Building Big Calves like Ben Pakulski | Training Frequency?

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Let's just pretend for a minute that I don't have awesome calves. Wait. What would you recommend for me to bring up my cab's? I would ask Kowalski. He has the greatest cat I've ever seen on a fucking human being. Sometimes that's genetic, though, assuming he developed him. What do you think that he did to develop them? And what would you do? I train him every day. He agreed. He said, every day, training part. Every day they have to get beat down because they're used to a lot of abuse from market. I mean, I should, like, feel the pain, like, Oh, yes, afterwards. Oh, it's hard to feel the days after you can't recover so quick. But you got a pound? No, every day. All right. We're talking heavyweight lightweight, everything away. Sets of ten like six sets. Heavies. I could fucking go slow all the way down all the way. Straight leg movements. I don't like a broke a broken leg movement like See that nothing

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