Bench Pressing for Tall Guys | Aaron Reed

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I've got for you a very tall guy here and read. You bench for strength and you also bench for muscle mass. Is there a difference? And you bench is a tall guy for strength versus building muscle. I know as a tall guy, you won't have a big bench. You go white grip, wide grips or shortness drug. Okay. And that will distribute love away across the chest. But I know that some people we're able to tuck toe elbows a little bit and use their back and their choice sets up a lot. Really? It definitely worked for him because I watched him compete in the strength camp challenge. And he's got some bench press record specially like that for reps like repping out. You know, his body were to twenty repping out twenty five. It was crazy. Yo, is not the first time I ever go wide. Can you give me other tips? You pop your rib cage up, turn that just any time you change the world with it. With your chest coming up more, it creates more of a decline. Press your chest some more. If you're going for numbers, that's OK. We're trying execute chest growth, which is typically what I'm always trying to do you have enough yourself, You know you want to reflect your chest flat on the bench and just pin pin your elbows. I'm gonna start on your shoulder blades squeak. So for activating our chest, I've had coaches tell me to like, feel like you're pushing the bar in. You're pulling your hands together. And yet I think you can get more power if you push the bar out and use your triceps because you try something stronger than you and I going wide. That's kind of what you're doing. You're kind of pushing everything out. So would that be accurate that if you're trying to hit your chest more, you would pull in more? Oh, definitely definitely trying to strengthen you, trying to test more The's a kind of the area's just upper shelf. And, you know, from this area, this area, it's the rest of it is easy. So when you pin your shoulders, you know the bar place, man. What? Not helping squeezing your elbows or your shoulders Shoulders pin. I actually don't see you do a lot of inclined. You mostly do flat bench, right? Yeah, I mixed it up. It just kind of could you Do you feel like you can actually activate your upper chest using the flat badge to Yeah. You know, I think that the negative is the most beneficial thing for me on my pressing actually, any movement. I'm really trying to feel a muscle negative. They get more out of you because you can put your muscle right where it needs to be. Well, so you even that you're on a flat bench, But your you can concentrate on Europe because you said you're focusing on your upper and inter chest. You can still focus on that and then hold it tight. Will you let the park? Yeah. You just have the bar higher on your neck. You'LL get You know that Hit it for sure. And pinning the shoulders. You said that you Yeah, you You do do that? Yeah, your arms. Or why'd you do pay this show? It's It's just that you don't drop your elbows down. I do it real well with a moderate amount away. Like eighty percent. I go all out, but with negative trust there. But you're really good on machine shoulders. All right, I'm gonna make them gain, son

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