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What you can see Tony doing here. It's his stretching and squeeze the packs. He's not just pushing up and down. He's squeezing the weight up with his packs and then stretching his picks and then flexing his box. Just take a bunch of steroids and then a step to you got to push this, get that pump. Increased that pressure. Yeah, just take those muscle cells. Just the steering. Yeah, And you know how you see how he's beating his hand like that. So what Steroids are? It's like, normally you have your muscles, right? And they have, like, a baby. Each cell has one hand, you know, grabbing a needle, assets from the bloodstream. Now you put this in a molecule, and now you've got, like, five hands on himself, all grabbing all those shit out. Yeah. I'm not like you One big one So I see people in a marijuana cigarette. I think I get like a natty and then I think, like steroids on, like just getting a massive concentration and then, just like all the way wait. Good. Good. That touching the chest Sitrep. That's a full wrath, A fiance and we have to have a lot of pictures together. But anybody could take pictures. I think that we're going to need to make a sex tape, prove immigration that were actually having sex. I think we have to make a sex tape. Don't be covered under the Senate. How else are we gonna prove that we have an Internet relations way? Don't have the actual video? Immigration. I think you're getting a little too technical, just stretching, squeezing my way. No. Wait. Good. Good. Good. Doing that now. Alright, we're not just pressing the weight up and putting it down to our chest. This is stretching and squeezing his packs. That's the only thing he's doing to move the weight. It's a conscious thing. Now it's getting hard, his heart all of a sudden because he's still just using those packs instead of using all those accessory muscles just to squeeze the fuck out of it. There's the last couple. Rough? Yeah, Screws that shit, Yeah. After you do that technique of just stretching and squeezing instead of like, wear normally. Always think about I've got a complete the exercise. So I'm like, going down. We're squatting down. I'm going. You know, I'm I would say I was certainly not thinking about I think you've been courtside like, frustrating not to be confused with CrossFit. But if you work mostly with certain refereeing, certain rep speed, certain and emotions your body adapts to that. Are you dealing with pump from that set of bench presses that were doing over there? Yes, I am feeling that way because I'm gonna give you a bunch of reasons. Number one waded high, right? Number two. We were really contracting muscle way. Didn't let the tension come on from the constant tension. Lighter weight. Focus on contracting the muscle, not just moving away. Number three. I took two hundred micrograms by Jeff LR three this morning. Uh, number four I took. I ate ground beef eggs, which I included. Lots of extra familia cease all further. I did not take any dick pills. You work out with Alice Beecher Niagara? Simply because I just didn't think of it. See if anything else contributed. You know what that sounds like you took, you know, serious. If you were on Mario Super Mario brothers, you did just now bounce and got mushroom with Starr. All started like making invincible like big and shooting fireballs. Yeah, I feel like I could fire. All right, we're gonna do this exercise That guy's a machine when you put your hands on the outside and heard them over. And you can use your palms like press it in and do the same, like stretching and a squeezing. Most stretched and squeezed, stretched and squeezed to move the way instead of just thinking move the fucking way! This is like a higher red lighter weight. So this is what I'm focusing on. This machine is fucking excellent. And I'm putting this on the instagram story. So I'm Dan Videographer today recording him. People used Look out high rep. High volume, a lot of blood flow, a lot of contraction on the muscle. That's about just moving away. Okay, Now Tony is going to go. Right now, we're using a little bit more than half the staff. So it's easy. Wait, wait. But I make it look hard. Squeeze the muscles. So I pretend that way it's much heavier than it is. Because pretty soon I'm gonna fail because I'm contracted. I'm gonna spend all that contraction. There's not gonna be a contraction of muscles still pushing. Watch that, Ryan. On the move, I'LL see his back stretching and contracting Now I am played back and looked down as best I can just a bit more and also just hits the chest fibers in a way that they're not used to because for so many years ten, twelve, fifteen years I worked the chest in the way that my body wanted to for strength. Where am I actually considered? Where am I strongest? Whereby the weakest and I'm the weakest. My upper chest is the weakest, and my strength is the worst. When I pinched my shoulders down and back protests, at least in the contraction of the range emotions like right here I have a lot of strength. Stretch this on my shoulders, pinned down back. But then right here. Oh, so hard. But my shoulders forward. It's easy. I could do this all day, but I pinned my shoulders down and it's really hard putting all the strain on your back. Yes, yes. Angle and hitting the specific fibers that are the weakest. It's amazing that I'm talking to this sex, actually. Possum. He's now going past the point of failure to partial failure. You see, he's not able to complete the full contraction of the Peck at this point because he's too. The partial contraction of the past until it dies and it's dead Stretch like that little stretch. Or not to get too scientific about my stretching, creating the thiss emergency response in the muscle end. After all this, it's just plain feels good to stretch after a set. The mostly gets so tight that Tony and I just took a little water break. But now we're back and we've increased the weight from fifty kilograms to seventy kilograms. So that's nearly a twenty five percent increase. And we're gonna do it Heavier set now on here. What? Wait. Preview. Going after Jimmy United States and roll around in a Ferrari with me doing creative? Yeah, Yeah. School. Will you Will you allow me to be on great Emily, drive you in a two hundred mile for our car? It sounds exhilarating. Yolo, bro. Cool. Nice. Wait. That's like the whole stack. Point point. We're stretching cracked in packs. I'm not even counting. I just killed the muscle. All right, You're up. You're up, brother. Uh, this is his specialty. You could almost call this the This is some kind of fly, like upper chest choices. That one. Or for this, this is the one. This is the one. Yeah, The other one was similar, but this is the this's my milkshake that they put. I gave them away protein powder from the gym and they put it inside Gonna be freaking awesome. Oh, yeah. I can taste it. Taste away protein. So the other thing we're talking about is Jenny and her leg and draw cycle. So is it your taking capsules? Right. No injections. And how much are you taking? Red and black. One time. Thank you. So you've been sneaking, not taking your leg in draw. Uh, I've been giving one every other day for you. Today is not over. Okay, so you remain effective. You've noticed. Is that your for your your body? Is your muscle changed? Huh? On Like what? Kind of bigger and stronger? The current's stronger, thicker and stronger, huh? Interesting. Do you when you're in the gym? Do you have a lot more energy? You feel like you can push harder. Yeah, I've seen a few workouts where I thought you had a little bit of leg and drawl rage. They looked like it was affecting your mind. Sorry Rage. The biggest thing I notice is the line. No line anywhere. Last food everywhere, emitter of arms and legs increased, okay? She has lost it. Arms, legs a little bit. What? But her legs arms are bigger. Bury her. I mean, she does not look like she has a weak arm at all. At least happen into an inch bigger, okay? Right me? Which I would I would still keep her on a roll. Come down. And I noticed, like our legs foods. There's actually a little bit more cheek things over there in Greece. Okay, four, then on the side. Got it. Okay. And high school. The soccer girls always had that. You know, when they wear their mini skirt, I'd see that line on the side, and I think I was attractive. So our diet for diets it's healthier but still eating a lot of calories. That's why he feels with your food. Okay. Well, she is taking a booking drug. She she does a couple days with intermittent fasting. Because yeah, yeah. She's gonna drink most of this calories for a woman. For carbs calories today. Okay? You get into a bad habit of meeting with those around her outside. It sounds like she's trying to get huge inside like sauces. You're really Show me that bicep. It sounds like you're trying to get huge.

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