Injecting Test Intramuscular | Dr. Tony Huge

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So your doctors prescribed you testosterone suspension, and now you're ready to inject it Inter muscularly the way into the site in which you want to enhance or want to bring more muscle growth, too, because testosterone suspension is one of the few hormonal steroids that actually cause the site enhancement muscle growth into the muscle in which it's injected for reasons while explain another video. But this video is the demonstration. So I'm going to clean the area in which I'm going to inject it this time the right trace up, and I'm gonna flex the muscle. According to my doctor's recommendation, I flex the muscle and I find where the belly of the muscle is, and then I relax and I pick some kind of mark on the skin of where that is on. Then I I'm going to inject with twenty seven gauge half inch needle, which is a little bit too shallow, but I have no body fat. I had a little bit of body fat. I'd definitely use at least at least a one inch needle. Okay, so they're flexed and right about there so I injected. My doctor says that the speed of the injection isn't really important. Notice how this is a twenty seven gauge needle of very small diameter needle, and yet it's very easy to push. That's because I'm using a one ML syringe. If I was trying to push it through a three ml syringe, I might need a larger diameter needle because it is half an inch and putting pressure on the skins and the needle goes deeper and because the short needle tip I'm also going to put pressure on afterwards because otherwise the oil comes leaks underneath the ready go. Otherwise the oil will leak underneath the skin between the muscle in the skin and the fat layer, and that caused a lot of irritation. So I'm putting pressure, and I might even pull the muscle aside so that the injections so that can't leak up through the same injection site, sort of like a post injection Z track. I call it. I think I made that up. I don't think I've ever heard anybody else say that. So there it is. Today you learned how my doctor prescribed me to do a site enhancement local injection of testosterone suspension be swelling, swole Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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