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In the world is Coach Trevor. Number one question of the year. I think lately since River has been on the underground. What is Coach Trevor been doing on the Underground? I'm here with Daniel in Porta Vallarta, who's been working with goods. Trevor on one of the three main projects that is occupying coach Trevor's time, the other two being the development of a new enhanced athlete product and thie enhanced athlete gym in Sacramento. So now you're going to hear what the third element of what Coach Trevor's been up to is. What's Coach Trevor doing down here? Well, Coach, I'm trying to get well, Coach was helping me out immensely with everything, actually, cause he's a genius. And now we've been getting to the bottom of stem cells of Mexico together. Figure it out. What are the proper stem cells? You know who's doing what. Who's going to open up their doors and show us the tech in the facility and the time and the money invested in their tech facility and talk to us about everything. And we've been doing a little many video. Siri's breaking us all down. Someone about to put that up through my channel. Where jenna max dot com Coach Trevor's a cynic. He automatically thinks everything's a scam because you know the supplement industry is ninety percent scam, ten percent, really. You know, on the steroid industry is probably seventy five percent riel and twenty five percent scam. Still still a lot of scams. Now we have this stem cell thing's, which isn't It can be if the clinic is overcharging and under producing an incredibly profitable business. But if you'd done correctly, it, uh, definitely it costs. It costs a lot of money, even even if a stem cell clinic was to not mark up very much. All the materials cost time. Just the raw stem cells themselves rial. One that transported correctly and that's our money is the money is. And actually you know, the money that they invested in their technology and paying their biotechs and producing the stem cells. The money is not going to the doctor who does an intravenous treatment like any doctor could do an intravenous drip and any double knot. Any doctor put needles into the joints in that, but it's not. My point is, it's not brain surgery to actually get the procedures. The big question is, where to the stem cells come from? Are the proper MSC stem cells have they've been treated like to make sure that you're not gonna have to moral growth later on from, you know, the wrong stem cells. So Trevor's been down here working on that Daniel experimenting with the actual stem cells from the source, visiting the biomed clinics. And then he's coming back down. He went back up Tio Sacramento to work in a gym and for product development. And he's coming right back in just a few days to work at this stem cell clinics. Well, yeah, we had some great results. We fixed his knee in his shoulder. We're the intravenous treatments. We did percent to implants treatments. And then, like Trump, took care of a couple of joints. He still has the other joints to fix up the officers shoulders and knees because he's been a broken individual for years. But he has such great results on the other one's. He's been like screaming it from that from the mountain, all his friends and they were okay, but But here's the thing. Coach Trevor is pretty under us. I mean, he actually doesn't know. Does he have a basic face changing the phone every other day and always trying? It doesn't have a stable phone number. Stable email on purpose. He doesn't want to be in the limelight. Kind of like the opposite of Daniel and I. So So how? How so? It's the only way you can really get him. Is winning when he's here and he's interested. Waken turn the videocamera got left you because of that one. He's like, super interested, too. We needed them for all of his injuries. So like as soon as it became real down here, when our doctors like, Well, this is happening, I want to get at it assumes that I called travel came down right away because I like Trump Stem cells, is like he's been waiting. So he came down with, you know, Like I said, we went to Guadalajara, met with everybody and did the treatment, and that was coming back with two pro wrestlers. We got the super beast and we got guys name. I can't remember his name, but I played him on a video game before and with him and then Chris. Damn, hopefully is coming down soon, too, to get some treatment. So it's coming along, you know, we're gonna help the people. One person at a time if we have to be swollen. School friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution.

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I was wondering where Trevor has been. For a minute I thought he was the best friend Dr Tony had a falling out with, as he explained in the movie Enhanced. Glad to hear Coach Trevor is still on the EA team!!