Dr Tony Huge and PJ Braun | Ostarine protocol for fat loss and bulking cycle

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Next question says Hope you all are doing great. Just wanted to ask about your recommended Austrian protocol for both fat loss and a bulking cycle. Separate cycles. Also, I heard Carter and gives users a yellow vision, tin like phones, knight mode soon after the end of a cycle. Is this true? Why, if so, we're getting into that you want. So, uh, Austrian was the first arm that I experimented with, and I made awesome gains on it. And then I used it as a bridge between cycles. But, uh, you know, between steroid cycles and I've tried mega Dose. And yet what I noticed with our Austrian is it's, I think it is. One of the perfect beginner's star I love Streams seemed to have muscle building, strength building, joint tendon sort of ligament building properties, and I usually my friends. I usually tell them to take about twenty milligrams in the morning. I tell him in the morning because it's just my theory that that way love blood levels are lower at night. When the natural testosterone pulls, it happens. So I'm hoping that the each pita feedback loop will show lower amounts of an anabolic in the bloodstream in time when your body gauges how much natural testosterone to produce. So I usually start friends at twenty milligrams in the morning and then step up slowly over time. After that, every time they feel like they're getting a plateau. I have a lot of friends that have experimented upwards of sixty, seventy million milligrams, and they seem to notice the effects. Not all storms were the same way, but the effects of Austria and seemed to plateau so somewhere around forty fifty milligrams. Like there doesn't seem to be that much of a benefit after that, so far from what I've seen. But I still need to experiment more. I always liked to do thirty milligrams of Austrian was like my sweet spot. I've not dunmore than that, but I found that dose. I was very pleased with the results that I got and I find women do great with ten milligrams in the morning. In fact, many women, actually I found it better with ten milligrams of Austria in the morning, then with ten milligrams of Navarre, which is why I lost Anna far. But when we when we had our Austrian product Ah, a lot of bikini bikini competitors were using it on, you know, I would see the transformations that their bodies would go through and the quality that they would have. It was it was pretty remarkable that you could just take ten milligram pill and get that good of results. And I didn't really run into too many women having any realization symptoms with that dose, either. Yeah, there's no doubt that that Anna Barr is great, you know, for women, toe build strength and stay and burn fat and build a little bit of muscle. But it's arms seem to build Mohr, especially Austrian. But other ones as well seemed to build more muscle on, like they can put on more muscle size on on this arms or Austrian than they can on a grams. You're very few females experience side effects, and if they do, I have them drop Teo ten milligrams because usually they're like it's ten milligram, tablet or capsule. Then I haven't do ten milligrams every other day because the half life is long enough to where they doing ten milligrams every other day is similar during the five milligrams per day, and that seems to work out. The other part of that question was the for bulking versus cutting. I don't think it really makes a huge difference. That dosage. There's more factors like the person sensitivity or how much lean body mass they have. I think matters Mohr than whether their goal is booking or cutting us for us. What dosage of the Austrian they would take. Probably. Okay, well, there's a Carter in question. Teo. No, I've never known anybody to get yellowing of vision from car Doreen. I think they might be referring to ask for. As for Does Hit. The There is in the high and does division side of Carter and on, and I've had people megadose Carter, and they've never I've never heard of anybody experiencing visions. Eye infection. Carter. What's your optimal dose of car Doreen? Twenty milligrams. I tried, experimented with ten milligrams and notice very little benefit to my cardio capacity at twenty milligrams a very noticeable benefit and then thirty, maybe a little bit more and then forty. No additional benefit. So it seems to me like the low end of the sweet spot is around twenty milligrams, and I don't want to take any more than necessary of that compound because of the cancer risk. I don't think there is any cancer risk at a low dosage when cycled. In fact, I think it actually could kill cancer. But I do believe that at a very high dosage and without cycling it, uh, and using it chronically then could lead to cancer. Good, good to know.

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Got a lot of water off of ostarine. Think it was bs??? Thanks for good fucking information! how do I join the team bro!!