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Physics of drugs and becoming superhuman without addiction. I'm Dr Huge this coast. Trevor. We just injected a federal well, he'd Jackson ephedrine. I injected B twelve rush and testosterone, and we're wondering, How is it that we are not addicted to any drugs? We use them as performance enhancers. They enhance our quality of life. They prevent disease and make our lives better in every way. It's hard to imagine life without the performance and quality of life enhancing drugs that we use. And yet I see so many friends of freedom get taken down by drugs because they get addicted to them. And I don't think it's the drugs that the problem is the people is just like a gun. A gun doesn't kill someone. A person uses a gun to kill someone and drugs or tools. And if used correctly, most drugs have no problems, no side effects, I guess only anticipated effects because your knowledge about the drugs so it's not a side effect, it's You know exactly what the effects are, and you use them accordingly. Now we have ah Wei, that one system that we used to not get addicted to drugs, and that's cycling between them. Let's just take stimulants and example, you just took in a federal. Now, if he injected ephedrine every single day, he's going to build a tolerance he's going to need to take more and more as the tolerance builds and the dosage increases, the side effects increase. If you're able to maintain sensitivity to drugs, you can take a very low dosage and have all the benefits without the side effects. What bothers me is that people like Trevor and I and other people that have a very high quality of life, better living through chemistry get drugs taken away from us because idiots out there abused the drugs and use them incorrectly, and that our government's way of a solution to the problem is to take the drugs away instead of educating people. If people were educated in the first place, they wouldn't have the drug problems. But this That's not something you teach in school in school. Instead, they teach you drugs are bad, and then when you realized drugs are good, but nobody prepared you for how to use them properly, that's what leads to abuse. So Trevor, just given example of how you would cycle how you cycle between or have your athletes cycle between something like a stimulant to have all the benefits about the side effects. And this is one thing I learned over the last ten years was because I did it both ways. I started doing it, I really liked it. I kept doing it, doing it, doing it. And then I ended up turning into that. I had that problem and this happened with every different drug I took until I realized OK, there's a better way of doing this. So you had to learn through trial and error. You had to go through addiction, figure out how to use the drugs without getting addictive, and that is to keep that standard, those that you were taken before to get me effects and not to overdo it through the day because you're gonna want to keep feeling that over and over you want to pick it in terms of when do you need it? You need it before training. Do you even need it? Before training, you would only want to take it when you need Teo and then you rotate the compound. So next day and start doing the same thing, you pick something else saying what? The next day after that, you pick something else, maybe taken off day and then repeat that way your dose never has to keep going up higher and higher. If you do it this way, you're fine. We were just talking about There's another new tropic that works on the same receptors that actually condos or oxy codeine. But there is no problem when you're taking a certain milligrams of it. As soon as you cross that boundary, that's when addiction happens and so withdraw happens. So the key is never go past that. But if you take it every day, you're gonna have to up your dose. So the solution is rotate compounds and take days off, and you'LL be fine. I'm just gonna have one more analogy because it's so ridic killers from people. Just give a general statement like drugs are bad. If you take your car and you drive it off a cliff and you die, you use the car incorrectly, and you caused your own death. A car is a powerful tool that could be used for transportation, transporting her family, transferring groceries, anything. Drugs are also powerful tools. Learn to use them correctly learn to improve your quality of life, Take responsibility for your knowledge and lack of knowledge. Stop blaming other people for the ignorant decisions you made when you could have educated yourself before using drugs. Alcohol is legal, then the rest. It's up to you, and it's your choice. If you want to be, you don't want to educate yourself. That's your problem. But that's the problem with the government. Were to just educate people. We can make a bullet decision. There's another problem. The government and the people trying to get rid of the drugs are intentionally censoring the information so that people do harm themselves and don't have the information. Use them correctly so that they can put more laws to control us so that we do not become superhuman and a threat to the elite and then outlawed creator of an outline. Anything that's natural because the reason you can't take something like that and not have to go through addiction. The swelling school friends of freedom pioneers

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You two are fucken great! Swell and swole boys!

EA Danny

Thank you!


Information is king and you guys have loads of it!

EA Danny

Thank You!


Are you talking about tianeptine?

Meat 2J

Just joined the other day and already had enough info in one day then 2 years, can’t wait to get more info

Nick DiPietro

Can you guys talk about the difference between Tianptine and Kratom ?? Thanks 🙂