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Couples competition, prep tips and tricks. I'm Dr Tony huge. I travel the world exposing the secrets toe body building, building, muscle burning fat. Here's three time world champion bikini competitors Nan and her husband and also bodybuilder coach Steve. It's very difficult emotionally to go through competition prep. It's very difficult to die. It is very difficult to be disciplined. So can you give the audience some tips and tricks on how couples can make an effective bodybuilding contest bikini contest, prop together without killing each other and hopefully ending up still in a relationship at the end? Stop me, Wade prepped together like I have to do the completion. But Steve, my husband, he has to do it with me to during four months or five months. But even even if Steve is not going to compete, you'LL still do the prep with. Yes, he never eat any nasty food in front of me, even though I told him that. Okay, you want to eat, you go out, you can eat. No problem. I just don't want to see it. But he never go out to eat. Never. And we die together every like way. Have a sheep miyoshi day. We go out, wash, movie on. We eat great food together. That's how it works. You ask for the benefit of off this. Is that because we're both dieting? It's very easy to have a simple structure in your life. We need healthy, full turn away. We only buy healthy stuff at the grocery store. Benefit is, I get a little leader boards on down Sunday where we feel like doing couple stuff. Yeah, you can go out and have fun and focus on our relationship instead of doing this whole bodybuilding thing. So that's why I like to do one day week or you just, you know, my phone is off. I don't coach. We don't talk about bodybuilding. We go out, even enjoy yourselves. And then we managed best we can, so we don't spill over and looked terrible. But over the course of sixteen weeks, you both contracted and then my diet stopped. Assumes we fly to another because that I have to do actual coaching and help people get ready for a show. Um, and then, you know, she continues to die until the day of competition. Then after that, it's party time, party time. Both lead, both shredded and then way can eat and get back together. So when I died, I get a little bit grumpy as the carbohydrates to go down, the grumpiness goes up. Do you experience the grumpiness from that for me? I just I just quiet. I'm quiet. I have no energy to talk to to get angry because I have to save my energy for my workout. So I just keep quiet about you. Do you get grumpy when you dropped the car so I don't die? Don't die that super hard. I mean, my colors were still quite up there and I live with myself to sort of compounds that make good. So no tremble on for me anymore. Guys, I'm married. I have a card. Mr. Teo, take him below. So don't do that. You know, I'm sure you have stories of when he was on tremble. Oh, yes. Wait here. I'm just I'm sure I've got something. Traffic? Yes, just like you. So he so he gets more grumpy when he drops? Yes. You feel that I can feel that, but it doesn't have to keep that understand My partner that okay, he do it for me because sometimes I think why has to do it with me because not necessary. He can even where he wants. But I want to join on DH, be together like we do together we are happy together. We leave together, we eat together that easy for when she's a quiet has lower energy and that is that harder for you because she's got a lot of energy normally. And no, not really. I mean, I've been doing this for twenty years now, his body going stuff on diet, you know, natural. And I'm sixteen ninety Contest dies. You don't get leading six percent body fat. So I'm used to it. I really don't mind. And I feel that during conscious purple rain more productive also, because you're so focused on your goal that you take it focused on other things like business or even your relationship. You're so focused on a couple things and then on a Sunday, we really focus on it. Relationship. We separate everything out of the way. So Sunday is great when you train train together like you maybe go to the gym at the same time. But you actually lived together ever. She does. But usually we train at the same time about cardio cardio together. Don't do cardio record, Yeah, contest. But I do. I have, like less what I have to do today. So I go to my list and I like cardio work. Petey was training. People work out. And then how do you again that my day I have, like, a plan and then usually torture enough bread by Joyner for the last three reach workouts where personal trainer her just to get through it? Because at the time I mean she's in shape through for each other and the the whole of conditioning to make sure that you slow the land the plane for the contest. That's why she never looks tired on stage decision shaper. But the workout suffer a little bit, so I just make sure it's normally hard workouts. Treat her like a drive and then she gets a good workouts and then I do my workout. Or sometimes don't we actually trained together? Shoulders. Shoulders is good. Workout. Get over chest legs a bit more difficult because of the you know, the amount of plates you put on the machines You have reduced me. She trains alone. Yeah, along I train, I train alone. Nobody. But maybe I just need some help to spot a bit that I asked my husband to do it

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