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Sight. Steroid injection, local muscle growth. I'm Dr Tony Huge here with Josh Allen. Josh, do you think based on your experiences, we travel the world talking about the underground bodybuilding community and your own personal experimentation that certain steroids do have a local growth effect on the muscle in which it's injected? I do absolutely believe that I've been actually using a test suspension for about the last month and a half, almost two full months, and you can see noticeable size growth in my biceps and triceps where I've been using use the testes mentioned. It's a hundred milligrams. It's suspended in a PG. You can also get testes mentioned suspended in water as well. I prefer the PG is less infection or less possibility of infection on it really works. The bio availability is rabid or instant versus the n and the recipient eight, which is slower Esther's and reduces the bio availability specific to that one muscle. Where you injected there is There is theory that says, if you continue to inject with the end date or or whatever else because of the information, But it still does help muscle growth over future of time. But it's not similar to the same with the Aesir lace, where the bio availability is able to hit the androgen receptors in that local area to get a better effect for that local area. In future videos, we're going to talk about which steroids or most in fact, in effective at sight enhancement, whether it's just test suspension or other ones work equally well. We're going to talk about inflammation versus the actual anabolic effect, and is there really a difference? Is it the inflammation causing the growth? Or is it the steroid itself causing the growth of another good debate for a future video be swollen swole Friends of Freedom pioneers, Human evolution.

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