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First. I want to thank everyone for coming together as a community to help somebody in the position that Dan is in. Not only are we gonna help somebody save their leg, but potentially saved their life, and I know that he appreciates all you guys have done for him. Now with that being said, you know, there's a couple things that I want to talk to you guys about because I was reading the comments and there's some things being said online that really surprised me, people thinking that he's faking all this and that he's trying to steal thirty grand from people in one and trashing him for starting a go fund me and there's not just the comments. I mean, there's guys on YouTube, people in the fitness interested industry. We're saying the same things, and some of these people are my friends, and they shocked me with some of the things they said just trashing a guy for starting, go from and if you ask me, this is why you started. Go fund me. You don't start ago funding because your car broke down or because your boyfriend left you and you can't get a job and you can't get a place. Go work, go find a job But reasons like this to save someone's life. This is why you started. Go from me. He's in a foreign country. He has no medical insurance and he has a decision to make cut his leg off because the infection may spread and kill him or try to have surgeries to fix us. Like, imagine how he feels in that hospital bed. So for you guys, trashing him is something that I will never understand. And I reached out to Tony Hughes earlier today, who's who was a friend of his, who knows Dan, and this is what Tony had to say it. Johnny Bravo. You wanted to know if I thought Dan is telling the truth about his leg situation because he didn't go fund me campaign to raise money for his surgery. And I've known Dan for years now. First Minutemen Thailand was traveling around the world. And then every time I come back, I meet up with Dan. We spent time in the Philippines together. We've spent, you know, consecutive twenty four hour days together, got to know each other lifestyle really well, got to know each other really well behind the scenes of the camera. So I feel like I know Dan pretty well. Feel like I really understand him. I don't I don't think he's a desperate person that would sacrifice his reputation for money. Now, the last contact I had with Dan was like, four months ago. So it's been a little while. Uh, a lot of things can happen in four months. Um, so and there was nothing between us that was wrong or anything. We just kind of fell out of contact because I left a za and he went to South America. We went to America and then to South America. But his his values in life is motivation. I feel, like are always in the right place, which is that he found a really high quality of life for himself, travelling the world. Not that he has a lot of money. He doesn't brag about having a lot of money. Uh, but he makes a decent amount of money to live a really good quality lifestyle traveling the world. Uh, and it was never about money for him. Like I can't imagine him sacrificing anything for money. It's the other way around. He sacrifices money, tohave a certain lifestyle and not on not on expensive lifestyle. I mean, the guy can live out of a suitcase, but he put he puts himself in amazing environments. He broke free of the Matrix. He was an Americans like me living in the rat race. And he escaped the rat race and found a higher quality of life that doesn't require a lot of money. Doesn't require a lot of assets to be happy. So when people online are talking about how Daniel's like, uh, some kind of sell out and then he's trying to do something desperate to get money or it's not like that, I don't think it's like that. A lot of things can change in Colombia. There's a lot of drugs in Colombia. Drugs change people. I doubt he's doing those drugs. He always seems that really good self control about those things. And so if he's the same person that I left when I was last with them in Philippines five four months ago, I don't think you would ever sacrifices reputation for money. In fact, he was owed money by enhanced athlete, and he handled the situation really honorably, professionally is very patient because advanced Ashley switching between different CEOs, a dispute about how much he was owed, he did get paid. He was not about the money. For him is more about principle and respect, and I just always found it to be that way. But none of us know all of the fax, right? You can't just make assumptions a while on a problem. And what keeps people of Americans in the box and mental barks is their emotional impulsiveness. And just and being so judgmental. Taking a few little fax, making a whole bunch of inferences and interpretations and completely twisting is something different. And so when I read the forums and I know some of the facts behind the scenes that I'm reading what people are saying, I realize they don't even have a clue. They just want to jump to a conclusion, to classify it as something remind passed judgment. So I think a lot of people are off base when they're talking about what happened and Daniel situation, he is that being said, I also don't know everything because, like I said, I hadn't talked to him for all I can do is speak to dance character as I knew it when I last left him five months ago, which is not the type of person that whatever scam anyone or sacrifice or risk his reputation. So that was recorded earlier today. And I want to thank Tony for coming on and and putting out that message so people could understand a little bit more about Dan because I know a lot of people don't know about him. But again, I want to thank you guys all for donating and and giving your hard earned money to help somebody in a position that he is, and I'Ll keep you guys posted on on any updates.

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