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Hey, everybody, upper chest shelf here and I wanted to know, Does a racket Doric acid have to be cycled? Or can I take it every day of the year for maximum muscle building and strength increases? I'm dark stone huge, and I use a rack, a tonic acid. I cycle it. I believe it's healthier to cycle it than it is to be on it all year. But I don't follow the standard cycling protocol you see online. Most people take it for six weeks on four weeks off or something like that. Now I prefer to take it in shorter bursts. But historically, I don't use it very, very often because I'm usually running an experiment and things like Iraq, atomic acid and other things that I know absolutely worked to build muscle. I take those, and I set those aside for some day when I want to actually build a lot of muscle, because normally what I'm doing is experimenting on myself. So coming up soon, actually, right now is a time I'm going to sort of switching to a phase where I do a little bit less experimenting and I start actually implementing a lot of the things that I've learned that build incredible amounts of muscle and very short period of time. But I always cycle things like our economic acid, because things that air this powerful that cause inflammation of the muscle can also cause inflammation in other parts of the body. Now, I don't know whether the muscle cells themselves desensitized to it or not. So the reason why sometimes people cycle things like certain steroids or muscle building supplements is because the body will adapt to it. And it will no longer work after a period of time and have to keep increasing dosage or switch compounds or come off completely to re sensitize. So that's true of some compounds, but a racket on a gas. It is something that is natural inside the muscle, and it's responsible for the inflammation response to exercise and therefore the muscle growth and strength increase from exercise. MAURA, Iraq Atomic acid means more muscle growth, more strength increase its one of the many factors or one of the parts of the process, a muscle building that is in all of us. This is already in the muscle, but when you take a lot of racket on the gas and you get a lot more inflammation, inflammation of the muscle and also spills over into other parts of the body. And you've heard, I'm sure plenty of times in the mainstream media news articles online that inflammation is the source of a lot of diseases, and that is true. So it's, uh it's a dangerous thing to have your body in an inflammation state all the time now, lucky for us, as athletes were usually depleting the Iraq atomic acid in the muscle and by adding in Maura racket on a gas, it were replenishing sort of a natural amount of a racket on gas. It's occurring in the muscle. But if we want supernatural results, then we're gonna take a lot more racket on castle, to the point where our muscles are totally saturated and even spit. It doesn't work exactly like this, but I'm oversimplifying but even spilling over. So the inflammation goes the rest the body. So I can either play it safer and take a much lower dosage of a racket on a casket for a much longer period of time and have less spillover and inflammation, arrest, body or my preference is to take it for a shorter period of time in a higher dosage to produce more inflammation and then give my body a break from the inflammation so I don't take a break just based on, you know, so many weeks on so many weeks off. In fact, I don't do that with anything. I don't time anything based on just some arbitrary amount of weeks or months protocol. I do it based on my body's blood work or how I feel, or, uh, or other research. In the case of Iraq atomic acid, I do it on based on how I feel. So I take a little bit of a higher dosage so that I'm feeling at work. I'm feeling increased pump, increased fullness in the muscle, increased soreness and then when the sourness gets excessive, that's when I take a break from it and let my body calm down from the inflammation because there's thousands of different processes going on in the body. So I'm not taking a break from the Iraq atomic acid to re sensitize the muscle, even though I'm saying that that is a possible reason to cycle on off of these type of things. I'm taking a break for health purposes because I don't want to cause mohr inflammation. My entire body, our academic acid, will primarily cause inflammation in the muscles because that's what your stimulating. That's what causes reckon on ic acid to convert to a prostaglandin that that is responsible for sensitizing the muscle to the other. Muscle building compounds that are naturally released in your body in response to intense exercise but a raft on Cass. It also does cause information, other parts. The body would not take it as an ordinary individual who's not training hard, the harder right train, the more racket on a cast that I would take, which is also why I wouldn't be on it all the time. I would be on it when I'm training really hard, and I'm not training really hard every day, every week of the year. So I would pick periods of time that I'm training really hard. Let's say I'm going to train really hard for three weeks, and I want to build a much muscles possible. I'm going to take the Iraq Atomic Astor in those three weeks that I'm naturally gonna have built into it. The cycling because I'm going to come off it when I'm not training hard. So if someone were training really hard for six weeks because that's the standard protocol and then going to take a little break for four weeks, I would probably still go a little bit higher on the dosage for a shorter period of time. Maybe like two weeks of high dose of Iraq atomic acid. And then I'd maybe take five days off to let my body's inflammation calm down. So it's just giving my body arrest. You know, that's very over generalizing, but we have to over generalize because it would take hours or even days to explain all of the different bodies. Process is not that I understand all of them and how inflammation can potentially impair or take the bodies. Resource is away from those other things. So I pick a muscle building time and then I pick a period of time that allowed my body to relax. So, yes, I believe that cycling a racket on a gas, it is beneficial not because it mason work more effectively, but for overall health. By the way, overall health does help you build more muscle So even though your muscle cells may not need re sensitization to rack a tonic acid by cycling off your body's health impact your ability to build muscles healthier you are, the more muscle you can build. So by coming off and letting the body switch over to rebuilding, other things need to be really are diverting. Resource is away from just focusing on constant muscle. Building will then allow you to come back healthier and then build more muscle after your cycle off. It also seems to have Ah, I was going to see active life for our half life, but it's not like that. The inflammation response is very quick. This first day that I start taking racket onek acid. I can already feel it, but really it's the third day that I feel. And if I come off Iraq atomic acid, the sourness goes away within a few days, so I don't see the need. Thio cycle off it for a month when my body seems to reach home e o stasis within about three days. To me, it makes more sense to do a shorter, higher dose burst, followed by a shorter break from our economic acid. I'LL give you an example. I might blast a racket on a casket for one week on three days off when we gone three days off, and I would probably do my hardest training days during that one week and then when the muscle soreness gets too excessive, that's what I would take a little break. Er I would train a little less intense, and I would back off the racket on the gas a dosage. But these are all just my opinions and approach rack atomic acid and use of which is not an exact science. Yet it has not been heavily studied in the world of bodybuilding. There's only a few studies out there. In fact, I've gained Muchmore information by just experimenting on myself and other athletes. Then I've been able to find anywhere online. So this is based on my experiments on my own body and my personal friends and other athletes that I work with more than it's based on any specific scientific study. Be swell in school. Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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