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this video is international observation more than it is anything about bodybuilding. And that is when I come to Thailand. Uh, there's something I don't understand. And that is that if you buy a bottle of water or teed like this, you get a handful of straws, and I don't understand. Because why would I ever use a straw to drink out of a bottle of water model empty? It's confusing to me because because it's small enough. It's not like you're gonna spill on yourself. You just opened the bottle, and that is a tight liv. Uh, okay, let's see. That wasn't so hard, was it? Trevor, are you okay with you in the bottle? What do you need? Uh, let's see how many straws to get her bottle? Five straws per bottle. Okay, so let's see. Let's see what happens, though. So, by the way, if if you if you give the straw's back, I don't ever say Don't give me straws because they hand you that. What they do is that you buy a bottle, and then they want to know why you're sad forever. You can answer that in a minute, but they give you that you buy a bottle, they put it in a plastic bag, which I also don't need, and throw a handful of straws in it. And if you tell them in Thailand with style and I don't want straws, they're looking you confused and they look at their co worker like like they don't understand what you said, Uh, because it's so confusing to them. It's like, Why would someone buy a bottle of water or a tea or a milk or a yogurt and not want a handful of straws? So I just take the straws and I end up just throwing the straws away. And I don't like wasting things, he says. They make fart noises the straws, but let's just see what this looks like. Maybe what they're thinking is that if you bring, you know, you buy one bottle of water, you bring it home and you share it with, like your ten family members, your large type family. But this is how many straws you get with one bottle of water. Maybe that doesn't work. That sucks too fast, and then some of the water splits between it, so I don't really understand what the point of the straws is alright Now Trevor can answer. Trevor, why are you so sad? Who's hot? Dehydrated. That's why you got the coconut. Because we were working at maximum fitness. But then we walked by. Paquette. Jim, this gym in Thailand, it's very hot inside, so he, uh, overheated. His body temperature runs really hot because of the amount of lean muscle. He has an amount of sweating. So that's it. Just international observation. If you guys want me to make more international observations randomly, as we travel the world, let me know if you prefer that I just stick to talks about steroids, performance enhancing drugs, bio hacking, then let me know. Uh, Donovan says, How much do you weigh, bro? I am currently two hundred and twenty five pounds. Estimated Probably around two hundred twenty five pounds. Trevor, what do you weigh right now? He weighs one hundred sixteen kilos. But I'm looking pretty dry today. I'm looking pretty dry because I switched to this arms and, uh, the Astra zone by muscle gels. So that helped me pull some water off my Astra generals running well, too high because it'll burst steroids and I got puffy and my nipples got sensitive. And so I'm appreciating, switching back to storms. So I go back and forth between its arms and the steroids. I'm just gonna give you a little three hundred sixty review, and then we could pack it up. You can pack up all their stuff, then we'LL go. Yeah, that Throw those straws away. Don't want the straws. All right, All right. So Okay, you do want observations. All right, Peter, we're going to do live more for observations then. So this is just a little circle of where the gym is here. Oh, good. There's a sign for the gym. There's the cat, Pro nutrition. They closed that down, unfortunately, but there's still a lot of nutrition stores here. So there's the poop cat Patong, Pro nutrition science. Uh, John said you said something. See, Alice last time. What was that? I say a lot about Cialis. One of my favorite supplements, But for me, I use it mostly for blood pressure and also for the pump. Oh, you're probably referring to what I was saying. I used Talis with growth hormone insulin because, um, wherever you have more blood flow in your body you're delivering Maura the hormones in the nutrients, right? We'LL see Alice, Viagra and other PT five inhibitors help get the blood out of my digestive system and into my my extremities, my arms, my legs, things like that. That's what it does, right? Penis is actually in extremities, so PT five and hitters like the palace pushed the blood away from your organs. You only have so much blood, right? You take, you take Viagra and blood goes to your penis. Where do you think it's coming from? Coming from your organs and stuff. And I don't need blood in my organs when I'm, uh, what I'm having fast digesting nutrients. And I want to push him into my bloodstream or I'm on growth hormone insulin in my gf levels are high. I prefer toe push that blood flow into my extremities. Only enough blood flow in my digestive system to digest the food, especially around workout time. I'm eating food. That's easier to digest. Anyways, Tom Tom says I might use Do I use DNP? I absolutely do. I freaking love GMP Um, the only reason that really the only reason I'm not using it right now because It's always different. Why do or don't use things is two reasons. Number one. I can't help start talking about it without getting frustrated and telling the truth about why the government doesn't want us to know about it. Uh, so then I end up getting censored when I talk about it, so I back off. Uh, the other reason is very hot here. Very hot. And if I'm on the MP, I'm gonna sweat alive. All right, we're gonna sign off, and, uh, I don't know, take a nap, get a foot massage. Go. Uh, popular hunting be swollen, swole friends of freedom. In any case, it's arms. Six, seven seven and LG cut caused hypothyroidism. Uh, not this arm. Unlikely. Hypo. Firing hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism? No, I don't think so. Okay. The swollen school friends, freedom, Pioneers of human evolution

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