Eating Red Meat for Optimal Perfomance, Health Benefits and Risks

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It's really You know how I eat a lot of beef. They had a lot of cow, you know, as a bodybuilder. Do you know that not everybody builder eats a lot of beef? In fact, Super League Pro and Worlds tell us Body better hair and read doesn't like he didn't beef and he does like his vegan. Now he's vegetarian. He does a lot of meat on a lot of protein, like eggs and chicken, sometimes pork. But he doesn't like beef, and I want to know why. So let's have a read answer for us. How come I don't put red meat in my diet programs? I don't need too much of myself. How come I don't, uh, you know, recommended for my clients, the thing with red meat is is simply this. I'm not against red meat, but what I have learned over the years that typically most people can't have high amounts of red meat in their diet and feel optimal level of health. I know for me personally, I would have read me my diet a little bit, but it's not something I consistently do. You chicken and fish all the time. A eggs. Those are my main source of protein. I will eat red meat, but however it's not a stable, I don't recommend it tends to slow me down if that makes any sense. So you know, for my clients is the same, and it's not because of some other major health situation. But sometimes I think there's something to that. If it slows you down, doesn't make you feel your best oppression be eaten at all time. So there's that You heard it first. Eat right train art. Stay focused. Got make them gain, son. Thank you, Erin, for clarifying. It wasn't sure if you avoided red meat for health purposes or because you thought it had some negative impact on body building. Sounds like it's mostly a preference, but then also the fact that it takes longer to digest. But that's the reason why I eat it at night, because that way I can digest the red meat over tonight or if I eat it during the daytime, I heated in smaller amounts. I also choose lean cuts of beef, and I trim the fat off. Or and I usually don't eat things like hamburger because that large, saturated fat I can definitely feel that slowing me down slows my digestive system down, makes me feel all clogged up, basically has a whole bunch of calories with no benefit to my body personally. So I'll keep eating the beef a few times a week and also be hitting the chicken, eggs and fish with you, my friend, are freedom be swollen swole pioneers of human evolution?

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