What’s Better Than Keto Diet? | Coach Steve

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Can you just relate real quick? The ketogenic diet. What do you think is better than the ketogenic diet and why? So, ideally, you want to do something like carp cycling, where at least have cards around to work out simply because you provide the fuel for the workout. I don't believe that the actual body of work should be a place where you burn fat. I mean, you could burn fat, obviously, during workouts. I mean, it's it's very helpful and saves time to do cardio, but workout should always be a hundred percent. Otherwise, the muscles just going to go and you need that hypertrophy stimulation to keep or growing to the show. Keep the muscle are growing to the show. So with the ketogenic diet, especially prolonged cugini, diving your thyroid metabolism slows down a bit. And since we didn't want to go that route to introduce all these thyroid hormones, you know one point you're just the only thing you could do. Is Adam insane cardio to stay lean, and then the humans that Klaus is marginal because your thyroid is basically half what it used to. You need to carbohydrates to boost your metabolism, and without the presence of carbs and me retire is he's going to slow down. So we have the optimal diet for female muscle building and fat loss, which is carbohydrates around the workout time. Then we have the key to genic diet, which isn't this an optimal, but it does provide really good fat loss and health benefits. And then what would be the worst diet for females? And just be like a high carbohydrate all the time by protein, vegetables, protein best lost my protein? No fat, no carbs. Be a worse time for writing basic ALS. I've seen so many bikini girls do that, you know, first of all, because I have no muscle to actually burn it. They got two bikini competitions way too early. Within within six months of James went to her. You need you need to build muscle. You built your body first before you do that, so the protein and vegetables gets what metabolism practice even more than you getting back. And then I have one cookie in its home. It's all right,

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