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So, guys Danny Town over here with my lovely girlfriend Morgan gave the other. I'm going to give you my personal experience. An opinion on marijuana affects your physical appearance or specifically, water attention, weight gain, fat game kind of stuff like that. Based on my findings online research, I couldn't find any direct evidence that it affects it now. Obviously makes you hungry. Makes you lazy. So those are the only correlations that could really find I got my full packed right here. Just a little one just to get me going throughout the day. And I've actually been smoking throughout my entire prep for sixteen weeks. Had a head haven't had any side effects as faras Weight gain Fat game still shredded I'LL keep you guys updated tomorrow. See how the show goes. But I also keep with me one disposable pence, so it's actually hash oil. It's more of a city, even dominant. So when it comes to wed, there's because and city Eva's. I spoke more of the city of us because it gives more of a head high, energetic, happy feeling, whereas because give you more of, ah stone feeling lazy. But I still smoke both. Other than that, I haven't had any bad side effects from marijuana, so for those people out there saying that it affects you in a negative way directly. Not true again. That's my personal opinion experience. So for those of you that say that marijuana makes you hungry, therefore you eat more or it makes you lazy. Er so you work out less. I personally believe it's all in your head. It's all mental. Once you get that down, you're good. In my case, it actually does not make me hunger. Reason why I smoke it actually kills my appetite. So it was actually really perfect for my crab, especially during the pudding face. I mean more. I smoked the last one there again. What more can ask for?

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