Formafill | How to do a Lat Injection demonstration

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were you an injection of the former killing this laugh. So I'm gonna explain how you do a lat injections. There's many different ways. It's more what you're most comfortable with. We can start where I would have him lift his arm up and they would put this is for my tough of his head, but would relax so being more of a stretch position, But when you let it relax, it'LL hang and you can see There you see the bands a lot easier to see different portions of his last many conflicts. You're left while you're in this area are with your arm up. And then you could see where the peak of the muscle of the the other way is to have your arm start from the front and then let it come down slowly. So you find into your interesting state, so the charm come down slow and then we would follow it. We've becoming a slap from this area. Well, keep his arm about right here once we've found it and we can go right down the sides of his laugh all the way down to a lower. I prefer when I do it myself. doing it this way or even relaxing are here on the chair. So another way for him as if he was sitting down. You were likes. His forearm is elbow on the chair, and we can go directly. So it's really comfortable ity whatever you're most comfortable with and following those the design of the muscle and then the veins basement fart on Wallace *** all over here. One cc, right? Okay. All right. No.

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Lee Layton

How much? What syringes, love the fact that your honest about gear etc but not enough information in the video. I have just bought 30ml of formafill and looking for info to do my calves

Should start off with a brief description of formafill,
a bit of background,
why it was made,
what it’s useful for,
Is it a steroid?
Is like synphol?
Oil/water based?
Once injected how long between top ups?
Is it permanent?