Dr. Tony Huge | Lab Scene from Generation Iron ‘ENHANCED’ Explained

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Generation I an enhanced laboratory scene. I'm Dr Huge and I was featured in the documentary film Enhanced. And one of the scenes is at my laboratory Tony huge labs, where we're running various experiments. But the movie doesn't talk much about what experiments we were actually running on camera. So I'm going to tell you we were doing sight enhancement injections on. Then we were doing growth hormone injections so way were injecting ten units of growth hormone and then immediately testing the lab work to see how much how high the growth hormone serum levels were. They compare that pharmaceutical growth hormone versus imported growth hormone and then also injecting it intravenously verse inter muscularly inside the muscle and then also subcutaneous lee inside the fact usually the stomach fat. So we compare all different methods of administration and see how high we get the growth hormone levels and also test the quality of the growth hormones. So that that was just some of the experiments that you saw actually happening happening on camera during the movie. And there's many Mohr experiments that actually don't wantto huge slabs, of course, constantly beyond just growth hormone. We're talking entire aging, extreme muscle building, extreme fat loss experiments that we are currently running and we're running at the time of the documentary. Some of the results I publish videos, especially on anabolic tv dot com and some of the results. I just hold until I can gather enough data data from multiple experiments to substantiate it before represent my findings. Be swell, asshole. Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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