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What's up? Y'All Blackstone baller here. Quick questions for Dr Stony. Huge number one. Did Trevor ever paid double? Yeah, Well, Trevor gets looks, that's for sure. He gets looks like he should pay double double. So what happened is that first came along when he and I are in a like a subway station in Asia. They have these trains where they just pack everybody in. And if you're an American, you're probably the only American on the train because everybody else is just, you know, Asian people going to work. And so Trevor Trevor is funny because he's got this huge guy massive muscular, two hundred sixty pounds, veins popping out, tattoos, hearing piercings. I mean, he looks like a bad ass. Feels like a rich Piana style, right? So But he also cares. He's a very soft. He's like a teddy bear inside, and he cares a lot about what people think. And he doesn't. And he wants to use his etiquette is very good things like that. So when I embarrass him in on the train and I pull up the camera and I say all travel or you will to a bigger for training, you must have paid double. You take up too much room on the train, must've paid double to ride train in the Asian accent. And then all these Asians know that I'm making fun of him, O r them basically because I'm, you know, butchering their Asian accent. That's how it started. And then I keep joking with him about that. Everywhere we go, about how he has to pay double double, and it's just so funny because he it embarrasses him so much. And so I get great pleasure from that. That's great.

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