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Is this lifestyle and success tips and tricks, Dr Huge Guillermo. He's having trouble in the morning when he wakes up. He's very foggy, his brains foggy. He feels lazy. He knows he wants to accomplish a whole bunch of goals, but he wakes up apathetic and it's hard. Even though his mind wants to do something, it's hard to get his body moving, and this is a really common problem. I know it's a common problem because I've had enough friends I've seen Wake up in this state of mind. I'm gonna give you three tips. Three tips to try because everybody's different. Everybody has their own reason for experiencing this morning apathy and morning bog laziness. Number one is the Tony Robbins style, which is You jump up and you say something motivational to yourself and you just yell it loud, take a deep breath, get that oxygen flowing and just force yourself to do something. It's ridiculous, right? It's like a kindergarten teacher teaching kindergarten kids to do something, But it works. I had a fourth grade teacher that looked out over the all the class, and he's like he's like, how many of you are happy? And the fourth creators like now we're not happy, we don't want to be in school. Whatever he is, he said, I want you. This is part of your grade. I want you to fake a smile right now. Everybody fake a smile and everybody faked a smile is like All right now however, I am really happy interviewed each one of us and we actually felt happy I actually made a difference. You force yourself to smile you'LL feel happy You force yourself into a high energy state you'LL get pumped up your blood. Oh, start moving. You can't help but get it. You're excited. So it's It's like a self fulfilling prophecy. Laziness breathe, laziness, Excitement breathes excitement. So you just got to force yourself to shift gears. All right? Tip number two would be toe have ah list of things that you do in the morning. That way, when you wake up, you're not thinking Oh, you know, overthinking and your action. You're in action mode. Imagine the military. What's the military doing? The wake up. They have a regimented thing. They don't have time to think about being lazy. They don't know what they do. They put it to you. Wake up. They tied their boots. They put the thing on. They take a shower there in a time constraint situation. So the night before, or just every morning you have a checklist. It might even say Brush my teeth because when you checked that box, either on the piece of paper or mentally, you get a reward. You get a little dopamine burst and you start getting these reward chemistry, things happening, your brain for accomplishing even small tasks. And before you know it, these task start speeding up. You accomplish more and there's less thought going into it. And if there's something that really needs to get done, then it's on your list. Like do one hundred push ups. You're going to do one hundred push ups and you're going to check that box. And you're gonna feel really good for doing those one hundred push ups because you got the dopamine rush. Like drugs. You're teasing your brain with drugs, but it's natural drugs because drugs from accomplishing something. But you got to set the goal. You gotta accomplish it and those little tasks on the piece of paper. They help you do it. It's an exercise you don't always have to have a piece of paper with a list of menial morning tasks. But it's a good way to start to get in that habit. And all of a sudden your brain will start rewarding you for all those little morning tasks that you accomplished. Third would be to take drugs in the morning. I should've said that first, but you could wake up a lot of people. Hit the snooze button, wake up, pop some caffeine, ephedrine, whatever's legal in your country as a stimulant and go back to sleep thirty minutes later. Boom. You should wake up with a burst of energy, right? So I don't like the idea of like waking up. And if you're going to just be in the lazy statement on your trick and just kind of like slowly let let it kick in No, Keep it by the bed, poppet. Go back to sleep, then wake up with a rush of energy. Got momentum. So So you have your full day started with high energy and it never it never dropped. Then you'LL have to figure out how to deal with crash on those stimulants later, be swollen. Full friends of freedom pioneers, human

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