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Way. Never had really talked about because years were going by. A lot of videos have been taken down off YouTube because of censoring, which were both opposed. Teo. But a lot of people don't know that I actually helped you for competitions, and I would like for you to kind of elaborate on how we met. What do you know how we decided to go forward as far as me coaching you. How I first met you was you had reached out to me because you thought it was interesting. Some things that I said in the video because it was in alignment with your your early theories on bodybuilding. And you were like, How did you know this? How did you come across this information in? Ah, I said Coach Trevor, I was giving you this information, and then Ah, And then when you wanted Teo Connect more than I asked Coach Trevor who you were. I said, Is this someone that I should be talking to or is? He sounds like he's got a lot of experience. Know they're talking about it. The full of crapper. Is he the real deal And coach turn was like, no way, That's good. That's what we nicknamed the guru means he said No, no way. That I mean, that's his initial writings were some of the foundation of this Trevor saying that some of the foundation of my early knowledge about body building that made me think outside the box it was a mean who was coaching people behind the scenes. Nobody knew who you were because you were very secretive about it. But you had, Ah, these protocols you had given pro bodybuilders and coach Trevor the way he learned as he was collecting protocols of all of top bodybuilders from all the top coach coach ever seen it all. You've seen every protocol from every top Olympia bodybuilder, and yours came up a lot. And it was the way that you were thinking about things was different outside the box. And that triggered Trevor thinking outside the box. Trevor was then on his way to going to medical school, and so he was deep in the biology and chemistry, and that was teaching him all the basics and thinking inside the box. And he found your writings which made him think outside the box, which led to a cascade of of other research that he ended up doing on himself and then taking it, you know, to the to the extreme. Strangely enough, a lot of people that I've help aren't really adamant about saying that I worked with them. I think that they like to believe that they have this knowledge to themselves. It's interesting because it's it's a business, you know what I mean? But Coach Trevor being one of the very, very intelligent people unknown now in the Internet because you brought him to life by him saying that it actually validates because I have I wasn't spoken about, you know, it was kind of like a well kept secret and for him to know about the and now getting an opportunity to be with you and put it on the Internet. A lot of people know me from enhanced athlete videos. A lot of people have heard about me from before that, but I wasn't a public. I wasn't in public. That wasn't doing video. So after we spoke after we spoke and you spoke to Trevor, I believe I met you in Florida. Is that correct? Yet less only met in person for the first time. That's right. Yeah, that's right. I remember. And you first came up to the door. You had a friend with you. Big time began and you came in and we had We were doing the Miami National Show and we had a crew about eight enhanced athlete from guys and girls hottie alerts. And we were shooting videos at the table there and hack. You jumped right in and and started shooting videos with us and started analyzing my body composition and my hydration. Goodbye, my minerals. And we started talking about what to do the day before the show. And you had already been talking on the phone about some tips toe get ready for that show. One thing stood out. Ah, that blew my mind. That still I still think about all the time. Aiken. Aiken. They say that if you want what really stood out. You okay? So I was I was crash dieting. And because that's what I do for shows, I prepare for shows and, you know, two weeks Most people take a tumble months. Yeah, and so I crash diet and I was and I was depleted, man and had to make weight. And I was way off from making wait and you told me to add carbohydrates in And I said, Are you crazy? If I had carbohydrates and I'm going to gain weight because muscle glycogen holds so much water and I'm trying to get rid of water and I'm trying to get rid of glycogen, that's how I'm going to cut weight. And you said, Trust me, please, just trust me. I know we have limited time, but one day you got to lose. You're not going to make way unless you do something different. I want you to have very small, very, very small amount of carbohydrates, like white rice, you know, spread very three completely throughout the day. And I want you to keep weighing yourself every time. And I did in my weight started dropping, and I started getting more shredded and more dense, and it just completely defies logic. Like how no one, I mean, of course, super advanced body donors and coaches now realized this. But it's something that I didn't realize, because it completely goes against everything you would assume about how the body works and and yet you were right. You know one of one of the things that, if you don't mind, I thinkI upon. When we got down there, one of the one of the team, one of the people on the team wasn't doing his laws he could have. And we're talking. Talking about Chain X came Bishop, and she had plans on doing something that he had done in the past and Trevor was concerned about. And both you and Trevor were concerned about it, and you asked me to intervene. He was going to do a cheeseburger and a sauna. Remember that specifically, and I actually haven't do something totally different. Would you? Would you feel as if it's a safe assessment to say that I helped Deacon for that show at the very last minute? Yeah, yeah, and and that's right. The hamburger and french fries thing. That's that. That's a great debate topic in bodybuilding. That's something that ah Bishop had always done. And I didn't really think that that really works for him that well, I think they're federal ways to approach it, But yeah, he listened to you, which is good. You got his attention and and he followed your advice. Even though you know, he can be a little bit stubborn. Thanks. Thanks to both of you guys. Kind of peer pressuring a little bit. But the difference that it made, I think, is what got him in his broker because when we looked at a means, he changes very quickly. But it was in a matter of twelve hours. It was like night and day. And then we got him very crispy and dry and and he came in a pretty close, respectable second. I would say, Yeah, and he's going to be. I think he's going to compete again in the future. And so one thing we need to do is figure out how to get him that paper thin, shredded skin and vascular because he's got flex wheeler type body structure, the most beautiful muscle bellies genetically gifted. But that last little bit of water to pull out for him is very hard. And hey gets very insecure about becoming coming into depleted, which you know, and at a high level like him, you and a pro bodybuilder level, you have to come in full. You can't can't come in flat, that's it. Game over. But at the same time, you also have to be shredded. And he's always erred on the side of trying to come in full and losing the death permission. And we really need to get him Oltra shredded because he's he's already got the shape. Yeah, he needs to peek. Ah, lot of a lot of issues that a lot of people have And I think it is one of them voice believing that you need more than you do. You know, like he really has exceptional genetics. And I said this when I was there. I've worked with a lot of people, and I can tell when someone has exceptional genetics and your heels you hear stories about, uh, I'm just going to say it because you don't You don't really hear it so much with Caucasians or other races, but specifically with African Americans or, in general, just black people. They a lot more of them tend to be like, scared to take higher dosages. She's not. He he doesn't mind, you know, he still go a little far, and I think unfortunately, you know, when you raise the bar, you may think you have to continue to raise the bar when, in fact a level of optimal ization for his body is much lower than someone like you or I. You know? Do you know why? Do you know why Bishop were kept going high on the dosages of gear? Because he has never had a steroid side effect. He has never had hair lawns. He's never had any sexual performance or libido issues. He's had never had any anxiety, anxious issues. His bloodwork is fine. I mean, he here's a guy who's been on chronic very high dosages of steroids and never had a single side effect, which I think it's. It's important that people know that because there's so much misinformation about their how dangerous steroids are. And yet there's so many people out there who will use them and even abused them and still not have any side effects. It all depends on your genetic disposition. I mean, like, it was just break free people. And I'm not saying, but this is Luke with ambition at all. But hypothetically, if you came from a long family lineage of heavy drinkers, okay, then you're deliver becomes more adapted to handle more toxics. So then you would actually be more suitable to handle high dosages of toxic steroids without it affecting you as much. On the other hand, if you have a history of any type of kidney or liver or, you know, even pancreas issues, you know steroids tend Tio, I would say, Exaggerate those so people and then just lie. It's very important that people understand what they're getting into prior to engaging in deciding whether they want to be in enhanced athlete or not. Always need to check your markers. Make sure you know your family history. Make sure you have an idea where you are now, and that's one of the best things that you contribute to this industry right now is making sure that people really keep up with their health is a matter of fact. You have you, you know somewhat. You do so much in the times that we speak together. But I've seen on Facebook that now you have a facility for people to get their blood tested and to get checked. Is this correct? Yeah, that's a Tony huge labs dot com, and so it's a lab in Southern California. That's where I run all my experiments on I go down there frequently, and I spend just ten hour days and consecutive days in the lab doing my own experiments and testing. Ah, and then we open it up to the public toe where anybody nationwide can order the lab kit. It gets mailed to them. They called the member, and my phlebotomist comes to their house or their work draws the blood and nails it right back to our lab. I like that. It's like I think it's two hundred and, oh, it's two hundred something dollars, I think, to the three hundred dollars, and that includes everything in the lab. Results are very fast. He and confidential. I don't even see the lab work and must must. Someone who work with lab asked me to look at it, eh? So it goes straight from the lab technician straight to the customer. E. This is extremely important. It's needed because there's really there's no group. There's an organisation or any group of doctors that air specifically looking out for, you know, steroid markers. You know, a hero Kara markers. And since we have that Okay, Andi, I helped you for three competitions, correct, two of which are in one of which you place well, you placed in the top ten, Correct? That was the Nationals. You want the overall, right? And that's where you got your sword. And you also in the first place. Which other shows that, uh, maybe Sacramento, maybe like you said. And since then, you haven't competed. I competed in, uh, I've probably done to competition since Los Angeles, I think at least one. Ah, one. And I came in. I only actually didn't prep for it. I just I maintain about nine point five percent body fat, so I cut for just a couple of days. So I shaved off a couple pounds of fat. Where was it? That was Yeah, I was in Sacramento. It was always a Sacramento. Okay, so I came in it Probably like seven and a half per cent fat. But I I know how to hide it on stage really well. And, you know, it's a little bit of Manipur mineral manipulation. Like you taught me that sodium, potassium aunt pulling the water out. It created the illusion that I probably had around six percent body fat, which is which is still too high for the stage. But I look like I belong up there. I looked decent. I got third place, if I remember correctly And the and and super heavyweight I think, uh, because they combine the heavyweight superheavyweight saw was one of the smaller going on stage Because I'm a heavyweight versus super happy. Yeah, I looked I looked like I belong up there but I didn't peek so well So I'm going to compete hopefully in the near future And this time I'll plan it a little bit more in advanced gives them more time to get shredded And then I'll help you I'll help you prepare for the last few days if you need me possum way You did You did have Remember when we first started talking You were very against Lasix. It was doing dangerous. You You said that it could be very harmful. We did use Lasix for the l. A. It worked well. You didn't have any cramps because we took precautions. I'm doing it. People just talk about You know what you did because you trusted me a lot. A lot of people don't don't know this, but you know, when tony came to me, he's a very very intelligent person. He's not like a lot of other people that come come to me for help. So when I'm asking him to do something, if it doesn't logically makes sense. He asked me for an explanation, and it needs to be at a very, very precise explanation because you're talking to someone who has intelligence enough to understand if you're bullshitting, not immediate needs to make sense. So one of the things that were concerning me was of course, you need to drop a lot of weight really quick. We didn't have a lot of time. I remember we had, like, correct me if I'm wrong. But it was like a day that you need to make weight. And during the twelve hours at this is by memory because you're very unique. Like I think I recall this breakfast during the day. In twelve hours, you lost seven pounds. Zakaria sounds about right. Yeah, that's that's yeah, it's been a long time, but that's that Sounds. But most people Jane wait during the day. But you've lost pounds during the day we met Lasix, you did not cramp. You didn't get flat, and it was primarily because of the potassium for, would you say Yeah, so? So something unique about my body. I mean, everybody loses minerals, but I seem to lose minerals a lot faster than most people, so I can get sodium depleted, magnesium depleted and potassium depleted faster than most people. I think I'm not sure why. So I was especially susceptible tramping ah, in preparation for a show from dehydration, especially from diary ticks or clam funeral. And so I was really hesitant to use a diary attic again because I was like, I'm just going to cramp up. I'm not even going to be able to pose. But the main problem was that I wasn't tree loading the potassium like you have the finally do. And when I pre loaded the potassium and I lo no longer had the the cramping And now and now I also know that because I am more in tune with the side effects of magnesium that I also need the loading magnesium, which is kind of probably more unique to me but also just goes to show how important minerals are from everything. Probably almost understated thing in bodybuilding use calcium to actually the reason I did not use a magnesium and counseling with you was because I was trying to get to lose way. They are actually really, really good and they shouldn't be used. But when you do use them, you won't lose much way. So we had to kind of take one of the other. We're tryingto lose really quick so that but yes, absolutely magnesium of these minerals. Eric's essentially important when you get down to the last several hours of competition and you think that you need to fill out and you eat sugar we'Ll spill over. But if you use potassium, you'll get hard and a lot of people just don't understand that it's more minerals. And it is like a Jenna tackle No s. So now I wanted to talk to you briefly about some stuff I discovered about growth hormone going all the way back to you know, you telling me about you getting growth, you're getting growth. This is a long time ago. So it's, you know, I'm not getting any technicalities or anything like that. But you had gone and not saying that you got yourself or anything like that. But you had obtained growth hormone from trying lot of people do OK, And you were getting your idea. Foreign levels tested. You also got some riel growth hormone. I can't nor the trope in. I remember this you told and you tested Bolt. You tested your idea for levels after both of them. And why don't you go ahead and explain what happened? Because after you explain this and I'm going to go and explain the science behind what's been puzzling me for years now, Okay, Well, the main thing that I notice is that when I combine the influence with the growth hormone, my jeff levels went through the roof. But if I was just to use the growth hormone by itself, the idea florist is don't increase is much. That's the main thing that I remember from the early experiments. Yeah, and the main reason for that is because idea if wanted actually a byproduct of insulin and growth hormone when they go through your liver and then it comes out his idea of point. So when you take insulin and growth hormone, your liver will create IVF one similar Teo Teo in collects or something like that, in my opinion, because your body is synthesizing it. It is the actual best version of it that you could use the muscle growth. You have to do it in in peaks. Those who keep it high all the time you desensitize yourself.

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