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T R T testosterone replacement therapy for a twenty eight year old. Thanks. I'm Dr Tony Huge. And we've got a twenty eight year old here who, uh, who uses T R T to improve his quality of life. Your testosterone crashed, even though you never did a testosterone cycle either just from aging or from from stress, just from life. Life stress got onto me. U n got blood work done. Your testosterone level crashed to To what? It was one MGM L I'm not sure how you measure it, but it was the lowest point Rebels below. And what symptoms were you experiencing from having low testosterone? So I was tired. I waas a low energy, pretty much everything. About slightly depressed. And so I went to the hormone cleaning. How did you even notice goto the hormone? Did you think that these were sometimes I just I did a lot of research. Okay, You know what? This looked up the symptoms you saw. Okay, So then the hormone clinic gave you what? The hormone clinics prescribed me with testosterone and even the growth hormone. And there will something else. I think our medic one of those jenna aroma taste in theaters. So I didn't do I just I just wanted the street like a former pharmacy because you're combining the pharmacy here. I started doing in our tree months, uh, cycle. And then I got off. During the cycle, albums in the hires will have ten eleven around ten. Eleven. So I think you mean like, one thousand or eleven hundred or twelve hundred. Like when? Very highest Ranger above What's normal? Shoot it up. And then I did my pct with flow made normal dicks dicks for five weeks on two weeks off, I think. The test again. And it was a six. So it went from one before I took any anything. Any chemicals, right? Two, six. After after the party after with your body started producing testosterone again. So you know, we started the whole process. What dosage of testosterone, Where you're taking when you were on site on my first cycle levels doing two hundred milligrams per week and now my seconds, like a few hundred. How about I don't think I don't need to go higher. And how frequent were the injections? Uh, sometimes I would do once a week you find trouble, or normally I would have two times a week. One fifty Where did you inject the glue with? Remember what size needle? I don't remember. But it's the color to twenty five, I think. Do you remember of his testosterone sippin ate anything? Which Esther? It's an instructional and intake buyer and anti fire. Oh, Bayer And a prescription. Okay. All right. Well, thanks for sharing. And thank you guys for learning with us pioneers, Human evolution.

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