actually looks like a repeat of the May twenty fourth twenty sixteen. Yes, we'LL skip that. Here's another promotional, nothing. This time linking to enhance athlete dot com, and this is dated May twenty fifth, twenty sixteen. Here you are in the Philippines, doing two hundred milligrams of DNP every other day, which you consider to be a low dose to prevent fat games. Remember making this post? I plead? The fifth says yesterday I had a giant ice cream sundae but took DNP and didn't gain fat. And then you linc enhanced athlete dot com. You don't remember making this post? I plead the fifth, all right. Is it easier if I say something shorter than repeating the same? I plead the fifth. Let go off the record, we're not gonna fit. We know that ten. Thirty two. Are. The next page is another post from the Facebook page. Did May thirtieth twenty sixteen. Uh, the MP is the world's most fat burner, but while on a routine little water Jimmy, we're making this post. I plead the fifth and again it looks links to enhance athlete dot com hashtag Philippines Does enhance athlete have distribution in the Philippines? I plead the fifth. Is there a entity in the Philippines? I plead the fifth. The last pages of post from Ryan James Reese. What? Do you know who that is? I plead the fifth. He's an admin of your Facebook page. At least this time. Never heard of him. I plead the fifth. It says in September twenty seven twenty seventeen, when he was looking for a real storm. Sources. He's the only one to represent. It goes on and on talking, you know, sort of lauding enhanced athletes arms. And then it links all of the enhanced affiliated Web sites. But this time it was Scott Supplements. You've ever heard of that website? I plead the fifth. What about enhance our ex dot com? I plead the fifth. What about VI To enhance athlete dot com? I plead the fifth. What about enhanced chemicals dot com? I plead the fifth. What about the fertilizer warehouse dot com? I plead the fifth, According to Rousseau. That's where you guys sell DNP now, because enhanced athlete, stop the website, uh, enhanced the MPD. Recall that at all I plead the fifth, right. This next exhibit is nineteen, and here's a redirect from taking from the Wayback machine. This is dated January twenty fifth twenty seventeen, and it shows the website in hand. Cnp dot com Redirecting Teo fertile or wear fertilizer warehouse dot com Remember, Why enhance DNP change to the fertilizer warehouse? I plead the fifth re involved in that decision it off I plead the fifth. Next one will be twenty. This one is dated February twenty seventeen. And this's from enhance athletes. YouTube page now enhance F They used to have a YouTube page. Correct. I plead the fifth. Well, I mean, okay, this is This is a I mean, it's right in front of here. It says Enhanced athletes YouTube page. And it says here, DNP talk with Boston, Lloyd and Tony huge, um on then at the bottom There it says we discussed www dot enhanced dnp dot com. So was this video used to promote consumption of DNP by hyper linking Nancy and Peter. I plead the fifth. Did you often create videos related to Dante? I plead the fifth. Remember creating any videos related to DNP? Whether or not related for research purposes only I plead the fifth. All right. Next one is twenty one. Have you ever claimed that the deadly drug, Dampier's cancer I plead the fifth? He's opposed from September eighteenth of twenty seventeen and in the comments section. Now mind you, this is after sometimes passed. I believe after this we'LL get into these timeline later. But the fertilizer warehouse was shut down sometime, sometimes shortly after this. And this is he responding to user from your instagram Daniel Cohn, Danny Kaye One. I will do more videos on GMP. I helped back for a long time because if somebody people concerned about the health risk, now that I have thousands of people who have thanked me for it enhancing their lives, curing diabetes and even curing cancer, I'm ready to move forward with my research. So does DNP cure cancer? I plead the fifth. I mean, it has nothing to do with the crime. If it does, it doesn't. It's not a crime of DNP cures. Cancer has nothing to do with the crime. So I'll ask you again, Does DNP cure cancer? You're asking me a question about something you're trying to identify is well used. You made this statement here, but I'm asking you outside of this statement Do you have any knowledge that thiss compound GMP has the ability to cure cancer. I plead the fifth. Why's it criminal? That DNP cures cancer? I don't understand that. Can you? Can you explain why? Whether, like, if I said caffeine is a stimulant, that's not like a crime I'm doing. It's just like what a compound is doing. So if you have any idea about that independent, I don't see how that would impact any criminal investigation. So the last you get does a team picture cancer. I plead the fifth. Does DNP cure diabetes that, you know, I plead the fifth. You're not a medical doctor anyways, right? Correct your your lawyer. Correct. You think being a lawyer makes you qualified to make the judgment whether or not DNP cures cancer, I plead the fifth. You think being a lawyer qualifies you to make the determination whether or not it cures diabetes? I plead the fifth. Do you think people who have these ailments might take DNP based upon your statements? I plead the fifth. You have no idea you bear any responsibility for this? I played the fool to take any responsibility for this this being correct now for these statements. Do you bear any responsibility for telling people that DNP cures cancer? Originality? It's a deadly pesticide. I plead the fifth, all right. Now. From the looks of it, you don't have to opine on this. But you were running and dance athlete up until Mr Carville got out of prison. And you remember Capellas in prison earlier. Correct. Correct. Out. You remember he was in prison for fraud. Crack? Correct. Were you there too Sensitive hearing? Correct. You were there on DH. So he got out of jail. He was sentenced on in twenty fourteen. He got out in two years and he eventually became CEO. What would you make? A convicted fraudster? CEO of your company? I plead the fifth, This's twenty two. This is from the department of the Bureau of Prisons. And this shows that Mr Cavil was released on July twenty two twenty sixteen. It was, uh I'm sorry, Teo. And then it was after this time after July twenty second, twenty sixteen, that new entity started to form and Mr Cabella tried. It started taking more dated a control of enhance athlete. Correct plead the fifth. Alright. Do you know Andrew's? Wilson is I plead the fifth. He's the one who started the fertile or warehouse dot com pink. According to Secretary of State Documents on all mark, this is Exhibit twenty three. Ever heard of a guy? I plead the fifth. Did you go to school? Them I plead the fifth again. That doesn't inculpate. If you went to school with a guy, it's like that committed a crime because, I mean, you're guilty of a crime. Just if you know the guy you want to tell me that you're everything you're doing is trying to tie me to thiss, which is part of being a criminal indictment, which is conspiracy. All right. I think you do know anguish because he actually provided a sensing memory and mint a letter in support of Mr Carville at the very same here. He hearing? He just said you were. You attended. Just Mark, This is twenty four. No way. Yeah, twenty four. And if you look sorry, man, I know cues that I'm so sorry. I'm going to stop drinking coffee immediately. Three who take a look at anything this? No. Thank you. Okay, So if you're ready, Mr Hughes, Come at some point noted earlier with previous exhibit in his, Dopp started redirecting to the fertilizer warehouse. We also know that Andrew's Wilson formed an entity called for Lina warehouse dot com. And according to this document, Mr Anders Wilson also filed a letter. Supported Mr Kovell. If you look at page forty three, Apartment forty one, you'LL see his signature. The letter starts on page thirty eight of this document. These letters were taken into consideration by Judge Mendez for providing the light sentence to Mr Carville. Yeah. And I'LL just read part of it because it's a four page document. My name is Andrew to us. I speak on behalf of the character of Ville. I have no Skakel for twenty years and we work together from two thousand five to his abrupt departure. It's got home to get a job. Get back on my feet of ten job for me, Working for Chris Warren Scott was my manager. Tell Financial, What was your involvement with Scott Develop This time? I plead the fifth. Were you involved with financial? I plead the fifth, right? Since you're Scott compels a good person put into an extremely terrible situation. And all this previous employees sympathize with them because it could have been anyone that any one of us that warrant set up. Do you think Mr Cavallo set up right? Plead the fifth. This isn't This is already eyes, actually, Limitations way passed on something. I think you're good. I have no idea. Ah, you have no idea of whether he's a good person. You said Do you think he was set up? I said I have no idea. I'm no idea if he was set up. No. Okay, So do you remember Mr Wilson and at the sensing? No. Your friends on Facebook, right? I don't know. You don't know? Here. Facing President? No. I mean, I know some of my friends in okay, so so twenty five. All right. They tossed it at you. Here's some D M P F I purchased for investigatory purposes here. Um, and it bears the local, even though, but from the fertilizer warehouse. And there's a love of enhanced dnp dot com. Do you have that this point in time, which awesome It was September of twenty nineteen, according to the first class mail postage in the parcel. Were you involved it all with enhanced gmp dot com. Start you said twenty nineteen twenty seventeen. Pardon me, it's September nineteen twenty seven. Did you have any involvement with enhanced GNP at this time? I plead the fifth. Did you have any involvement with the fertilizer warehouse at this time? I plead the fifth. Do you recognize that address? Eleven o one Fulton Avenue Suite Teo in Sacramento, California nine five eight one five. I plead the fifth. Okay, let's look at the next exhibit. Oh! According to online records. That's used to be your law office. Do you remember having your law office? Is eleven living on Fulton Avenue? I plead the fifth. Do you have any idea what you'd be running? Selling the MPs Oval Office? I plead the fifth. When did you did you ever stop using eleven o one for having a CZ your law addressed? I plead the fifth. That's your phone number there too, Right? Nine One, six, four, eight, six one, one, one one I put in the fifth. Here's another one. I'd like to add to the record, but I only have one copy for some reason. So please, it has the same information. Is this? I just like to be on the record. Okay. Please review it. I'd like to have this included in that is correct. It's basically the same, just a different source. Okay. So Oh! Oh, God. Thank you. So twenty seven. Correct. Nice. Furious. Yeah. All right. These are the incorporation documents for enhanced athlete. Did you have any role in incorporating enhanced athlete in Wyoming on March six twenty seventeen? I plead the fifth. There's about six months after Kovell got out of prison. Come. What I'm curious about is obviously enhance outfit was going concern before then. Where was the money going to before this entity was created? I plead the fifth. Was it going to personal bank account? I plead the fifth. So after you got out of jail, it appears from the documents I was able to obtain that he decided to take over operations and you begin to travel more and things like that. Is that accurate? I plead the fifth. Okay. Did you know that Koval incorporated Enhanced athletic and March twenty seventeen? Were you aware that Mr Carville Incorporated? Enhance athlete inking. I plead the fifth. Okay, Right around the same time there was an amendment which all mark as twenty eight. Two eighty Former tech. Remember that company started in two thousand three? Right before you start to go to law school, there was an amendment for the very first time, right when enhanced athlete ink was formed. And that was on February twenty seventh, twenty seventeen. And that took you off the rolls. Is president. Do you remember that? I plead the fifth on any of that. Did Mr Koval get your permission for that? I plead the fifth. Why was HC former Tech amended at this time? Why was HC form attack amended at this time? I plead the fifth. We're going to talk a little bit about your ongoing involvement with enhanced athlete local there with Steve. If you'd like to. Fine with me. We're not Times ten. We're not going to record the time is eleven. This will be Exhibit twenty nine, the's air, the exhibits from our motion to original motion to compel the deposition today. Andi, you may remember that one of the issues there was your involvement with enhanced athlete, so I just want to go through these quickly. We could start with. Sorry about that. Does have a mind of their own. We'LL start with Exhibit D. Okay? So that's the enhanced athlete mission statement, which you posted on and has athletes Facebook account on foot on June fourth, twenty sixteen. And it said it says the to bring honesty and openness to the world of health and fitness. Is that the enhanced athlete Missing mission statement? Part of it. I plead the fifth. Did you create the Enhanced Athlete Mission statement? I plead the fifth. Looking at Exhibit A. This is a post from September third twenty sixteen where you say I'm a I'm a lawyer, not a doctor. Then you go on to say and make a couple jokes and stuff, and then you say, Be glad I'm not a medical doctor. The medical board would yank my license if I was doing these videos. Is a medical doctor Why would they want yank your license? I plead the fifth. And then the next paragraph starts with the stage name. Dr Tony. Huge came from the circle of athletes and friends that relied on my scientific advice. Did you ever provide scientific advice to your circle of athletes and friends? I plead the fifth. I remember the first time someone called you Dr Toning Age. No. Um, did you make it up? Um you're asking if I made it. I mean, it was just someone else Made the name up, correct? I did it. So I plead the fifth. So remember when you started going by that moniker? I plead the fifth. You see here? The name was fitting. Why's it fitting? If you're not a doctor, I plead the fifth, okay? It says you built a firm of twenty two employees that your bankruptcy firm is that correct? Hide. I did have twenty two employees and I did have a bankruptcy law firm and how many offices? One main office and on DH. Maybe up to five satellite offices, and how many lawyers in each office lawyers would travel between the offices Home, based at the main office somewhere, is in Venus, the clients, or is the main office located. Thirteen ninety five Garden Highway and what time? The entire time? No, before that was no West Sacramento, Think fifteen thirty West Sacramento and eleven o one Fulton. I plead the fifth, um in the middle of this paragraph. It says it didn't feel like repeating myself a thousand times about GOP, so I just started making videos. Is that why you started making videos? I plead the fifth. It also says here that I'm totally transparent. Is that still true? I plead the fifth. We want to exhibit F. This is your personal Facebook page. That's a cover page, and it shows a bunch of folks and Mr Olympia correct. I know. I don't know if that's Mr Olympia or not. It does show people come and that's a Scot Couvillon left. Second from the left. Second man from left, I plead the fifth. You don't even want to identify him. If I were a crime to identify someone he knows associate myself. Well, I think that it's the think that ship has sailed. That's here in the middle, though, right? I put in too fast. Now, if it's not the Mr Olympia, what else could it be? The Fitness Expo. I plead the fifth. Was there any other time where enhanced athlete was members of the enhanced athlete community or employees? Contractors? What have you were gathered in this multitude? Besides, Mr Olympia? I plead the fifth, all right. Off Exhibit G. Here's a personal post you made in your personal account and says in April thirtieth it says April thirty, twenty seventeen again says last in Colombia. Set up distribution connections for enhanced athlete. Did you set up distribution connections in Colombia for enhanced athlete? I plead the fifth says now on to Madrid, Spain. Did you then go on to Madrid, Spain? I plead the fifth. Okay? Move on to Exhibit H. Here's a looks like an instagram post where you say this video has become like a mission statement for enhanced athlete, and that's you are posting on the enhanced athlete account and says My staff watches it and finds motivation and inspiration. Did you have a staff at this time? I plead the fifth. Ah. All right, Exhibit I this's another instagram post undated And it says that you have been working your a asterisk. Asterisk, I want to say on the record, but we all know what that means, even working your butt off for you guys. Creating so many new supplements. Researching, growing and, most important, answering each one of your guys is questions. A tte this time. Were you working hard for hands? Athlete? I plead the fifth. Did you answer anyone's questions with respect to enhance athlete on your social media? I plead the fifth. It says. I've been behind on Facebook messages and personal emails. And did you respond to personal emails regarding enhance athlete? I plead the fifth, okay? Jay. This is a photo of you winning. It looks like you want to finish competition to remember which that was. I plead the fifth. Okay, It's not a crime. And when a fitness company should be proud you don't remember winning finish competition. I'm not sure that you want, but it looks like you won some kind of award, right? I have won competitions. And is this a This's after such victory? I plead the fifth. You don't remember? Okay. I mean, I just don't see the connection to the criminal whatever. Whatever is happening, criminal. And you're trying to tie me Tio enhanced athlete. I mean, you said this is a photo. I'm just asking you right now. If you were in a fitness competition period, I said yes. And is this a photo? After you won that finished competition? I plead the fifth. And do you remember at all what this fit fitness competition wass I play defense. Exhibit K. Here is a post dated November tenth twenty sixteen. Someone. Ryan Russo. Who's Ryan Russo? I plead the fifth. He's an affiliate marketer for a hand. Sadly, correct. I plead the fifth. Okay. What? Um, again, you can't plead the fifth for someone else. It's just like, Do you know what I'll phrase? It a different way. Do you know what Ryan Roosa does for some of his income? I plead the fifth, but I'm not pleading with us for him. I'm pleading the fifth for myself because my association would could be conspiracy. If you say so. My weekend with Talk to Tony, Huge CEO of enhanced athlete Where you ever CEO of enhanced athlete? I plead the fifth. Do you know what he would say something like that. If you were not, I plead the fifth all right. Exhibit l seems to be the same photo This one's on INSTAGRAM, however, he says calls you again. CEO of my sponsor Enhance Athlete were and I'LL ask again, Where you? The CEO of enhanced athlete, I plead the fifth exhibit M here's opposed from bodybuilder in Thailand. You know who that is? I plead the fifth. He's an affiliate market as well as any I plead. The fifth, he writes, opposed aboutyou and refers to a website called Enhance chemicals dot com. You familiar with that site? I plead the fifth. It says Nance. Athlete cells research chemicals such disarms, like Austrian leandra ll M case except seven seven, which act like steroids in your body but do not cause side effects. Have you ever read this post before I plead the fifth. All right exhibit in. This is the Who is information for enhanced athlete. Who is it? It's, you know, two words, but they're together. It's a website called Who is? Who are Julie registered the Enhanced Athlete website. I plead the fifth. This indicates that the record was updated. Of course, the register. The register is hidden, but it says that the was. It was changed on August sixteenth, twenty seventeen. I was right around the time we serve you. The complaint wasn't. I just got served with a complaint today. Enhance our enemy. I I don't know. Um you were not aware that enhance outfit was part of this lawsuit until today. I was aware enhance athletes part of this lawsuit. Okay. And so were you aware that enhance athlete changed the registrar from your brother's name to an anonymous registrar? After the lawsuit was filed? I plead the fifth. We'LL take a look at that. Who is for the I can? That's the next exhibit exhibit O. And if you look at the registry name, it's about one third of the way down, says Ryan Hughes. That's your brother, right? My brother's name is Ryan use. Is he part of it? Organization called Project Awesomeness. I plead the fifth Now. That address there? Thirteen nine five Garden Highway. Sweet one fifty. That's the one you just told me about. He was financial, isn't it? Yes. So why is right there and he's registering. Enhance athlete dot com to your law office. I plead the fifth and you see his emails Ryan at choose hughes dot com. What is choose who's dot com. I don't know. It's okay. Maybe one of his. You never heard of the website before? I've heard of it. I just don't know what it is. You don't know what it does. You're not affiliated with that website? No. Is your brother affiliate with enhanced athlete? Ah. I don't have any knowledge to indicate Brian's in. When is a involvement enhance that involved in and Staff Li? What about registering the website? I plead the fifth. Right. All right, That's it for this exhibit. Let's move on to the next exhibit, which will be forty thirty, all right? Just all right. Have you ever seen this document before? I just don't remember if I've seen it. It doesn't look familiar, but stated of Seen it, It's It's recent. It's from April twenty third. It is the amended responses to special Derogatory. So I don't know if you remember from the Bankruptcy Court works. But if it's anything like Civil court, we asked for discovery and we get responses. And if there's deficiencies than typically the responsible be amended. So these are the most recent responses that in half athlete has provided, and I'd like to go through some of these answers. Ah, special interrogatory of one asks whether who parted. Pardon me. Special interrogatory one. Ask to identify all persons who participated with you in the development of the creation of the illicit products. Now the term you were first to enhanced athlete in his contacts and his athletes Answer says that it developed its sorrows products, enhance athlete ink, developed its arms parks without the assistance of third parties Now we know from the record that enhanced athlete ink was formed in March of two thousand seven. And we also know that this arm's products were being sold for well over a year before that. So this is not true. Correct. All right, I plead the fifth. Well, again, this is just asking about enhanced athletes responses. Not enough. This has nothing to do with you. So I'm just asking if this is correct and and And Southie as an institute, this has no Fifth Amendment right. It only touches to individuals. So I I fully recognize your right to plead the fifth with respect. Any answer. But enhance athlete is a company has no right, and these air their responses. So I'm just asking you if this is an accurate statement, the company did not have the right, but I have the right. If I'm associate ID, I'm not company. I'm not I'm not. I'm not asking if you associate with company. I'm asking if the statement that you see that enhanced athlete made is an accurate statement. Me answering that question would imply that I have intimate knowledge of enhanced athletes operation creation, everything not necessarily. And I know it, and I had nothing to do with it. I just showed you twenty instagram postings that show these products were sold before enhanced ethic was incorporated. So it's not like you need to be involved in the corporation to know The answer to this question is false. So I would ask you again whether or not this is a truthful answer based on your knowledge. Based on the evidence presented today, I plead the fifth. All right, let's move on to In derogatory number two, identify all persons with whom you work to create advertisements of promotions for the illicit processed products. And here it says, if you look at the answer, the third parties that created our participated and created advertising for a handsome athlete are Anthony using Kevin full for Who's Kevin Fall for? I plead the fifth. Do you know who he is? I played the fist. I mean here Your organization has already identified him so as someone who worked on the advertising and you're the you are the designee for advertising, So I don't think you can fit out of this, But I've never said on the record that I'm those things And if I did, then that would be waving my Fifth Amendment. The organization has already said this. I have it under oath, but I haven't. So do you think that they're not? So in truth here is that we're saying or you don't know I plead the fifth, okay? Miss defendants informally that Hughes resides primarily in Thailand, is that correct? I consider Thailand to be my home base. Do you have residency there? No. Are you seeking residency there? Permanent residency? No. Um, so you're more of like a what? Sword for it. Visa. Right. But in terms of your your lifestyle, you would be a nomad itinerant if you met with those terms. Yeah, I don't I don't know that if it's the definition exactly, it doesn't matter. So it says also in this verified response under oath that he has uses other social media, including instagram, to promote enhance athlete. That's true, right? I plead the fifth and Annex products, among other products and companies that he's discusses and promotes on a social media cloud. You promote any other companies on your platforms? I plead the fifth. Next one is a response to Special Interrogatory three on page six, and here it's enhanced. Ethel responds under oath. But the question for In Derogatory three was identify persons involved in the production of manufacture of the illicit products, and it lists there in a second paragraph of the response HC Pharma Tec Inc. Nevada Corporation. Now that's the very same corporation that used to be president of correct. I plead the fifth in the past, chanting Sumwalt, who defended his form currently incarcerate an organ in connection with you. Do you know Chen some wall is? No. In the response to number four on page seven. It says Defendant is informally this old approximately eighty three thousand five hundred eighty eight bottles of Sorrows products from March twenty seventeen through March. For me First twenty eighteen. I don't expect you would expect you to know that by heart. But is that more or less accurate with your understanding? I plead the fifth all right response to Special Interrogatory six, which asked for the amount of gross revenue. The response and half intent athlete ink provided was that there was two million three hundred. And this is the bottom of page eight. Two million three hundred seventy nine thousand three hundred forty dollars in gross revenue with respect to the sale of sorrows products from April first until the end, Love twenty seventeen. Is that more or less accurate? With your understanding? I plead the fifth. All right, let's move on no. All right, let's look at eleven. A person who has knowledge of any of the ingredients of the illicit products. Again, it's his chance on Walt. And then it was HC Farm Attack and its list. The executive officer of HC former Tech Jorge Irregularity. You know who that is? I plead the fifth. You heard of that guy? I plead the fifth So enhanced athlete ink is saying that Jorge a Gilera is providing has knowledge about the illicit products in the ingredients. To understand his role might be it. HC Pharma Tec Inc I plead the fifth. Is that the manufacturing entity? I plead the fifth? You know, Jorge Regular is actually also the CEO of another company here. He's the CEO of Gilmore Engineering. We'LL Mark. This one is thirty one. I'll give you this one. You like the clips, right? Because it makes it easier for you just so they're not okay. So for Regular seems to be a busy man because he is also the CEO of a company called Gilmour Engineering. Have you ever heard of Gilmore Engineering? I plead the fifth, Um, it says here now. Gilmore Engineering's named as a defendant because, according to documents, that we discovered their listeners and manufacturer of DNP, and so we need them in the lawsuit now. Jorge Gilera, who also works for HC Form Attack, which you and Lavelle were officers at one point, also runs Gilmore Engineering. It says here, Item four Gilmore Engineering. Just not manufacture, distribute GMP many of its products. Do you know if that's true? I plead the fifth. We do not manufacture DNP at all. Do you know if that's true? I plead the fifth. All right. Getting back to the to exhibit thirty twenty. Right? Thirty. Sorry. Uh uh. Number thirteen. Identify each person working for on behalf of you who's ever had any involvement in drafting, creating or developing a product description. And list on Lee Scott Cavill. See that? I see it, But I showed you labels from before Scott when Skoko vote was still in prison. So he clearly didn't work on those, right? I plead the fifth. Do you know who worked on the labels? Private Scott? I played the first. You know, if someone else did I plead the fifth? All right. This will be thirty two. Wei have two copies can use that word. Okay, so this is an image of no sorry is being sold at Mr Olympia and twenty seventeen. Correct. I plead the fifth to remember and hands out. They having a booth at Mr Olympian. Twenty seventeen. I plead the fifth. Good. Where you at? Mr Olympia And twenty seventeen. I plead the fifth was Scott Kovell up, Mr Olympian twenty seventeen. I plead the fifth. Let's look at the next page. Is that Mr Koval? I plead the fifth and he was supposed to get permission from his parole officer to go Las Vegas, wasn't he? I I don't You're aware that he's under super, but he was under supervised release. Correct? Yes. And so and no point did he provide no get permission from the court to leave Sacramento strike that one of the conditions of his supervised release is that he may not leave the county. Which Sacramento situated Are you aware of that? No. He's required to obtain permission from his parole officer. And according to the record, he didn't not. Were you ever keeping tabs on him with whether or not he was following his supervised release? I plead the fifth. Next when we've already seen. Next one is a, uh this is the base number nd twenty six at the little right hand side. Aural steroid, pre work aural pre workout steroid that you were promoting again with medical charts and things like that showing low liver toxicity. I remember doing this. I plead the fifth. Do you ever offer an aural pre workout steroid? I plead The fifth common have steroids is a pre workout. Yes. How common. Um, amongst most athletes and competitors, most athletes consumes steroids before they work out. Is that your statement? Yes. So, like, Michael Jordan would take Sarah and forced three throws. The professional bodybuilders? Yes. Okay. Before And athletes in general. Right. Okay. Yes. Apologize. Performance sports, Not strategic exports. So would you consider tennis to be a performance for? No. You consider it a strategic sport? Yes. Let me do this the other way. What would you consider, eh? Performance sport sports that, uh, take strength. Mostly. Strength and speed. Suffer both. Visual. Yes. So most football players consumes steroids before they work out? I don't know. Well, that's what you just said is all. That's why I'm just trying to pin you down. Like what exactly you mean by that. I mean, you think it's really common for people for professional athletes to consume steroids before they work out? Yes. What do you base that on? Just enhanced athlete sales? No, just communicating with them. Just talking to people. Yeah. Yeah, there's, like, no other basis besides that. Just you talking to people? Mom, I don't know it on the basis, but, yes, there's other basis. I just can't think of anything other than my personal conversations. Okay. Um, do you know what you've Asada is? Stands for us. Any doping association? Yes. Do you know that many of the products sold by enhance athlete or banned by Asada? I plead the fifth? Let's look a little last picture. That's Kaka Ville, isn't it? I'm Mr Olympia. I plead the fifth, alright. Let's move on to the next one, which should be thirty three. Got it. Here's a post on your Facebook from November of twenty seventeen. And if you look it says Dr Tony huge and at the bottom there, under your name Dr Toni. And it says that you're a visionary. Do you consider yourself a visionary? I plead the fist, Uh, let's go to Exhibit thirty four. Who got you? Thirty four. So these were sure. Wait, Do this on the record. My thought was just to finish what's on the tape, which there's eleven minutes left. Make a break for lunch, okay? Okay. Okay. Thank you. Oh, seventy five. All right, well, let's get through the rest. These s o. There's a post from your enhanced athletes Instagram dated September twenty sixteen. And the post is freedom requires truthful fax upon which to make an independent decision. Do you believe it to be true? Yes on DH. Do you think cheerful facts are important for players prosecute its claims in this case? Yes. Um on the next page is October. First twenty sixteen says we're working on many projects, including publications, books and videos. Truth is the only way to freedom. And like the Matrix, join us and break the lies that the government, FDA haters and enemies of freedom perpetuate. Do you believe that there is a conspiracy against you? Yes, and who's part of the conspiracy? Censorship. Anybody who doesn't want the information I present to be put out there and that would include the FDA. No, I plead the fifth. Do you think that who else is part of this conspiracy? Just people who don't want someone who's not a doctor giving medical advice like those types of people. I plead the fifth. So you have no idea who's part of this conspiracy against you. I plead the fifth who are haters. Uh, definition of haters or people that do not like you for any reason personal personally. Don't like you, Mom. I suppose, in the broadest sense. What about like a police officer who catches you jaywalking or something, or they hater? Now they're just doing their job. Right? Right, right. Okay. Now, is this part of your vision? You said it said earlier Visionaries is part of your vision. What? Like just, you know, extolling freedom and inferring that there's a conspiracy against you. I plead The fifth is part of your vision too. Have injections. Inject yourself online on your snapshot with illegal drugs, this will be the next exit. Is that part of your vision? The to inject myself with illegal drugs on camera. I plead the fifth. Okay. Is it part of your vision, Teo Hangout with beautiful girls and Ferraris. That part of your selling point is that part of your vision? I plead the fifth for this This'LL all be one This'LL be all be one this one separate What number is this? All these six. Does it different? Oh, yeah, is the same. Is that if I'm sorry, really? Be careful, No. Do you drive a Ferrari? Yes. Um, do you use that to promote the use of a SW arms? I plead the fifth. Why do you include images of your personal vehicle when you from a products for enhance athlete? Is that part of just one of the selling points? Plead the fifth? So you call yourself a doctor? You have a Ferrari? Do you think that generates a following two minutes? You think that generates a following? I get What do they think of Ferrari and killing myself? A doctor generates a following. Where do you think young people might be attracted to? The image of successful Dino Ferrari might listen to what he says, especially if he calls himself a doctor. I think young people are more likely to listen to someone with a Ferrari than without a Ferrari, right? So let's move on to this exhibit. This is taken from your message board. Here's an example of teenagers who are consuming your drugs. You're selling first. One says sixteen year old storm cycle. Hello. I've decided to cycle on storms to get massive strength. However, I'd like to keep the more athletic look. The next one says teenage storms posted by someone in Meru. It says in three weeks I'm going to start my first storm cycle. I'm fifteen. I train regularly. Do you took bear any responsibility for this? Do you think this is your fault? Did you write these? No. Okay, I'm afraid he's I plead the fifth. Okay. Do you think that, uh, teenagers using this is a consequence of value market products? I plead the fifth Kill. Time, time. Let's go lunch. It was a level four three. The time is twelve thirteen. What is it? Well around there. Thirty eight. This's thirty eight, okay, thirty thirty eight will be the complaint. Yeah, thirty. It'Ll be the complaint filed in this action. So. Apple. Yes, I get mistaken, but just do. It hasn't been that it has not been. Yeah. Okay, Doctor. Yeah, this's the operative complaint, but there have been proposed amendments, but mostly just setting forth the timeline with respect. When you found out about this knowledge when you found out about this lawsuit, Mr Hughes, a CZ you can see the first complaint is dated a July first twenty seventeen. Had you heard that interesting distribution had a dispute with in hand? Sounds like athlete before this time. All right. I plead the fifth. Well, I'm referring only to a cease and desist letter that was sent before we felt the complaint. I plead the fifth, so I'm just whether you receive our letter. It was a civil action. Yeah. So do you have the letter? I don't have it now. I mean, I can get it, but I plead the fifth. When did you find out about that? We filed this complaint. I don't know. It was before today on it was I have no idea whether it was a year ago or six months ago. July seventeenth on seven Seems seems like it's been about a year, but I really don't remember and who told you about it? I? I don't remember if it was Scott or if, uh I don't remember for sure. Well, pretty soon after it was followed, like a month or two. It seems like it's been. It was filed about a year ago, and it seems like it's been about a year, but all right, this is will be Exhibit thirty nine. Here's an article where you are quoted from B sacramental business journals. And this article's dated September nineteenth, twenty seventeen. So about nine months ago, and you, if you look at the bottom part of the page about seven lines up, you say. He's told Business Journal that he had not seen the message posted on Enhanced Athlete website, but stated that Tower was putting himself in jeopardy by pursuing the case. You referring to me, right? Probably the fifth. Do you know why you would tell the business journal that I'm putting myself in jeopardy by prosecuting this case? I plead the fifth. Do you think it's a crime that you would do that? Doesn't it? It sounds like a threat. You think that's a crime? If if that's what you're implying. That I was gonna ask if I can do all the implications could be a crime. And what would make it a crime or not in your mind? I don't know. The next sentence says there's a freaking army of people out there who take the R. This is you being quoted by the sacrament of is General. There's a freaking army of people out there who take supplements sold by enhanced athlete, he said. I'd be surprised if he makes it out alive, and that's referring to me, isn't it? I plead the fifth. Why do you think I'd be killed as a result of prosecuting is actually having my client? I plead the fifth. Do you think that's a criminal act? It made me. I agree. You added that you plan to travel to Los Angeles, where tellers based in the coming days to confront Tower and in person and express your feelings on freedom. But you never flew to Los Angeles to confront me in the days after September nineteenth, twenty seventeen, did you correct, and you never confronted me did you? Correct. And you never express your feelings on freedom, did you? To me I have not spoken with you That I can that I know of on DH said the very next sentence says I could see how someone recall reckless. But you would call it justify Why? Why would it be justified, Mr. Hears? I plead the fifth. Right around this time actually read before this article and has athlete was what I consider its apex. You took a full page ad in Flex magazine? No Mark fat as exhibit forty. Oh, yeah. So remember taking this ad out in Flex magazine complete the fifth, um have you ever known? Enhance athlete to advertise in flight magazine. I plead the fifth. You know how much it costs? Advertising Flex magazine. A two page ad? No, you see, on the right sandwich says what we stand for and it says truth, transparency and clarity. You see that? Yes. Um, do you feel like you've been truthful and clear today and transparent? I wish I could be more. I wish I could give you more information if there wasn't a pending criminal investigation. So because of that, I cannot give us much information of us. I would like. Is that your signature on this, please? Lower left hand corner, please. Can you sign this year, Dr Hughes? No, I plead the fifth with the Fifth Amendment only protects testimony, not signatures. I have to ask my criminal defense counsel if I if you're welcome to count. That's true because you made it legal conclusion about criminal defense. I plead the fifth. I've got the case set for you. This is a case about a criminal case law about playing in a document verse providing testimony, direct good. So the case site is. No. Gilbert v. California. The citation is three eight eight US two six three. You're gonna be this if you'd like. I see that it says it may nevertheless be compelled for machine. Right? I see that it could be an issue that you could win on a long motion, and ultimately, he could be forced to do this handwriting. But in my opinion, no, this would be considered testimony, and I'll still same objection you'll instruct him not to answer, even though I've presented you with the case site directly on point. Well, I see that it says in the context of investigations alone, appellate courts have held that those asserting a Fifth Amendment village may nevertheless be compelled. All right, Like I said, I mean, the Fifth Amendment objection stands If we go into court and the judge says it doesn't apply in this context, he's got to answer the question. Just already has a baby. The citation. Now, the judge hasn't in this case. Well, I don't see what the difference is. I got it. What's gonna happen is if I could move to compel Ms and I win, he's gonna have to come back, which I don't think he wants to do. Right. You want to come back here again, do you? Well, I assume you're making emotion, anyway, is well, not necessarily. I mean, this is one reason I would definitely make emotion. I'm not sure what other reason I would have to make a motion. Certainly there's, um, issue, other issues that may come up or something. But this one hundred percent I'm entitled to and you just tell him I mean, the question here would be whether or not it's it's testimonial. I don't think you're one hundred percent and I think you may be. I think it's an argument for a judge to decide if we have to come back, and he's compelled ultimately then, so that's the risk is willing to take. That's the risk he's going today. Well, I mean. That's ultimately his his decision, So it's up to you. I mean, a bottle talk off the record. So it almost happened on and then I can Why don't we just discuss it on the next break? Because I don't want Yeah, that's what I mean. Yeah. So we'll just put a pin in that. What's that site again? Three eight. Three eight eight US two six three There are few other sides here. If you want to just copy it. Okay, So getting back to the Exhibit forty is that your signature? In the lower left hand corner? I plead the fifth. Okay. So right around this time, there was also some problems with enhance after Europe. And it says here says Yes, ma'am that'LL be forty one. Sorry about that. Thirty. Yes. Yes, you can. Okay, so right around this time the will start falling off, and it's September twenty seventeen and apparently enhanced. Europe was raided correct around this time. Mom. Okay. I see the date. And the assertion that Ann and staff flee you was visited by the regulatory authorities. Did you offer this? I plead the fifth. It says here your signature at the bottom. Stay swelling swollen, My friends of Freedom comma Tony huge. Set a forgery. I plead the fifth, okay? So let's take a look at what went down on September tenth. Enhance after Europe was visited by the regulatory authorities last week. Inventories machines, computers were taken, toa investigations concluded, and as a result, there will be a temporary closure of two months. Yeah, and hear you say that there's this is the result of label claims or something like that. They froze the You Merchant Services account. This now paragraph three seems you can't give you a refund, and then you go on to say, Assuming this is you, course they could get. They provoked this. Whoever drafted this email provides a list of and sites first one being enhanced. Athlete dot com, the second one being the fertilizer warehouse dot com for Dante, the third being enhanced chemicals dot com, the fourth being enhanced our ex dot com. So then it says you can still buy psalms using the United States website. You see that on the second page on third page. Did you have any idea this was going on? I plead the fifth. Okay, so not long after this November tenth email was when a harassment campaign was initiated against my law firm and myself, and we'll mark this as exhibit forty two. So this is dated September seventeenth and says enhance athletes exist. Tents is in peril. Greetings, fellow friends. Um, pioneers of human evolution. I'm sure some anyone and why we have removed charm from public view. So this time we're sarma removed from public view and enhance that thing website. I plead the fifth, but this time you must have been apprised of the lawsuit. Because this this dispatch is solely about me. Correct. As of September two thousand seventeen, I think that I was aware of the this LA Some of you might already be aware of Teller and Smith, the capital L law firm that filled to win its case against our mag labs last year. That's not true, is it? We want that appeal, all right? Don't you know I don't follow? Well, there are. They're at it again. This time they picked a fight with the wrong guy's. Here is a quick background, Robert Taller. That's me. A Harvard grad read one percenter has decided that the FDA is not doing their job well enough. Did you write this? I plead the fifth. It goes on to list, eh? It just goes on to talk about your snack really, And has a lot of really kind of childish tactics to try tio out, harass me and impede my personal business. For example, some were more effective than others. I mean, the fax machine. Obviously, no one uses the facts that seem really anymore. But it asked to send five hundred pages of black paper to my fax machines so that out burn through toner and then says that people should basically create call and calling harass me. And thie objective of this is to create leverage in this lawsuit. Listen, if you let me finish, I'll put in the form of a question. All right? The purpose of this was to create leverage in this action. Were you a part of this strategic thinking at this time, Mr Hughes? I plead the fifth and then goes on to say we should create a DDOS attack on the tell us with website and send harassing emails. And then it goes. It goes farther to say that, uh fans quote unquote should show up to my office and make it clear what they thought about the attorney attempting to threaten the freedom of choice. Nails and other debris should be put in my parking lot, and homeless people should be paid to go to my office to make it an unpleasant place. Are these your ideas? Is it before it is part of your vision? I put it all right. This is definitely this is from your chaps Snapchat This exhibit J. Apartment. His image on the paper. There's forty three, I believe. So this is you from your Snapchat You published this? Someone writes right around this time That my guess it's probably Mr Koval mostly. Did this stuff really generated buzz among your followers? And again, this comes at a time where enhance outfit tone of followers. And, you know, there was this huge, like attack against me. And then your lawyer at the time retaining Tucker basically said to cool it or something, and so you kind of try to dial it back of it. And this, I believe, is your attempt to dial that back by publishing a threat of violence, physical violence against me. And here's the what the person wrote to you. I saw the enhanced athlete lawsuit. And Phil, I have a lot of connections in Orange County. That Nazi tower just signed his own fate when he attacked our freedom the fact he underestimates the power of our community. The ability to up his life just shows up for an idiot, is. So Don't worry, my friend. If karma doesn't get him soon, we will. And you don't have to know anything about it. And your response to that Mr His Don't do anything stupid, Which I commend that sentence. The rest of the party got a problem with E. A lawyers are going to kick his so hard. Well, that didn't happen, right? I mean, those lawyers have long gone, right? Um, the case isn't over yet, but your Lord's quit, right? My lawyer's on his athletes. Lawyers quit, right? They substituted out. Yeah. Why this about in favorite of Rich. Do you know what? Do you know why they wanted out? That's I don't know why. I don't think it's true. Maybe it's not a proper objection. What is this about? If he knows? Why did routine and Tucker signed? Is this about? Because dip? No, they are very expensive. That would be reason for them to stay in. That's a reason enhanced athlete. You're saying Replace them one. So it was someone less expensive. Correct. Because they subbed out. And first someone less expensive. Yes, I'm asked. I'm asking you the question. Yeah, Yes. Uh, so at this point, you're making decisions on behalf of enhanced athlete. And what counsel they have. I plead the fifth. Well, wait a minute. You're allowed to have a lawyer. There's no Fifth Amendment, right. Did not disclosing the lawyers. I know your lawyers. I know your former lawyer is secret. What's the question? The question is, you just told me the reason why Rettendon Tucker subbed out. And I'm asking how you know that conversation with Routine and Tucker. And you've been having conversations with pretend sucker the entire time, correct? Yes. Why are you having these conversations? If you're not affiliated with company, no. I plead the fifth. I'm just talking about you. Anyone is allowed to have counsel. So I'm just talking about why you were having conversations on behalf of enhanced athlete with retaining Tucker, as you've just admitted. Andi, I'm not asserting I'm not saying asserting attorney client privilege. I'm asserting the Fifth Amendment privilege. So are you saying this because you're exactly ask, you're trying to tie me into enhanced athlete? Well, you already just did. I have no follow up questions. I said my awareness of why routine and Tucker some doubt right was from talking to them. That's what you said. Yes, right. So then they said you were talking to them throughout. That doesn't connect me to. And he and staff of the contract to routine and Tucker correct. Were they involved in any criminal conduct that you're where is routine and Tucker in a crowd and criminal conduct. I don't know. Not that I know of. And it says, Ah, whole bunch of his enemies referred to me have called to support so I could get Teller disbarred within six months if I want. But that's not true, is it? I plead the fifth. It's you're here you're representing to a third party. He's threatened to kill me that not to kill me basically, because my enemies quote unquote, have called you personally and that based on that information, you could get me disbarred within six months. Is any of that true? I plead the fifth. What's illegal about getting me disbarred? There's no crime here. And that tiny g t A. You're tying me to communications made on what you're saying. Behalf of enhanced athlete. These are your own words. You can't You can't just close Pandora's box. You've used your own words as offense. In this case, you can't back down now that, and hide behind the Fifth Amendment Now that you've tried to use it as a weapon, these are your own words, and I'm entitled to know everything about what you have said. The Fifth Amendment is a protection against government intrusion. It is not protection against civil offensive behavior. I'm not admitting that I wrote this. Who else would write it? It's your own Snapchat. Are you kidding me? I plead the fifth. Does anyone else control your Snapchat? Plead the fifth And then it says, I'm trying to have threesomes with ladies boys in Thailand, you say it's not you. Just some other guy's another gaga randomly does that TV. This is a pretty explicit description of you. So you're saying this may have been someone else? I plead the fifth, okay. So. This snap was around September and things continue to go poorly for hands athlete in terms of its marketing apparatus and its its entire process really on DH. So that was September and that we're moving on to November. Oh, this is Ahh. Attorneys eyes only. The next exhibit will be Exhibit forty five. Okay, so this one is dated. December ninth twenty seventeen and this is starting with. The second paragraph indicates that enhance athlete United States wass raided by the f d A on December sixth. When were you made aware of this raid? Um I plead the fifth. And it says here that they confiscated in again third line of second paragraph. They confiscated fostering DNP and other research chemicals. You see that? Yeah. So at this point, whoever I was privy to this information would know that the sale of Austrian DNP and whatever research chemicals were subject to an arrest warrant. Correct? Yes. And where it's so facto illegal to sell, correct? Um what? I don't, uh I don't think I can answer that If I can answer without please. Fifth. I plead the fifth. All right. The good news is that we always knew that the FDA would one day pay a visit to our office. Why did you know that the FDA would always pay them in your office? I plead the fifth the FDA found in confiscated all reserves of Austin muscle. So what this time you knew that there was a legal problem with Austin? Also, correct. I plead the fifth, okay? Then it says the good news is again says that the FDA approved our facility. Is that true? I plead the fifth. My mom says All passed president futures will continue to be shipped. Uninfected. Do you know if that's true? I plead the fifth It says Here are attorneys are encouraging us to reconsider our decision to continue business as usual, but that you respectfully decline your turns. Advice? Do you remember reading this press release? Uh, I do not remember. Did you receive this advice to stop songs? Arms? And was it ultimately disregarded? I no. If I if I would have received that advice, it would have been attorney client privilege. So it says here enhanced it. Last sentence. Now we have almost thirty employees. Is that true? I plead the fifth. On what grounds? Like just that you don't You're saying he had no idea. Like what? What's going on at all with enhance athletes that theory? If if I have familiarity with the internal workings of enhanced athlete and that's part of the conspiracy, so so that would send Shiv for the government. What would What would cinch it for the government? Some of the employees there were no what his company wouldn't sin., it's one of the many. Pieces of evidence that they would use Teo as one of the elements. All right, let's go into forty six. Oh, no way, partner. Let's go back, Tio. This one, I forget the number. It was the Kovell Declaration that your former lawyers drafted. I forget what number one, but I think we can get by with just referencing the actual document. Now. This happened on February first, twenty eighteen, about two months after the raid. Now, at this time, your lawyers must have known that God, there was a search warrant executed for storms, right? Tell me. Just common sense. Yet. If you look here, this is basically a five page confession for Scott Ravel admitting that he sold Sar mes. Did you ever review this before this was filed with the court? I've read some things. I don't know if ever this is Zach talking. Ever had something similar to? This is, at the very least and whether I reviewed it before followed the quarter after, I don't recall well. The reason, I ask is his highly peculiar for a law firm to basically write a criminal confession for one of people they're representing. And my question to you is like, When are you suing when or if? Are you suing Lieutenant Tucker for malpractice? Have any plans to do that now because literally three days later is when the warrant went out for Mr Bells arrest after this was with corn. And here's here's the petition that the his parole officer put together I'll make this forty seven. You're referencing a previous one. They didn't think there were some documents to us. You referenced the just that one? Yeah. You want the number on that one? Well, but Mark is for Thisyou before he sent this. God, I'm sorry about that. Exhibit A Exhibit forty six is Mr Seville's, uh, petition for Oh, yeah. All right. Number forty six is a petition for warrant or summons for Fender under supervision. Oh, you got one. You know, the state supervision commenced is the same date presented earlier on Mr Capella was released from prison. That's July twenty second, twenty sixteen. Um July twenty seven. Second, twenty sixteen is the day he was released from prison, cracked. And let's Teo, you know, it goes on and on about his violations of his supervised release, and, you know, we don't have to go through this whole thing, but I'd like to discuss Charge five, which is unlawful use of a controlled substance. So third paragraph on page three officers ran the vehicle. Information discovered that the vehicle had been re registered to Jorge Aggie Lara on April eighth, twenty seventeen. Aggie Lera is an employee of Carville's. So the same fella Gilera who's supposed to be the CEO of Fertilizer Warehouse and also the CEO of HD Forma, turns out along, according to the government, to be an employee of Mr Carville's. Is that your understanding? I plead the fifth. Says here, CA Val's roommate stated the vehicle belonged to Kovell. So looks like Mr Regular is a patsy, right? I mean, that's what it seems like to me. Would you agree that saving I plead the fifth. Last paragraph. Most recently, observations by federal law enforcement officers indicate levels continue to engage in manufacturing and distributing unapproved drugs, a dietary supplement and controlled supplements slash steroids for human consumption. However, instead of doing this at his place of employment, which was closed by the city of Sacramento as a result of the search on December sixth, he appears to now be running this out of his residence. So that original press release said that they got the green light from the city. But according to this document, he just was running enhance athlete from his house. Which one is accurate? I plead the fifth, okay? Let's take a look at the top sentence of pitch for. The undersigned considered issue a summons while the case remained under investigation, inferring, I believe, to the criminal investigation of enhanced athlete. However, it appears Cavil has breached the court's trust in an egregious way, and he has continue to place the community at risk. What do you think they're talking about here? Well, they listed on good. They say they agree just way. And they they listed five charges. Right, and you're confronted with the charge. Those charges are manufacturing and distributing drugs, dietary supplements and control substances. Steroids for came in consumption. Kevin will self correct. And as of February six twenty eighteen, you were were not only that these materials were rated by the European authorities that they were considered illegal by the FDA based on the arrest warrant on December six, but also confirmed the government's position here on February six twenty eighteen. That's selling these drugs is illegal, Correct? I'm not a I'm not admitting I was aware of this document or of the time I'm clean. I'm pleading. Okay, so forty seven will be the decoration of Ronald Peter's, which is Cavallo's criminal attorney. And if you didn't know, then you should know now, because, you know, here in this document, I'm sorry. Do that so quickly in this document. I think Mr Peters makes it on ambiguous by March twenty second that there is an active criminal investigation with respect to Mr Carville with respect to enhance athlete specifically regarding the sale of storms. That's paragraph four clears day. My question to you. Is somebody the next exhibit? Awful. Is this? Exhibit forty eight or that is forty. Section forty seven. This is forty eight. I don't know. It's exhibit to forty. Competition is for six. That's No, sorry. Okay? What time is one. Thirty nine p. M. So when we left off, we're talking about some of the history. In two thousand eighteen, we talked about, well, privacy. We talked about the raid. That was December six, twenty, seventeen. Then we talked about the declaration that Mr Carville did with the assistance of counsel on February first, his arrest three days later, and then the decoration from his criminal attorney, Mr Peters, indicating that he's under investigation personally for the sale of storms. And this is dated March twenty second. My question to you is why? After this date. In April of this year, this will be forty nine forty eight. Yeah, forty eight. Why in April this year are you promoting the self's arms? I plead the fifth. It's This screen shot is from April. I believe it was around the twentieth promoting a last chance arm cell for enhanced athlete dot com. Um you were in his half. It was trying to sell off the remainder of its inventory of psalms at this point, correct? Um, it it says that it's a blowout sale. The time for full disk continuation of CE arms is here, so that's what I that's what the document says. I just Amy, the whole steak. Whatever, Valerie, about others. But enhanced athlete even at so you're promoting the sales arms even after the arrest warrant, The admission from Devil's current lawyer than Hansen is under investigation for the sale of storms. You are still promoting the sale of arms after that date, Correct? I plead the fifth, and it says the discontinuation of CE arms says here you have three full days to stock up on sarin Sze during the biggest sale we've ever ran. So instead of just continue them immediately, when you realized that they were illegal to sell, he ran a sale. Correct. I plead the fifth and an answer. If he didn't even get out of the Stars game at that point, did it? I plead the fifth exhibit a fifty forty nine. Screenshots related to a website called Andrus Arms. I'm sorry, man. All of you. I'm sorry. Good. Are you familiar with andrus arms dot com? Um, I plead the fifth, and these products, even other labeled Andrus arms are the exact same trade dress. And indeed, share the same trade name of the product. Boston muscle correct. I plead the fifth. If you know, with a company called B H G Fit, I plead the fifth. Let's look at Page three of Exhibit forty nine. And says here. Spy someone. Amy A Dan. Do you know who that is? I plead the fifth. Well, he's got a picture of you in his icon. And says, Hi, guys. A lot of you have seen is about to discontinue Austrian for all of you who still need more. Www dot andrus arms dot com Psalms manufactured by the same company that brought you in hand. Southie. Do you know a company that is? I plead the fifth and it says it'LL open up Friday, the twenty fifth April. That's the same time that, and in South it was ostensibly discontinuing itself. Stars correct. I'm just looking at your document. I'm Exhibit forty. Anuses ends for twenty two and Exhibit forty nine says opening twentieth of April. So there's a two day overlap. That's what the documents saying correct. So the next page, just page four of that exhibit The Bates Number N D forty nine, Lower right hand corner. It says a out of the storms business supposed title from M. P. J for seventy and says Bad news is out of the service. Business sucks. And then someone named at Les T s says a CZ website is and probably as company. But Andrew's arms is there. Phoenix and says andrew storms dot com. Are you familiar with Atlas T s? She has. I plead the fifth, okay. Page fifty nine. Uh, a few pages over is Bates Number Nd fifty nine. That's another promotional advertisement that's been created. Saying Opens Friday, twentieth of April. A zoo promotion, brander storms dot com and against, as manufactured by the same company, brought you enhance athlete. And then the remaining Screenshots air from the enhance out the Facebook page called Enhance Athlete Pioneers of which you remember correct, I plead the fifth and here some of the affiliate marketers promote Andrew Storms. Ah, saying it's the same manufacturer's E A. Did you direct thes people to make these statements? I plead the fifth. This will be fifty. This is all around the same time as, well, slightly proceeding. This There's a post by someone named Ban Hammer Jr. That is, I plead the fifth and it says V h g fit dot com is an author as e reseller, legit. A product's not sure about restocking the you store, though. And then below that, there's someone named cuisine dot mujtaba who says check out website Andrus arms. Same products with same Andrews arms instead of enhanced athlete. You knew that posters. I plead the fifth. The very next page faced Little Lindy, twenty seven. There's a question from a user named Mo saying, Where can I get storms now? And a poster name Quest for knowledge says Sue has ever anything stocked up over a phD fits dot com. Do you know who quest for knowledge is? I plead the fifth. You know who Sue is putting the fifth? Is that Steve Girl's mom? Uh, Steve could, uh, pardon me. Scott travels No, Stark. Those mama's name is not what you say, Sue. Susan. Susan. Now, what is Scott cuddles Mom's name? Juni Opportunity. Do you know who is I? Plead the fifth. Okay. A familiar the website. Scott Supplements. I plead the fifth, okay. There's another affiliate, a website that sells enhance athlete products. I think I need to go into all these in detail, see if we get into later. So after the raid, there was a raid on December six that we talked about on Enhanced Athlete in Sacramento. And then on December twenty second, twenty seventeen, the your YouTube channel got shut down. Correct. And a lot of people suspected it was me that I had a hand in this for some reason. Um, was that your perception of the time I plead the fifth? Okay, so with fifty, then fifty one, this will be fifty one. Oh, it's for you. Yeah. So this is a post on of the upper left hand corner. One is on Facebook and the other one on the page is from Instagram, and they're both on or around December twenty twenty ninth, twenty seventeen. And it says, Attention, Freedom fighters. Um, now is the time to band together to fight against ignorance and bleed for the truth. We're coming out with a private server where there will be no censorship as well as loading ten fifteen's a day that Dr Tony Huge channel. Did you have a separate channel? At this time? I plead the fifth. What do you mean by freedom fighters? But I plead the fifth. Why are you wearing a hoody in this? And this Instagram I plead the fifth. Okay. And the very next one is from your snapchat, right around the same time. The same picture says freedom only exists when you have notes to make your own decisions. Do you feel that you provide knowledge so that individuals can make their own decisions? I plead the fifth. A large part of your marketing apparatus is based on, quite frankly, you yourself in your popularity and your ability to generate support from your followers. And part of that is not only your charisma but certain attributes that you described yourself. For example, we already talked already about referring to yourself as a doctor. But there's certain other components that generate your persona, and first of which I'd like to talk about, is the fact that you often refer to yourself as a millionaire, and this will be Exhibit fifty two. So why? This is a post from never get busted. Website Ah, from January eighteenth of twenty eighteen says See you two video and title of the videos. Millionaire Lawyer visits Drug expert Bear Cooper learned the powers of ibogaine, and it says here that your millionaire Laurie and military lawyer I plead the fifth. Did you become wealthy is a result of your bankruptcy Flo practice. I plead the fifth. I mean this. This is referring to When did you stop practicing law? Uh It depends on how you define practicing law. I mean, I downsized over time, so All right. Still guess I have to deal with something every once in a while. Um, but I stopped making it a a full time job when I started traveling this pose. So you sold your practice at some point? Yes. Do you know when that wass it was too part two steps to it and one happened maybe. I remember it might have been three. Years ago. That was the main. The main step, maybe couple years ago. The actual transaction. Okay, so the transfer was in twenty fifteen, more or less when you got a little bit more into the supplement game and promoting doing that full time. Ah, well, I plead the fifth as to that, but two thousand fifteen's its eyes really hard to tell you, no matter state, but it's right around there. Okay? Other than having a bankruptcy firm. So from the years, let's just call it a ballpark. It a twenty fifteen. You became a member of the bar twenty seventeen. Were you banker see Laura exclusively during that time frame? I passed the bar in two thousand seven and I had a general practice before specializing in bankruptcy. And so it from two thousand seven until twenty. So break that time for him down. For me, it was like general practice, first or bankruptcy first, Ah, general practice and then more and more bankruptcy cases until I specialized in bankruptcy. So general practice being litigation or transactional, transactional mostly okay. And so you just kind of hung up a shingle, probably writing a lot of people that sort of thing and then right around this time is a financial crisis. And I'm guessing that's why he specialize in bankruptcy s o that ball parked at it like two thousand nine. So it's like, two years general practice roughly. And then for those six years, you were specialists in bankruptcy law. Correct? Correct. And then you made. So then why did you stop doing that? Bankruptcy. Just law in general. Oh. Because I had a child. I think there's a lot of reasons, but I guess the strongest reason is because I had a child. And what did that have to? How did that affect your decision, Mom? Thie Mom. I had no money and required a lot of attention and there's no way I could practicing. I was stuck in a position where I couldn't practice law and in time with family at all. Couldn't do that both. And yet if I practice law, then I kept developing this lifestyle that she would get accustomed. Teo. So I that point decided I would rather be poor. Get accustomed to that life. Yes, I'LL make myself less of ah, target for her and then retire. So did that happen? Every pore Ah, I'm a lot closer to it now. Then when you left the law Yeah, Okay. Um so what did you do? So what was your transition like? What did you do instead? In order to spend more? Well, let me take a step back in addition to concerns about your family, what other reasons did you quit the law Didn't I wasn't enjoying it anymore when, um I had travelled and seen other parts of the world and all of a sudden when I I thought when I was doing was very meaningful on a big things in very small Mom wasn't having as much impact on the world is? I would have hoped so he wanted to travel. Get out of the United States. Yeah, And I'm assuming with your family. Correct? Correct. And did you do that? Yeah. For a while. Yeah, on and off. And then why did you stop? Bring your family along compatibility issues. Fair enough. And when you mean your family, meet your wife and children. Yeah, girlfriend and daughter and stepdaughters. And you have? Ah, one dollar correct. And two stepdaughters. Correct. And those stepdaughters are you related to you related to your girlfriend? Girlfriend? Okay. And so you brought them along for a while. And travels and travels were commercial in nature. Correct? In other words, there is a business purpose for your travels. In addition to travel for leisure exclusively Yes. So suffice to say you had enough money at this time to be able to travel the world and support a family at the same time. Correct. And ah. Do you know how much money he had in reserve at that point? No, you don't remember? Did you still get royalties for lack of a better term from from your business after you left? Yes, Uh, for span of years were ongoing. I have one last payment that just said last, like, five years or something and ah. I said I had one last payment. I think it's I think it's the last one, but I did. You don't have to look, Bakker asked in return. So as of So this is a true statement than as a January twenty eighteen. You are a million l lawyer visiting. Never get busted. Well, I didn't I didn't make that statement, but in corrected I know I didn't correct. Correct? Why do you think it's been officially have a the perception that your millionaire lawyer Well, I was a millionaire lawyer. I mean, I achieved that goal, and then I decided it wasn't for me anymore. So I got longer decide to be a lawyer or a millionaire. You just got sick of money. Yeah, I guess they could being a target. But you didn't get sick of money. I I am. So it's a necessary evil mechanism for trade. But yes, so you are sick of money. And sick of being a target, Yes. So then how do you get income now? I don't. How did you become wealthy besides your law practice any other way? Yes, I inherited money from relative. Yes. Your dad. Correct? I know your dad passed away some years ago, so as a result of that and again, I don't mean to pry or be personal, but it's part of our investigation part what's relevant to the case. Anything else besides those two things? Nothing jumps out as being significant enough. Those are the two men things. All right, fifty three. Well, I'll save the exhibit here. This is just your state bar record indicates that you were admitted November nineteenth twenty apps two thousand seven. That accurate? Yes. Okay, so fifty three will be ca veles sentencing a criminal complaint against Mr Clavel Eyes Original one back in two thousand nine. How did you become friends with Mr Koval Ridge?

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