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So I took my SARB sport in. But then, like I've been flying oldie and I forgot to bring my charms on the airplane. And I'm like, seriously concerned I'm not an animal like anymore. Well, as I'm sitting here, the edible starts to kick in. I can't help but think to myself. What if I went back in time, Give some steroids to the losing side of every war? Yeah. Theo, Coach Trevor and Tony. Huge. Yeah, I was biggest Them. I could bench press five hundred pounds back in my day. And Frank Zane, he was king. He is way bigger than Kai Greene. Big big media Medio medio medio. All right. Trevor, I want you to look at this, this little lava lamp and want you to tell me whether this is a good idea or a bad idea to have a water based hormone with an oil based hormone. Oh, it's a great idea if you want. That scar there has done this before and it didn't end well, I've done a few times, but specifically one time Minton end well, and it wasn't by choice. I didn't really wasn't thinking at the time. Okay, So you recommend that I don't do this or do it, And then the other muscles do the rest of it, Like, don't put it all in one place. You don't shoot both together in one place. Okay? I make it. This's a nutrition shop in Thailand, were on the street inch along one of the most famous fitness areas in the world. Three kilometres of mm, a Jim's supplement stores, health food stores, smoothie bars, protein smoothies in the world. Right here in Thailand, people travel from everywhere to come to this street. Yes, steroids have side effects, but the side effects are very, very low if used correctly. Whereas these right here this coffee with this hydrogenated cleaner and the sugar that's toxic, that has more side effects than steroids used properly. And there's no health benefits. Coffee itself has a lot of help coffee by itself with nothing added to it. But when you add stuff to it, you defeat all of the health benefits. So I choose. I'm not going to eat these. I'm gonna drink just a plain coffee. I'm not adding anything to it. I'm gonna choose plain coffee and steroids. So it's morning, and I just left my condo to walk one block to the gym, do a little cardio, mainly for health. Not even so much fat loss. I feel like my heart's working too hard. My circulation is not good enough. And if I do a little bit of cardio each morning for the next week, I know you feel a lot. All right. I'm here with the owner of blood Left. Do you turn? And he's an admitted party animal and brother. I used a lot of steroids and a lot of recreation for the last hope We're driving on the sidewalk. Just an example of how reckless idiot. Wouldn't you love to see his bloodwork waiting to go to the laboratory later today? Sometime? Is there really gold teeth not grill legit? So he's not black Bloodline Tattoo and Phuket, Thailand. Here. Awesome. Oh! Trouble. Twenty seven. Oh, my God. The type people can sure handle spicy food. You always want to tell me to get the street meat. Don't put the butter on or the msg powder. But if they dio, you catch him in time. God, it tastes fricking good. We're here at the laboratory getting our lab test done testing Tyrone since he's been on a steroid and party rampage. Yes, the diet starts tomorrow. Mango sticky rice, mango sticky rice is sweet and sticky, and they add the carnation style creamer milk to it. And then those crispy things. Trevor, What does crispy things? I really liked those tried Mingo poppers or something that seems like cereal, but really good. And, of course, another Mingo City rise. Hot chocolate and too heavy creamer. Cappuccinos free working. It's another diet starts tomorrow. How much? How much Trevor I eat, I trained. Just burn calories also ate way too much today, so I've been taking slimming pills throughout the day, so I already have enough slim pills in my system. I'm not eating them with this meal because I don't want to go hype of glossy make in the middle of the night by taking Germany slimming pills throughout the day. You want to want to do that? You gotta put your helmet strap on. This is a lure lock syringe, and this is a lure. Slips orange barrel, lower lock. Good. You can screw a tip on. It holds nice and tight. Lure slip pops off and shoots everywhere. Unstable, unpredictable garbage. Boycott them, if possible. What do I do if I'm shooting something thick through it? I just put a little drop of superglue on the end that'LL hold it tight. Obviously, if you're shooting some kind of thin oil through it, then it doesn't matter. But if you're shooting something thick through it, they pop right off. Unless you use a gigantic needle like the doctor's offices, do they create a ton of scar tissue because they don't know any better? Play a game called Count the Security Cameras. One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And there's St Where am I? I'm there somewhere. There is your favorite diet hot Thai Fitness girl. Yeah. Do you like carbohydrates? No. Intermittent fasting Because I like to get a lot of money. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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