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Congratulations. Your doctor has prescribed you testosterone. Now it's time to load a syringe with the prescription testosterone. I'm going to show you how I load a syringe using an eighteen gauge needle tip. My preference is to actually use a smaller needle tip like, uh, twenty one gauge would be my preference. The reason why we use a bigger needle tip to extract the testosterone. His testosterone comes in an oil based solution, and if we're going to inject it, we want to use a smaller needle to inject it to create less damage to the tissue. But we want to use a bigger needle to extract it from the vile, so it's much easier to extract. So I'm going to inject myself with a twenty seven gauge needle tip. I usually use a twenty seven or twenty nine gauge, sometimes even a thirty gauge. Keep in mind that the larger the gauge, the smaller the diameter of the needle. So an eighteen gauge needle tip is much bigger in diameter than a twenty seven gauge needle tip, so eighteen gauge to extract the oil so it comes out easily into the syringe twenty seven gauge to inject the oil according to doctor's recommendation in prescription So I'm going to set the the needle tip. I'm gonna take the needle tip off of the syringe twenty seven gauge, and I'm going to put on the eighteen gauge needle tip. And the reason I decided to do this video is because one of my friends said, Oh, my gosh, you use an eighteen gauge needle to extract the testosterone. I only use twenty one gauge because the needle is so big. This is what he's saying. The needle is so big that it takes a chunk out of the lid of the testosterone, vile. So here's how I do it so it doesn't take a chunk out of the lid. See if we can get close enough so you can see you see the long side of the tip. See, there's a beveled. So one side of the tip is long and sharp, and the other one is shorter. So when I put it in, I put the obviously the sharpest tip, goes first and then pushed down. See us spending a little bit. I pushed down towards, and I leave a little air in the vial, so you leave the air in the mile. I pushed down towards the longer part of the needle and that as you as you make the insertion into the rubber and you pushed down, it separates the rubber without actually carving a piece out of it. If you go straight in fast, you're going to take a chunk out of the rubber and you have chunks of rubber floating around in the vial and and then your vials gonna leak because you've punctured it so many times with such a giant Neil from the top, which is what my friend was saying, Why would you use that size? You know? Watch how easy this is, Woop. It comes right out. See if it was a twenty seven gauge, Neil, it wouldn't have come out fast like that. And then, No, I should have said I should have said this part of it when I put it in because I have a little bit of air, I push the air out. So if there is any chunk of rubber, I just pushed it out of the needle tip and then I draw back. So what is that? There's something in here, Something in that. What is that? I think it's a crystal ization of the steroid. I'm gonna get that out, shake it up a little bit, try to avoid that. That's also why I don't draw from down here because then settlement. If there's anything in there, you're going to suck that in and said I pushed the needle up a little bit and I draw from a little off the bottom. Oh, okay, So another reason why maybe eighteen gauge is an optimal. There's some crystal ization of the in this vial and because it's a high concentration and some of the crystals have come into the syringe, if I want to use a twenty one gauge, maybe it wouldn't sucked up the crystals. The only issue with the crystals. If you inject the crystals, it hurts, which is OK. And then also, if I put in a smaller needle tip then then it might not go through the needle that might get stuck trying to come out the smaller needle tip that does happen. Now I take the eighteen gauge needle tip off. I put the twenty seven gauge needle on. That's it. In another video, I will demonstrate how my doctor has instructed me to inject this prescription medication. He's swollen. Swallow Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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