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triceps enhancement with former film. So I've already done one cc in each tricep right there. And as you can see, it's bulging. But now this part of the triceps much bigger than right here. So I'm gonna hit right here on both triceps. See how this is abnormally large now? Because I cite hands this and it followed the muscle, which is awesome. He looks cool, but see now balance. I'm going to make it bigger right there. So here we go. One cc, uh, with a twenty seven gauge one inch tip. All right, let's see if I can see this in the Oh, it's really Trevor, I need you to come stick me here. So see, you can see where I need it. It's obvious. Sure. You see how big you look in the camera? There have big decides. The trace up is now and how it's now deficient right here. See how big I got it right here. I wanted to be appear on this, but I don't I don't want to feel this in Don't get anywhere where you're trying to do your outer again. No, I did. The Outer Bi did little middle part of that. It's big right there. If you put it here, you're gonna chant this plate. Look, okay, We're gonna pedestal, like, goes here. So where do you want? Well, I mean, look, look how big dissidents. But it's not efficient up here. This you want to go in this hat right there? If you go anywhere in others, give it a little bit more. I'm not seeing it from the back. That's probably can't Yeah, the lighting and the camera full. I know yet I want to know place. Got it? Or less so, Yeah. Roubles, Fiber. Aside from them No, it's good. What? Okay, here's the other one I'LL take down. I got the tip right here. No, I didn't I couldn't better off it could reach them. Oh, yeah, right. What? Just flicks out like woman? Well, okay, so we'll do another Follow a video showing the triceps. And of course, I've been doing my upper chest so we'll keep you updated on the upper chest and tricep development be swollen School Friends of freedom find years of human evolution

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