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So you know, I have these three dimensional try seven pop down. That's because I injected him with the Hydra gene. It's just hyaluronic acid, which is used to the sight enhancement. It's also something people take or Leah's a pill for help joints, tendons, ligaments, skin collagen. But this this is a very dense the hydra Jean's a very dense form of it. So when I objected, it last much longer that oil people used to inject themselves with basically empty Teo City ball type names toe make the most of figure. But now the new technology is being highly crossing their fence. I can inject only two milliliters, and it's like I injected ten millilitres of another site so I could do less injections and then at last much longer. So I do two milliliters per site, and this is extremely healthy. This is under Dr Direction. This is, Ah, new common treatment, like we're in Thailand here. All the clinics use it. Use it to inject underneath the skin as a filler. Teo, you know, stretch out the skin and Phil because his skin gets thinner and you have less pushing. Do it. What makes your skin look softer, fuller and stretches out the wrinkles, so that's just barely addicted and skin for sight hands, but we're injecting it deep into the muscle. So I put it one point two five inches and either try set for my shoulder if I was doing a protest that I injected about once, but I pushed a little hard. I used a twenty for gauge needle, but it's a little hard to push twenty four. I could see why some people by using twenty three games for me, impressive twenty forty. It's no problem. And then as far as how much I use a CZ, much as I need to fill out the most like like my muscles were really big, like I don't really need a bigger I brought up a lot of my deficiencies with it. Uh, like my triceps. It's freaking amazing in my tricycle transit for very well defined before, but they were kind of flat. Now they have a three dimension to your shoulders. Look at my shoulder popping with my prices because the difference is if it was oil it would have destroyed, it would more likely distorted them, also faces and also has that like blew watery effect. But the hyaluronic acid seems to form in the muscles Expand the actual muscle brain water into the muscle like between the fibers, like four more to make it more three dimensional instead of the oil kind of just like falling up and making the most look softer and watery. Let's see what I'll do More, more future videos, demonstrations on how I use it. But I really have much only use it as needed It like I could only get us so often because I have, uh, yes, athlete in the United States Send it to me and then I use it And then, like it takes a while to get some Or when I'm out travel, but probably put like two a melon, one head of the tricep too, about the other end of the tricep, like once per week, Uh, for, like, a couple weeks And then, like a maintenance and maybe once a month, probably all it takes to maintain like this really awesome, three dimensional. And then, like part says it. Muscle factory. Jim. Oh, my God. He says that by, you know, when you put the site has been in any train like I trained with hard er, make the most of full of it stretches out the fashion from the inside. Then real muscle grows in its past. That was the theory behind sighting in the beginning and still is not the not the guys in Brazil that use it to make the most like lose. But just guys that use it like professional bodybuilders, most high level professional bodybuilders doing your site. But they used to use oil, and now some of them are switching to the ER hyaluronic acid. But if they use oil, they're injecting like ten ml and there and there, and they're injecting in deep with the longer needle. And then they're drawing a line where pulling needles out and injecting while they pull out underneath the muscle to make a line of it. I said, I don't want to go through that. That's That's one of the reasons I used. And Trevor got me use hydrazine, uh, because I don't want to be like injecting ten and l on myself and having, like, late lay a layer of it under my muscle to put that much oil in that much information, that much damage. It's not worth it to get a site. Hands oil the hydrogen having problems, but also because when my body breaks down and I get the whole the health benefits of the highly ironic acid, it's even cheaper than if I were to go. By Hyder. Lana Gas Bills Is this directly into my blood stream as it evolves? And it's a lot more more videos for you guys. I think this video is specifically for horrendous because render you ask a lot of spirit. And I think to this video to all well, it's old friends of freedom fighters. Evolution of the Ford, giving you more information on how to stay safe but first quality of your life.

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