Do these Mass Monsters Do Cardio? | Craiggolias, Ifbb pro Luca Pennazzato and Dr Tony huge

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Do these mass monsters to cardio. Look at you, cardio shoot. But I daren't. Craig Elias, you cardio answer is no, They don't do cardio, which is amazing. But it just goes to show you how hard weight training, right, chemistry, balance of body, having a lot of muscle that actually burns fat. And then having a clean diet. Yeah, way. So, actually, eventually Still doing God next week by just twenty years after training just to keep my metabolism going. Competition fresh scat in cardio. Yes. Do no more than an hour. Forty five minutes a day. Look on my diet for most, Craig. Back when you could beat it. Ships and cardio back then, right? Yeah, I did. Wait, Let's get the single going. Bring it down. A little more down. But there were other. Doesn't there This

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