L-Carnitine, HGH and Insulin Demonstration | Dr. Tony Huge

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I'm going to demonstrate how I used injectable carnitine and growth hormone insulin. Under my doctor's direction with Dr Permission, Dr. Supervision and a prescription does not get any more legitimate or medically sanctioned than this. I am following precise doctor's orders. No gray area, no hardcore, nothing. No deviation. I'm using the alcohol swab according to doctors direction, where I clean my shoulder in a circular fashion, beginning from inside to rotating out like this and our checked the Ark all suave, and I see how dirty is if it's very dirty. Then I will use a second alcohol swab for disinfection and sanitation purposes, and I'm going to inject the injectable carnitine first. This's thie enhanced athlete injectable carnitine. This is an over the counter amino acid, one hundred percent natural, suspended in bacteria. Static water for sanitation. Purpose is one hundred percent sanitary, one hundred percent legal, no gray area whatsoever, no even remote possible health side effects. According to my doctor, following precisely the regimen recommended by many FDA is across the world, and only thing is, it's been sitting in the needle old day. I'm doing it with one hand, so it is going kind of slow. This's three ml it is three hundred milligrams per analysis is nine hundred milligrams of all natural, unadulterated, pure, healthy, non gray area carnitine. But this is not medical advice for you. This is to be done on ly under your doctor's supervision. This is for educational entertainment purposes only. This is four units of growth human growth hormone, along with ten units of a human load, fast acting insulin according to my doctor's prescription and recommendation and use precisely as directed for demonstration purposes, and I'm putting it right into the shoulder about inchoate from the quarantine. Although the injection location doesn't matter, the reason I do this video is just so more people get more comfortable with injections of home who've been directed by their doctor to do their own injections at home. Because for people who have a prescription to do injections every day, they don't have to go to the doctor every day. And this is a video that I wish that I had seen prior to doing my injections to help take some of the fear away from doing it. Because when your doctor tells you to sort of protocol like this and inject home, sometimes there can be some fear and anxiety, which is a healthy about it. So always follow Doctor's supervision, Dr Recommendation. And until next time, I look forward to giving you more educational content to help you prevent certain side effects from used drugs to improve your quality of life under sanction medical practices

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