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This is a video on how to do your own ivy. Now do not recommend Peter to your own ivy. Don't follows instructions for educational purposes. You can see how we do it for elite level athletes or elite level bodybuilders way. Start with an I V bag like this that already has. I'Ll show you what I already has in it. It already has in it the sodium chloride, the dextrose and the water. And then what we do is we inject it with all the stuff that are now first formulations products. This is not an example of one of them, but this is along the same lines of the B twelve rush and creates Did the pre chri so many different? My God, there's so many different chemicals, Whatever. All this stuff on first formulation is the stuff that ends up going into these type of I V bags for athletes of bodybuilders. So we'LL show you a long process. What kind of nearly? Using? Well, this is all I could get just a butterfly, which is something I wouldn't want to do, and he instead, you know, having their transformation. So what? There's not many veins you still able to find one? Yeah. Something like that one right there. Return to seem that most most patients you deal with don't have vans squeeze? No, it I have his vein. Got it. But you see how you know I have a look at his hand. Bangs. You don't have anything. No veins. Something happened. He's just probably dehydrated, but that's about to change. Twenty Diving serenity. Yeah, I'm ready. Six. Squeeze your hand. And they were last year Him. Okay, so you noticed this fingers all the way down to his hand. Typically do it over here on. This one is going to play this thing. So this I've got one stuck in that part of a weird feeling. You're right. Make sure that we use So what is the cocktail for tonight? What's on the menu? Hold up. It's going. You *** trip trip trip, you know, barely dripping. I'm not in the vain enough, huh? Little drip, not dripping. Capasa are Stop it. Will you stop that attention? Okay. What Biggest fan target. I'm impressive. There means small. So she's still

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