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For PJ and Tony. Huge. Have you guys ever had to drop people in your life to pursue a dream you had or have to cut dies with someone you love because they didn't support it? Or were men tickly and physically holding you back? Thanks, Taylor. Talent. Tony. Uh, okay. So I can't think of any time that specifically the case, because what I do, you know. Okay, so I have to answer to that one. Is that the type of person that I am is kind of Ah, I do. I do put a lot of energy and other people I help about other, but But what? It from my bliss. So I'm a very giving person. But at the same time, people say I'm very narcissistic and like, self centred on to what it is that my main goal is and so so I've never had a cost. Someone that was holding me back because they never would have They never would have gotten any ground and holding me back in the first place like it just never would have been like, if I'm dating a girl, I'm not going to go to her place. I'm not going to drive to meet here. She's coming over my Lucas and we're going to do. We're going to go to the gym and we're gonna go to eat where I want to eat and we're going to go on the jet ski because I wanted her on the jet ski. You know, it's it's all it's all what I wanted. I don't go out of my way for a girl or anybody else. Really, Um, but I will do a lot for her. It's not like it's she doesn't get a lot of return, right? Er see the the other. The other element that I noticed, though, is that whenever I'm in a long term relationship and I break up with that girl, I seem to make the most amount of progress. So it must have been holding me back in some way. But I can't exactly pinpoint what I was doing differently that it was holding me back. Well, bodybuilding is it is a selfish pastime, a selfish sport. There's a lot that you do focused around yourself to be the best that you can be, especially at the competitive. Leveling the competitive level is truly selfish life toe live because you know you can only eat of these times. You have the new cardio at this time, and everything is essentially Mimi Mimi, and that's what that's difficult for the partner toe often take. I I think we have similarities in the ways. One of the most part is I do what I want to do, and if the other person doesn't want to do it, then they're probably not going to be doing it with me anyway. But I will tell you, When I was younger, I dated a girl for five years. I have many long relationships. I was always more of a relationship kind of guy. I date a girl for five years and she was a little over the mission. Was a schoolteacher on DH. She was ready to have children. She was thirty two and I was twenty seven and I felt that I was in the prime of my bodybuilding career and trying to chase my goals. And she she wanted me to quote unquote get a real job and and stop body building. And I had just started my online training business and I told her I said, I promise you. If you let me do this, you can have all the money that I make because it's not about the money. To me, it's about the accomplishment. I have something that I want to accomplish, and I'm not going to back down from it. And if you can't take that, that I'm sorry, then we're not going to be able to be together. And she was a wonderful girl until she put this ultimatum on me and she said, Well, you know, it's it's one of the other And I said, Well, then you're out and I broke her heart. I was pretty heartbroken to him. He was a very sad break up and she couldn't believe that I wasn't gonna quit what I was what I was doing. Then years later, when my training business got really, really successful and he started getting in the magazines and whatnot, she actually reached out to me and she said, You know, you never You never broke, You know, sight of your goal, you never left the path and you actually did while you were going to say that you're going to deal and that's that's pretty admirable and I said Yeah, and I would have let you have all the money to Teo. You've just been patient. But you know now I'm super super driven on my goals. And I think when you're if you're a visionary or have like an entrepreneurial mindset, many people take you as narcissistic anyway. And I'm sure there is some level of narcissism to it. But when you're that focused on something, if if your partner can't understand how important it is for you to accomplish what you need to accomplish, however, however great it maybe to you it's that important. And so either you've gotta have somebody that truly gets it or you have to be alone. It's it's one of the other because otherwise you're gonna have consistent fights and and headaches. And I've I've told us so many people over the years, you know, either your partner has to basically be one hundred percent supportive of letting you do whatever you need to do, or you just stick to being alone because nobody's gonna bother you when you're alone and really, that's it. Yeah, So another common question that I get is why don't I d like models? Instagram models like superhot. Whenever women like the type of women that American man dreams they could be with. Why don't I date that type of girl? But I have before, but it doesn't work. No, doesn't work for me because they have their own life in their own goals and whatever they have their photo shoots. And I'm not going to go with, um, you know, I'm going to go with them to their photo shoots, and I'm not gonna have my life over on their life. But you have to serve a rat, sort of have the alpha and the beta in the relationship. And so I'm always I always have to be the Alfa, and I will date one of these girls. It's very busy and, uh, you know, Barbie type girls over, But then it just never gets passed a couple dates, because what comes back second or third date, it's like it's like, No, I I'm not going to go with you. Your thing you need to come with me to my thing. Well, she needs to go to her thing, so it doesn't work. So I end up going for more of the submissive, uh, females that follow my lead that do everything I want and that support me. And then they get their pleasure from from pleasing me and providing for them type. It's a much happier life. I can promise you listeners that my ex wife was the most Alfa woman that I've ever met. And yes, she was very, very beautiful people. To this day, she'LL tell me how beautiful they thought she was but she actually hated that I was an alpha male and she would say all the time you're too fucking Alfa for me. And I would say to her, it is not normal for a woman to be a Salva as you are. I am. I am doing what society says that I should should dio You're the one that's that's different here, but she hated it, and that was why we had so many issues

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