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This is Hydro Jean information for me, Dr Huge. I was just requested by a lot of you to do a video Mohr information about hygiene and how you use it. So I'm unpacking Jing, the Hydra gene. It's two mil leaders of highly crosslink, very molecularly dense hyaluronic acid. The difference between this and annoyed based site enhancement that we're familiar with is the head. This absorbs water from the bloodstream so it swells up Muchmore than the volume of the actual what actually injected. So an oil. If I inject to ML, there's only two ml in the muscle with this. If I inject to ML, then there's actually going to be like five six, seven ml in the muscle because it'LL swell up absorbing water from the bloodstream. It's like a It's like a sponge, and then it breaks down over time, just like the the oil based site enhancement. The difference is the oil based doesn't really have health benefits or benefits to the muscle. Usually, some of them do have something added that helps the muscle. But when this breaks down, it's the same hyaluronic acid that people take by injection for and for longevity and for skin, hair, nails joints on Lee in a higher concentration and you could actually get bio available into the bloodstream through oral form soas faras protocols. The same protocol is any synth. All protocol works just fine. Um, I personally, since its two ml, I inject all to ml in the belly of the muscle. Let me just give you a demonstration on where I wouldn't objected. So, like, my triceps have a lot of it in it. You see how my shoulder comes in nice and tight and they might try set pops out, See how I have that three dimensional look that's from the hydra gene, because genetically, my muscles just don't have that pop in that belly in it. So that is the result of probably to ml right at what I do is I flex the muscle and then I look for the centre of the muscle, the belly of the Muslim. I just put it deep into the muscle. The deeper I put it, the better it looks. So I was putting it one engine, but one point two five inches deep made a big difference. Makes it look look much better. I also put it in my re adults. See, there's a couple places that it really put a c on my rear Adults pop. I mean, they're they're there. They pop a lot more than I probably could ever have gotten by weight training, and it's very noticeable. People comment on it positively all the time. And I mean, I've used it on and off because I've used so many of the experimental batches that we had. We've probably gone through Oh, like seven different manufacturers to find the best one. Injected them all into my body in high dosages into different muscles. And this was by far the best formulation, like nothing else came close to this. Except for that, this one was. This is this one has no negative reaction in my body. There was one that was a lot more potent where I could inject a fraction of this and it would swell up. Even Mohr. It also made me feel really sick and dehydrated. So this one, I've never had any side effects, no matter how much I how much I use, So I would do like to ml here. And then I'd wait a few days just to make sure it's not too sore. Usually It's barely sore if if at all, and then I do work out, the muscle is normal. And then I would nothing if I wanted you to email here than the next time I would do to a mil here a couple days later. Whatever. The next time I do this had to ml I'm gonna do too well. Here you have it just kind of do a little bit different spot along the belly, that muscle every time. Sorry, it seemed to be holding a little bit of water right now that she can't not much definition as there should be. I've also put it in my upper chest, so see if you can see well, it looks like. See how I now have an upper chest had ever had in upper chest before. Let's there's hydrogen right there and there, and it follows the contour of the muscle. Like if I would have put the oil, it would've been a ball. But with this, it seems tto look natural, like you can't tell. I've had hydrogen, no synth all you can't tell. There's any site enhancement on my body at all from it, and this's the same thing they use for penis enlargement and they put like, ten ml in people's penises so I could actually put ten ml. I could load up, you know, to amount to him. L to ml to him, l to Hamilton. I could just totally loaded my Tracy. But I don't need to like this is pretty drastic. This is pretty effective. It requires some maintenance, but not a lot, because some of the permanent Muslim grope and growth and muscle shaping is his permanent, so long as the muscle has worked out. So, I mean, when when I'm asked what protocol to do, Honestly, I don't know what to say, because it's like I could technically use an unlimited amount. The more I used, the bigger the muscle will get. And most of the results I see about four days after the injection as it over a four day period of time absorbs water into the muscle so I could do one to ml injection right here. And it would make a little bit of a difference, Or I could do you know, two male, two female to a male to a melon. It would make a really big difference and then if I wanted it to look that extreme all the time, I'd probably do the same thing like once a month, even though it probably last many months that would, you know, make the muscle even bigger because grow over time and then shape the muscle like I don't put it everywhere. All right, if I was gonna put if I wanted every muscle to grow, I just take more steroids and growth hormone. But I don't I don't want to be two hundred fifty pounds. I want I'm shaping the muscles. I'm trying to be symmetrical, trying to bring up weak body parts. And that's why, like I wouldn't inject this in that lower chest. Look at the size of my lower chest is massive. Hey, I wouldn't inject it in my front, Dealt my front delts are already too big, so I inject it in a specific part of my side adult, where I think it it's lacking. I put it in the rear. Del my back definitely doesn't need anything. It seems crazy to inject it in the legs. Although some of our people have calves air super painful. I've done that, but I don't really like how much it hurts, but it's definitely an effective in the calves. I've done the side of my I've done the braking, Alice right there, definitely effective. That's actually a really good place for it because it's a small muscle, so it's very noticeable. The results. I obviously would never do my forearm. I wouldn't do my traps. But I know people that have I wouldn't do my lats one of the best places, actually that I did. It was in the in the mid chest right here, and it didn't cause any distortion like lucky. I'm just demonstrating. So you see that you can't see where I put it, other than I look really symmetrical as a result from it. But I'm not telling you guys to use this. You know, anything you put in your body is your own responsibility. I believe in freedom and to make the choice to what to put in your body based on having true facts and information. And don't just take my word for anything. Do your research be swell in school. Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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Tony where could someone obtain this compound?