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Wear a Tony huge labs there, SIA Thank you. Weigh. Just finished doing a whole bunch of whole bunch of injections and experiments and generation iron film it all. So it's gonna be a It's gonna be an amazing generation iron movie because I think it's probably some most open content you'LL ever have seen on a bodybuilding type stuff. So now we're going to lunch. Oh, my girl. I think my girl didn't know she's invited to lunch something. Go grab Burt. Good grabber and pick. Luka, we're gonna see how much these guys can eat. OK, that's funny. My poor girl him ignore here so much together. Make grabber. Sweetie, you come into lunch, right? You don't have to eat. You know, you already ate, but you come in a lunch, right? Well, here's all the filming equipment and stuff. Here's where we were shooting students from studio. Okay. Going ahead to lunch. Happy holidays, John. Thank you. Be swollen school, my friends of freedom pioneers, Human evolution. Oh, can you take pre workout if you're using psalms? Yes. Although you can't. He swims well

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