‘Enhanced’ Movie | Q and A from Fans with Dr Tony Huge

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Taking fan questions about the generation iron movie enhance. Featuring me. Dr. Huge. Next question. Wass I nervous during the deposition? No, because I'm an attorney. So I've been in depositions many times before and very high pressure legal situations. That was my job, right? So I'm in my element now. It doesn't look like I'm having thundering with that position. Uh, something things that are going on in my mind are very different than what my body is expressing because that's one of the skills that a good warrior has. But this was a long deposition, you know, It took all day to get through it, and there was a lot of questions, but I pled the fifth on almost everything. The other side got no information. So the deposition was very successful in the case is going extremely well. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy it as well. The whole I plead, the fifth thing has gone kind of viral in the fitness community will give comments, all kinds of other videos or any video that I'm in. Everybody used to say lady boys Trevor, pain number. Diet starts tomorrow. And now now everybody writes, I plead the fifth? Uh, yeah. Be swell in Seoul, friends afraid of buying your human evolution.

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