Stiff Leg Deadlift Tips for Hamstrings

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Doing stiff leg, dead lifts. He's got a couple tips for us, especially for me, because I'm glued. Dominant. My glutes, My butt muscles are pretty big. Hamstrings are pretty small. He's got some tips on how I can use the stiff leg dead lift to work my hamstrings. And while we're explaining this, we got Max over here doing hey was doing four hundred and eighty five pound hip thrust doing a drop set. Alright, so far as Faras leaning on the toes versus the hell most of time we see people leaning on the heel. They put a plate under their toes, they lean back. Why is that not most effective hamstrings for me? Personally, I'm dominant like you think he's a little different. Okay, so any time you're loaded, the hell you're pushing the truck back or is he just take over? So there's only two things I think about when I'm doing a stiff like a dead left for me to go. Number one. I try to keep on my toes because I feel more hamstring and less blue. Quance fired a little bit more and then when I come all the way down, I like the bottom of the range emotions, like all the way down and lie about up to the knee because that passed the ni. I feel my lips sweet and forward and they take off. So notice when I'm doing this, I'm gonna stay relatively low. Immigration demonstration time. Let's see it. Flip the camera around for you. Well, how do you learn? See if I can show you. Notice he doesn't have the plate under his heels. Also, wide stance, really wide stance. I like that she's asking for lewd activation. Okay, so the stances shoulder with too wide does seem to be pointing roughly forward, just a very slight bend. And he's not coming up all the way because of the top of the range of motion. That's gonna work the glutes a lot, so there's no right or wrong for him with this. It's just that he's adapted this exercise to bring up his weak points. Now, if his weak points were instead his loot, then he would be doing more of the top range emotion he'd be rounding is back more, and he'd be putting plates under his toes. You could adapt it for two completely different sets of muscle groups to work. It All right. Now it's my turn. We're going to sign off the swollen school. Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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