Is Bodybuilding Painful? | Dr. Tony Huge

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This video is for beginners. It is. Body building is painful. Guillermo was just telling me he feels a block. We're trying to analyze what type of walk that he's feeling in his transformation, who isolated that? It's just because this is very difficult, whether it's training hard and by hard training. I mean painful training. I mean pushing your body past the limit. It's difficult. Dieting is hard not eating the foods you want to eat. You know, not starving yourself to death. But leaving yourself a little bit hungry, and I eating foods that you crave that makes you grumpy, makes you tired. Makes it hard to put a lot of effort. You need to learn howto work around that. Whether it's injecting, injecting can be painful. I was talking to a guy the other day who's been working out for a while. He's not making progress when he wanted to know why, so analyzed his workout, and he stops when it gets painfully stops before it gets painful. So he never crosses that pain threshold. Baby pain barrier. In fact, his entire life he's never worked out hard enough to feel the pain and then go past the pain, and that is what body building is. That's what makes us stronger. That's what makes a more muscular have a better physique. That's what builds our mental fortitude all the things that body builder's need to be successful, or anybody who wants a superhuman physique, for that matter. And that's why when you go in the gym, you might see people in the gym doing the same thing every day, their training set six days a week, consistently an hour per day. Their diet is OK, and they're making like no progress. It's because they never actually pushed past that barrier. They just go up to that pain barrier. So it's just a reminder that bodybuilding is about pains about embracing the pain. If I had to really simplify, it's for people. What makes a successful bodybuilder? It's embracing what's difficult, pushing past the pain barrier, every set, every hardworking set way should feel pain in the muscle. It should hurt, and we should push past that. Just a reminder, because I don't think that most people I know that as you are looking around in the background of this video, he's long stole my friend's freedom pioneers, human evolution

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