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I recently got a package from an ass athlete and I'm very impressed with There's quite a few things in here. I think it's best if you explain what you sent to me because our what was sent to me because, honestly, I don't know. I know a rapid ionic acid, and I've been dying to try this. So thank you for sending this to me, man, because I really, really need to help my recovery. I know. I never Well, this works. I've done the research. I'm glad that yours is the first one that I'm gonna try. So I'm gonna try this Given eyes for view on it. Is that something that I do? You know that I don't review stuff, but you know you do. But in all honesty, you guys have been sending me stuff for a while. And in all fairness, I owe you reviews. So a lot of the stuff you gave me works really good genius. I really liked it and tell the other products that you had. But let's just talk about this specific package. And also I want to thank you guys for the clothing I like to wear the clothing you guys did me. I really like what you believe in a beat bodybuilding aside as a person when we met. I like I like your philosophy. I like what you believe in. I feel we align on that and then bodybuilding justice kind of icing on the cake with us and science is just getting better. So you sent me of Blue Ox. You want to screw a little bit about that? Okay. Blue Ox, natural natural testosterone booster for Nazis and enhanced people. So even though I'm on cycles almost all the time, I practically never come off anabolic ce of some sort. Whether its arms are or steroids. I still take a natural testosterone booster almost like a male's multivitamin away, giving me a lot of the nutrients that my body is not only to build testosterone also to build muscle. So it's It's basically a combination of, Let's say, the three top seller protests are three best selling testosterone boosters on the market, all in one, which means that you see on TV what's being advertised on TV. Yeah, it's like that. But like all three of the top ones, all combined into one S o That means you have to take more capsule. So I think it says the serving size is four capsules on the bottle. But you would actually have noticeably more effectiveness if he took something like even six capsules and before bed is generally the best time to take it. Because that's generally when your body produces the most much testosterone before bed. Okay, Empty stomach, right? Uh, otherwise Fine. So and my picture, it looks like you're moving around a lot. It kind of looks like you're dancing a little bit. There we go. Yeah, I was setting up the tripod, so I didn't have to hold the phone. Seems like not very. Okay, So So you think this would work similar Teo hcg for people that are on, you know, logos this classroom to keep them keep their system standing down. We're Yeah, it's the same idea, but not quite as powerful. She will depend on the dosage of HCG. Maybe it would be equal to taking two hundred fifty I you of hcg per week, but it wouldn't be equal to taking five thousand. You have HCV for weeks, but similar right yet? But even if someone's taking HCG. They should still be taking the natural testosterone booster weather on or off cycle. Right. And this is something that you've been talking about for a while. In fact, you were one of the first people that I spoke to was using a CT on a cycle and getting a blood test it to see what the results were. So we could we could do a whole second on that, but slim, slim insulin mimicking. So I have not taken any of these. I'm going. I'm going to try him when you come in. This is that's taken with meals. Yeah, with Kai. Carbohydrate meals would be its most effectiveness. Or if you want to wake up in that fasted state where your blood sugar is really low and you've been burning fat the last three hours of sleep and you're gonna do fasted cardio in the morning, then taking it before bed is an excellent thymus. Well, you you know what's unique about you is your body processes carbs pretty well. You've got a super fast metabolism, so you are probably already extremely insolent. Sensitive. Yeah, but I'd still want you to experiment with it because you know, most your unique. Not a lot of people have of metabolism your fast, your speed at your age. But I think still it may actually help you have more carbohydrates and then hold more carbohydrates. Muscle. But it's gonna be a good experiment with you. Excellent. I can't wait to try it because you don't mean I've experimented with insulin site. I want to try these two. And Lucas, um, or academic asset we have here play Plato Credit roll fight A draw that's a natural anabolic plants Starr relax, agenda and fight. A SOMO encapsulated so it absorbs very well and it's not going to be near his powerful its arms. It's not going to be near his powerful of steroids, but I still take it. I still take it is just a little bit like a supplements on anabolic on top of the other boys. This isn't around for this has been around for years And correct me if I'm wrong. But would you still be considered Nat if you took this? Yes, my opinion. Yes, it would be similar to like some of these other products, like a central ACS and back of the day, baby, that Teo increase. It was from Jin seeing or from Red Route Bar or any of these different things that were coming to tow increased natural systems from station idea. And, you know, when you asked whether whether you'd be considered Nati, there's It's hard to say what the standard for that is because none of us are really natural. Even you eat any food in America, you're no longer natural getting all kinds of chemicals. Ah, but one. One standard we could use for that is the World Anti Doping Association list of banned substances for sports. So we should We should do some content on the future on what compounds that are on the market would would violate that. Which ones would not. And then by that, we could define what Matty is. And there's not every muscle. Yeah, epic adage in. So that's ah, ingredient in costs are sorry. Hot chocolate tart. I'm on insulin right now. My blood sugar's well, I'm a little disoriented. You need to get it. Do you need to get some fruit or something? No, no, I'm I'm writing that. I'm writing that at driving it up so hard. Yeah, riding it out and then I'LL After a while, you know it's gonna be spectacular. It's gonna feel so good. Oh, wait. Yeah, that's what I'm going for. So epic adage in is in Chocolate and it's supposed to be a mile staff editor, and the science says that it's effective on paper. But I haven't seen any spectacular results from it yet from any case, studies of people that I've worked with. So it's something that I'm experimenting with right now, So I wanted you to have it because I'm starting the test, my outstanding levels in our blood of myself and our athletes. And so I'm going to be talking a lot about it, and I'm gonna be updating you on that. So I want you to kind of caught up on some of the supplements that were experimenting. That's one of their supplements, were experimenting with the lower my staff. Awesome. And and there's one left on that, and I'm sure we're going to talk about how we could take easy construction. But well, uh, met medal or or or X? Yeah, that's foster tick acid. Another one. That on paper, is an effective, um, animal look stimulator kind of similar to what you'd say A plant sterile. It's found in less than a natural ingredient. Definitely still be considered natty by taking it its effectiveness again unknown and in humans and my experience, because I haven't run enough studies on it. So what I'm doing with those natural supplements that we just went over right now is I'm starting to get a few people. We actually did the blood. We just did the blood work, and they're going to start these cycles. And we're gonna take really high doses of these things that were going to seek Compare the results that they're getting. Two previous experiments have done with storms, so we can kind of gauge or even steroids trying to see if you even reach near by combining those three with the slit in their economic asked. And I was feeling even close to storms and steroids. So with that we're looking at we're looking at I mean, it looks it looks like the combo should be all taken it wants. Is this correct? Yes. That is the natty staff. Write this the natty step. Okay, pull. And I, uh, times and the matty batting. At times you Khun Bridge. You Khun Bridge. Between cycle of that, uh, you can call yourself Matty and see if you can compete in a natural body building. You know, Tony, these days you can self identify as anything, right? Yeah. There you go. Your jet, your gender. Your one of your eighty three genders is Nati My superhuman, though. But you can join me in my gender if you want.

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